Immortal Midnight

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A young awkward high school student realizes he will do almost anything to gain the attentions of a girl that's way out of his league. But when he tries something drastic a growing nightmare
quickly becomes his reality. (This is only after the first edit)

Submitted: December 03, 2017

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Submitted: December 03, 2017



Immortal Midnight


By: Edward Clyde


Devon Marks could be considered your average fifteen year old nerd. As straight “A” student, member of the Mathletes and Chess Club at Ridge Mount High School, he didn’t have many friends. For the most part the lack of friends didn’t bother Devon much; he preferred numbers and equations that had definitive answers over the complexity of social interactions. As much as he hated to admit it though, it did tend to leave a hole in his life he could not seem to fill on his own.

In truth Devon wasn’t even aware of the hole in his life until Sara Jenson walked into his advanced biology class. Devon had seen her before, hell who hadn’t, she was the captain of the junior varsity volleyball team. Even in the dark blue school uniform she was gorgeous with her dark black hair in a long ponytail over her shoulder and beautiful blue eyes.

“Class,” Ms. Peters the biology teacher announced, “this is Sara Jenson. She is just transferred up from regular biology to our class today so I hope you all make her welcome and help her catch up on the material we have gone over so far this semester.” She then motioned for Sara to take any of the open seats in the class.

As Sara quietly took a seat two rows in front of Devon, he found he could not concentrate on the lecture Ms. Peters was giving. He was mesmerized by Sara’s beauty and found it hard to look away from her until he was called upon to answer a question in class.

“Devon!?” Ms. Peters drew his attention back to what was happening in the rest of the class.

“I sorry Ms. Peters, what was the question again?” Devon asked a little sheepishly. Many of the other kids in the class started to laugh at his discomfort. Devon blushed red in embarrassment.

“Argh, never mind,” Ms. Peters dismissed him. “Sara, what do you think? Are animals and people the only life that can suffer from diseases?”

Sara’s sweet voice answered in a quiet, but confident tone. “I think some plants can suffer from diseases.”

“You’re absolutely right Sara.” Ms. Peters responded with a smile. “A perfect example of this is the Canker disease that spreads through some fruit trees. There are many other examples of diseases that can affect plant and other life, so many in fact that it would be impossible for me to list them all if I spent the rest of the year talking about nothing other than their names. Some of these diseases can even spread from one species to another, causing other forms of life to suffer the effects of the disease as well.”

Devon again found himself day dreaming and staring at Sara as Ms. Peters droned on about diseases and how they affect the lives of their hosts. He knew he was losing track of time as he watched her, but he didn’t care. That is until he was hit in the back of the head by a wadded up piece of paper just before the bell rang. Ms. Peters didn’t seem to notice the event because she was facing the board writing down the night’s assignment.

When Devon looked back he saw the culprit smiling, James Darby, lacrosse team goalie and all around bully. He was motioning to Devon that he should open the paper. As Devon opened the crumpled piece of paper he read the short message inside to himself, “Dream on loser!” For the second time in class he found his cheeks hot as he blushed in embarrassment of being caught staring at Sara.

Devon quickly jotted down the night’s homework and left to go to his next class. The last two periods of the day went by without deviation from his normal routine. Even so, Devon found himself daydreaming about Sara.

The final bell rang releasing all the students to go home or to their afterschool activities. Devon claimed his belongings from his locker and started walking home. The walk home wasn’t long, just a short walk through downtown and he would be home. As he walked down the street he glanced into the store windows, only mildly interested in what was inside the shops.

Glancing at his reflection in the window of a newly opened flower shop he stopped. He saw what James meant in his message. What could a tall, gangly, nerdy kid like him possibly offer a girl like Sara. He knew he had no chance, and the certainty of the fact drew a tear from his eye.

As he wiped away the tear he glanced at his reflection one last time before intending to head home. But this time his attention was immediately drawn to a strange flower in the cooler in the back of the store. Before he realized what he was doing he found himself walking into the flower shop and approaching the cooler.

The flower was in a tall slender vase all by itself covered by a glass cloche. The flower had the shape of many of the other orchids in the store, but the black petals with tiny flicks of crimson and long thorny stem made it appear distinctly different somehow. Like many of the other flowers in the store this one had a small placard before it that stated its name, origin location and other facts about it.


“Immortal Midnight Orchid; Carpathian Mountains, Romania; Not for Sale!”


