The war ends HERE!

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Yes, The Twifreaks vs Twilight-Sucks war ends HERE!
(The picture is of the not-so-freaky-twilighter)

Submitted: January 20, 2010

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Submitted: January 20, 2010



I actually enjoyed the Twilight-saga, even tough, Stephenie Meyers writing wasnt the best. I have written a Twilight FanFiction myself, Havent you ever finished a book, with the feeling of, that it could continiue? Thats why I have made this FanFicton.

The reason, why I signed up, was so that I could share all good idea. It took some time, to get chapter one ready, but its now published.

The reason why i wrote the FanFic. Because I feel, that there are too many questions left.

My opinion is, that if you do not like the Twilight-saga, then just pretend like it dosent exist. If you hate the FanFics, then ignore them. Or tell it to Booksie, because, it was them, who made Fan Fiction a writing-subject in here.

Instead, focus on your own writing, because that must be the reason, why you signed up at the first place.

And, now to the obssesive twilighters.

Please, dont sign up at Booksie, just so that you can write FanFics. Sign up, because you have your own amazing ideas. There are hundreds of sites, just for us! You can do likke me, and create a blog. Fast and easy.

It is all right, if you have made a FanFic, as long, as it is not the reason that you signed in.

And, please stop fighting! It is useless.

This was my opinion. I am a hard working author, who is sick and tired of this fight.

I hope, I have opened some eyes here.

The not-so-freaky-twilighter. (And yes, the-not-so-freaky-twilighter exist.)

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