Xbox 360 or PS3?

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Which console is better? Xbox 360 or PS3? (Playstation 3)

Submitted: October 16, 2013

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Submitted: October 16, 2013



  Xbox 360 or PS3?

Have you ever wanted a Console? There are many factors that can determine, which one you purchase. When you decide on a gaming console, which aspect do you look at? Are you looking for a console that provides a better gaming experience with adventure or war like games? Do you want a console with more memory storage? Perhaps, you want cheap online multiplayer instead. All of these ideas are required to be looked into before purchasing one of the consoles that best fits you; choose wisely.

When you are picking a console it is all on preference. If you like more war-like games, most would recommend the Xbox 360 over the Playstation 3. The Xbox 360 runs better on games using firearms because the support and the graphics. When you are playing on the Xbox 360 your team can use headsets to communicate with each other, which gives your team an advantage if the other team doesn’t have a way to speak to one another. When you have the ability to communicate the team is able to see each other’s location on the map. If you have that simple advantage your team has a 30% advantage of winning over the other team.

Memory is an essential part of your gaming experience as well. If you have a large selection of games; you will most likely need to get a console with more memory. The downside to the amount of memory is the price. I have around 20 games, which have been stacking up for a while. A Playstation 3 has the most memory capacity out of both consoles, but since I play war like games my purchase was going to be different.  Depending on how many games you have in your possession and the types of games you play will decide on which console you purchase.

If you are looking to play online or multiplayer with other people your costs may vary on each console. If you bought the Xbox 360; the yearly cost of Xbox Live is around $60.00. If you chose the Playstation 3; the yearly cost of playing online is nothing. There is a big difference in price for the two consoles, however you have your advantages and disadvantages previously explained. I have both consoles, which is the best of both worlds. This allows me to play any range of games I want with different friends of mine.

In conclusion, when you are purchasing a console you have many things to consider. Make sure you know what kind of games entertain you, the amount of memory you are going to need, and whether you want to pay for online or not. If you like war like games the Xbox 360 is the best choice. If you want the most memory the Playstation 3 is the best choice. The last thing to look over is the cost, which ranges from$60.00 to free yearly costs. If you like the war like games spend an extra few bucks to play the Xbox 360 online, but if you don’t purchase the Playstation 3 for more free roaming adventure games with different kind of benefits. I strongly recommend the Xbox 360 to any kind of hardcore gamer. If you are truly an elite gamer you too should purchase the best console of them all.




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