“Beautiful isn’t it,” said a soft voice from behind him that seemed to break the spell the flower held over him. Devon turned to see a short middle aged woman in glasses standing a short distance behind him.

“It is very beautiful,” Devon said. “But why does it say it’s not for sale?” He asked, thinking of how much Sara would probably love to have it. Of course he would send it anonymously so he wouldn’t embarrass himself again.

“That flower is very rare,” she answered as she adjusted her glasses. “In my life I have only seen the one and it hasn’t aged a day since I found it 15 years ago.”

Devon looked shocked, he considered himself well versed in biology and knew no single flower could stay bloomed for that long. “Your joking…” he stated with an obvious air of disbelief.

“Oh no,” she politely argued, “I am quite serious. The belief in Romania is that there is only one of these flowers in the world that is left. Some point during the Dark Ages superstitious zealots of the church burned the only known fields the flowers grew in. You see,” she went on, “they believed the flowers were a curse, and their eternal bloom was caused by some ancient vampire’s blood that had spilled on the land centuries before. All rather ridiculous if you ask me, but as this is the only one I know of, I can’t part with it.”

As he stared at the orchid again, a foolish idea began to form in the back of his mind. He glanced around the shop and took account of the flowers that were displayed, and more importantly what wasn’t. He turned back to the shop keeper and asked if she had any white roses, one of the few flowers he could think of quickly that wasn’t shown on the sales floor. “You see they are my mom’s favorite, and I want to surprise her. She just got a big promotion at work.”

“Aren’t you a sweet boy.” She smiled warmly at the thought of the boy’s attention to his mother. “I’ll have to check in the back, but if not I’m sure I can come up with something nice for her that won’t cost too much. Just wait here a moment.” With that said she went through the curtain and into the backroom of the store.

Devon felt mildly ashamed for having lied to the woman, but something about the flower made him feel like he had to have it. He thought that if he could present it anonymously to Sara and then claim he was the admirer later she might take interest in him. He knew it was a stupid thought, and it only became worse when he lied to distract the kindly store owner so he could steal the flower. Even though he knew it was a bad idea he couldn’t help himself.

He quickly and quietly opened the cooler and removed the cloche. As the cloche lifted the faint aroma of vanilla and copper wafted towards him with an almost intoxicating effect that compelled him to finish his task before he was caught by the owner. He grabbed the glass vase and hurried out of the store and down the street to a side ally. As he peaked around the corner and back towards the store he saw the shop keeper rush out the store and looked down both sides of the street before shaking her head and going back into the store.

Devon sighed with relief that he had not been caught. He had never done anything like this before, hell he never even jay walked for fear he would get into trouble. But the sense of necessity he felt for his actions was overwhelming. Somehow he knew he was doing what had to be done.

He knew where Sara lived, the town was small and most people knew where everyone else lived. Devon also knew she wouldn’t be home for some time yet and her parents usually worked late at the hospital where his mom worked. He decided leaving the orchid on the front patio with a anonymous note was the best way to have her find it. He quickly wrote a note stating, “Sara, a beautiful flower for an even more beautiful girl.” He signed it as an anonymous admirer and left the flower on her patio near the door where he was sure she would see it.

With his task completed he knew he only had to wait for the right time to announce to her that he was the admirer. Tonight, however, would not be the night. With something like this he was acutely aware that timing was of the upmost importance. He proceeded down the street to his house and concluded his night with homework and dinner with a smile on his face. When his parents asked why he was smiling so much he just shook his head and replied he had a good day. Devon’s parents simply smiled back and said, “that’s good dear.”

When he finished his work and dinner he headed off to bed and found he was far more tired than he originally thought. He concluded that the events of the afternoon must have drained him, after all this was the first time he had ever stolen anything. Perhaps that was why his dreams were so odd that evening.

The dreams seemed to come to him immediately after he had fallen asleep. He was standing in a valley of green grass just before a field of long stemmed black and red orchids. In the center of the small flower field he saw Sara wearing a long white dress that appeared to be from some long forgotten style. She twirled and danced in the field and stared up at the sun smiling. She looked happier than anyone he had ever seen.

After a few moments, dark clouds seemed to rush over the mountains on all sides towards the flower field. Sara seemed as though she did not notice the encroaching storm as the clouds boiled overhead. Devon tried to yell to tell her to get to cover from the storm, but no sound came out. He tried to run to her and take her to safety, but he was frozen place by some unseen force.

