The Farmland

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Short Summary - This is about a young boy growing up on a farm. He talks about his surroundings and what sticks out to him the most about the farm. He knows that no other place can compare to this, but suddenly he moves away and finds himself somewhere else.
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Submitted: September 24, 2013

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Submitted: September 24, 2013



  The Farmland

Imagine this, waking up to a rooster in the early dawn of the morning. The rooster signals that the day is to begin throughout the farm. The farmhouse was located in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay has a diverse amount of wildlife and it always interested me. The sounds of the animals, the beautiful sights of the farmland, and the certain smells of the woodlands will always keep a place in my heart and mind.

The sounds of the rooster always warned me that it was a fresh start to a new day. My father and I didn’t own too many animals however, the animals we owned were roosters, cows, horses,goats,and fish, which grew down by the small meadow near the old boathouse.  I never was tired of the rooster waking me up, it was part of the farm life. The rooster was as loud as a siren and anyone could hear it. I prefered the rooster rather than any alarm clock. In the pastures, cows would like to hang around the willow trees. The horses would nay and would want to be groomed. I was surprised that neither my father or I were kicked by any of the horses. The goats would laugh and snicker all the time which would bother me. The goats made little profit but my dad wanted to keep them. The fish would shoot bubbles up from underneath the water to show their location.

The sights of the farmland were quiet and peaceful. I would sit up in an old tree,  inside my treestand waiting for passing deer. When I was up there you could see the whole entire farm. The forty acre farm had immense beauty. The next morning, after hunting, I went down to the meadow, near the boathouse. I saw a  large herd of deer, which had a massive number of fifty. I looked at them for a second and then they were gone. I would go by the bay once in awhile, sometimes a layer of mist would sit  on top of it , which reminded me of a serene place. The woods however, would grab my attention because it surrounded the farm.  

When out in the woods, I would always notice a strong scent. What else could compare to this? Could a city full of various smells with pollution outmatch the outdoors? I would want to stay here over any other place. The outdoors is truly where I belong. A couple of months later, my family and I were moving. I was confused and didn’t know what to think. I was acclimated to the outdoors and would be skeptical of any other place. 

I know that deep down in my heart, there is a calling for the outdoors and the serenity of the farm life. I want to venture back there one day with my family. I want to hear the roosters call, I want to see the sights of the far stretched land, and I want to smell the woods. If I could do anything over the summer, it would be to go back to our old farm and venture in past nostalgia.


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