Petals of the Sakura (Haiku)

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This poem was written by: Erica.

This is a short Haiku that uses several words from other languages.

Submitted: January 12, 2010

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Submitted: January 12, 2010



Petals of the Sakura (Haiku)

They dance among the

Sakura trees making this

years spring come to life.

With their ceol-sihde

they weave a mystical spell

that captures the heart.

Clouds part to reveal

the bright full moon, which in turn

strengthens the draiocht

The huro night is

lit even brighter by their

merryment and play

Shee gatsu now has

finally ended and all

the sihde must return.

Away from sendai

and back to their beloved realm

Tir na nÓg to sleep.

Sakura- [Sa-koo-ra](Japanese) Cherry Blossom

Huro-[hoo-roh] (Japanese) Black

Ceol-sihde- [kee-ohl shee] (Irish Gaelic) Fairy Music

Druiocht- [dree-uhkht] (Irish Gaelic) Spell

Sihde [shee] (Irish Gaelic) fairy

Tir na nÓg- [Teer nah- nog] (Irish Gaelic) Plane of the apple trees (paridice or fuerie)

Sendai- [Send-I] (Japanese) A region in Japan

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