As the sun was blotted out by the raging storm clouds, Sara continued to dance and smile among the flowers. Her face seemed to grow pale as he watched her and her eyes appeared more intense with some unknown need. It was then she noticed him staring at her and she stopped and smiled at him. With her pale skin and the intensity in her eyes she seemed to have an unsettling but irresistible beauty beyond that of anyone he had ever seen.

As she took a step towards him he woke with a start, his mother was shaking him awake. “Honey wake up!” she asked a little concerned. As his eyes opened she sighed with relief, “you scared me have to death young man! I thought something was wrong when you didn’t wake up.”

“Sorry mom,” he said a little groggily. “What time is it?”

“Seven thirty, and if you don’t hurry you will be late for school.” With that she left him to get ready for work herself.

Devon shook his head to wake himself up and clear out the rest of the cobwebs sleep had left in his mind. He rushed to get dressed and grabbed a piece of banana bread and his backpack and headed out for school. Periodically he found himself thinking of the dream he had, or at least the fragments that remained as the day’s light was burning them from his memory.

The day went as any other school day would have, one class after another with lunch thrown in the middle of the day. At least that is the way it went until his advanced biology class. When he walked in several other kids had beaten him to the room and claimed their seats, including Sara. As Sara looked up at him when he walked into the room he was stricken by what he saw.

She was smiling at him, not at anything else in the room, just at him. She seemed visibly paler and had the same desperate intensity in her eyes as in his dreams. Her smile too seem to hold some unknown mischievous intent that wasn’t quite unappreciated by Devon.

Not wanting to be caught staring again, he quickly moved to his seat and took out his notebook for class. He found it increasingly hard not to stare at Sara as the class went on, but he noticed he wasn’t the only one having trouble. All the other kids were glancing over at her, even the teacher he noticed looking at her a little too long. Sara seemed to notice none of this and continued smiling all the way through class.

When the bell rang at the end of class Devon saw James approach Sara’s desk as she was packing her bag and lean down to talk discreetly to her about something. She smiled and nodded in agreement to what he was saying as she giggled coyly.

Devon shook his head in dismay as he walked towards his next class. It appeared his clever plan had failed because he was too shy to make a more overt move to show his intentions. Again he found it hard to focus during his next class as he discovered new levels of depression. Before the bell ending his second to last class rang, the principle made an announcement over the PA system.

“Attention all staff and students, this is Principal Brown.” His deep voice reverberated through the speakers. “Due to an incident on campus all remaining classes have been canceled for the day and all students are released from school and should head directly home. Your parents have all be notified that you will be released early. School buses have already been lined up for those that ride buses. Once again please head directly home and remain safe.” With that final note he concluded his message.

A cheer could be heard from nearly every classroom as students poured out into the hallways, thankful the day ended even one class early. However, as students exited the building their cheers quickly died as many of them looked towards the football field. The vice principle was standing near the back of the bleachers with a couple of police officers while two EMT’s were loading a gurney with a person on it into the back of an ambulance. A second officer was securing police tape around the rear side of the bleachers.

Some kids started taking out their phones and headed towards the field to try and capture whatever they could on video to make themselves famous on social media. They were quickly shutdown by the vice principle who anticipated and intercepted them. A quick threat from her to suspend anyone who taped what was going was all it took to dissuade most of the on lookers.

Devon was happy to just leave unmolested by James or any of the other numerous bullies in the school. He did just as the principle had instructed and headed directly home without stopping. However, he did notice a closed sign hanging in the flower shop’s window as he passed by on the opposite side of the street. He thought it was odd and felt a little bad as he wondered if he had upset the owner to the point she couldn’t open that day.

When he got home his parents hadn’t arrived yet, but he was sure at least one of them would be home shortly if they got the message school was let out early and their was some sort of incident. Thirty minutes later he was proven right as his mom’s car pulled into the drive way and she immediately came in the house to make sure he was home. He came downstairs from his room and assured her he was fine.

Devon went to work on his assignments and finished them a few minutes before diner. When he entered the living room he saw his dad was watching the nightly news. Devon joined his father on the couch, interested to see if anything was going to be said about what happened at his school. After the sports news was broadcasted the anchor announced that they were going to a reporter on scene at Ridge Mount High School.

