Through the eyes of an Irish Lad by Ben Allen

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic
Life is confusing for seventeen-year-old Billy. Like any good Protestant lad from Ulster, he believes in God...but questions why the Prodestants and Catholics are killing each other in his name. Still a Virgin, he likes the idea of sex-no worries there-but hasn't quite figured out whether he's more attracted to women or to men.
It's as if he's been left sitting on the edge of the field, watching other people play the game of life. But all that changes when he travels abroad with a group from his local Church.
In France, Billy meets Brendan-immediately blowing his confusion into all-out chaos. It's love at first sight, but it only gets complicated from there because Brendan is a twenty-seven-year-old Catholic, and he has a girlfriend. Nevertheless, free from the constraints of Northern Ireland, their friendship grows.
When the troubles that Billy thought couldn't touch them, invade this newfound freedom, IRA terrorists force Brendan to smuggle cash into Switzerland by threatening his family back home.
A heartrending coming-of-age tale that tackles a host of big issues, 'Through the eyes of an Irish Lad' is an honest reflection on the cost innocent people pay when society can't live in harmony or respect peoples différences.

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Through the eyes of an Irish Lad by Ben Allen

Submitted: December 20, 2014

When seventeen-year-old Billy, a Protestant lad from Ulster, spends an eye-opening summer in France, his black-and-white world bursts into a confusing cacophony of color, introducing him to the wonders and the tragedies of life and love.

Through the eyes of an Irish Lad follows Billy as he questions his faith, his sexuality, and his society while falling in love with Brendan, a young Catholic man who’s escaped the conflict in Ulster, as well. A multifaceted literary work, it delivers on all fronts—from romance and humor to politics and adventure—and leaves you hoping that it is possible to find harmony in this world.
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