“Thanks, Jean…” said an attractive looking blond woman. “That’s right, I’m standing here live at Ridge Mount High School’s football field where earlier today a student was found dead under the bleachers from unknown causes. James Darby was the school lacrosse team’s goalie and in peak physical condition according to his coach. Police have not released specifics as to the cause of the young man’s untimely death, but have closed the school for the remainder of the week while investigations continue. Teachers, students, and administrators are greatly upset over the incident and as such the school’s councilor has offered her services to anyone needing grief counseling.”

The phone number for the school’s councilor flashed across the bottom of the screen before cutting back to the anchor. Devon’s dad shut the television off at that point and asked if he was ok. Devon didn’t answer until his father repeated the question and the words sank in.

He found himself caught in a turbulent emotional storm. Even though he assured his father he was fine. While he hated James and often wished something would happen to make him stop bullying him, he never wished for him to die. Not sure as to how he should feel about the event, he went through the rest of the night’s routines in a daze.

That night similar dreams were visited upon him. Again he was standing in the valley on the edge of the field of black and read orchids. Only he noticed the field had grown since the previous night. Violent storm clouds still boiled overhead as rain started to slowly fall around him. As he looked to Sara once again dancing in the flower field in the long white dress he noticed she was still smiling. Watching her dance in the field he began to notice that the dress she was wearing was changing to dark crimson as the rain fell upon her.

Devon glanced down at his hand, holding it palm up. As the rain pooled in his hand he noticed it was a deep red color. Moving the fluid in the palm of his hand it felt thicker than water should have been. When the smell of copper hit nose he realized it was blood that was raining down into the valley.

When Devon glanced back up towards the field of flowers he was startled by Sara. She had moved to the edge of the flower field directly in front of him. Her now blood soaked dress was unsettling to look at, but her bright blue eyes captivated him. Again he found he could not move as she leaned toward him, closed her eyes, and appeared that she was going to kiss him. He felt something icy cold spread from his lips.

Devon woke in a cold sweat. He wasn’t sure if it was out of excitement or the odd sense of fear he felt when Sara had leaned in to kiss him. All he knew was that something felt very wrong to him. When he looked at the clock he saw it was nine thirty and there was a note on his night stand from his mother. The note said she had let him sleep in since there was no school and she and her father had left for work.

Devon spent the better part of the morning watching television and playing videogames. When lunch rolled around he made himself a sandwich and a bowl of chicken soup to shake off some of the chills from the prior day’s events and the strange dreams. After finishing and rinsing his dishes in the sink, he heard the doorbell ring.

When he opened the door he stood shocked as the person on the other side of the door quickly stepped towards him and put their arms around him sobbing. He was even more shocked when he realized when the person holding him was Sara. She sobbed as she leaned into him.

Devon pulled himself to gather enough to ask, “What’s wrong? Are you ok?”

“It’s terrible,” she cried, “I can’t believe he is dead.”

Not sure what was happening or how to handle it he asked her if she wanted to come in and sit down. She whimpered and nodded into his shoulder. He helped her to the sofa in the living room and asked her if she wanted anything to drink. Again she nodded and asked for water.

When Devon came back from the kitchen with the water for Sara he noticed she had calmed a little but was still crying. He set the glass on the coffee table and sat on the far end of the couch from her. Devon wasn’t sure how to act, this was the first time he had been alone with a beautiful girl.

Sara moved closer to Devon and leaned against his shoulder sniffling back tears, “Is it okay if I sit next to you for just a minute? I’m just so scared.”

Being as shy as he was he couldn’t manage any more than a brief mechanical nod. At first she sat there leaning against him just shaking. After a few minutes however, he noticed she stopped crying and moved closer to neck, almost nuzzling against him. At first he couldn’t believe she was that close to him, and then he noticed she was cold.

When he looked down at her arm that was wrapped around him he saw that she was more than pale, her skin was almost shock white. On the index finger of her right hand was a small bandage. That’s when he felt something cold press against his neck and a sharp pinch. He went to pull away from her, but her arm restrained him like a metal vise holding him in place. A not so uncomfortable cool sensation spread throughout his body as blackness quickly closed in from the edges of his vision.

Came to realize he was dying when he heard Sara’s sweet voice. “Thank you for the flower. I know it was you who left it for me.” With a soft giggle she came back into his narrowing vision and he only vague noticed the thin trails of blood coming from the corners of her mouth.

Then all was silence and darkness for Devon Marks.



© Copyright 2019 Edward Clyde. All rights reserved.

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