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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
An encounter between an angel and a woman

Submitted: August 07, 2012

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Submitted: August 07, 2012



flapping and flapping with great wings
the angel rides the wind and sings
soaring and gliding without energy
his sweeps through clouds with complete synergy

his thoughts are divided for the first time ever
for before now he thought only of the master
his mind will be torn apart forever
for he has fallen in love with a believer

upwards he climbs heading to heaven
downwards his mind went,heading to earth
heading to the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen
heading to the most awful place he'd ever been

this was his first time out of heaven
and he finished the assignment he was given
but he was never warned of the beauty of a woman
how can something so pristine come from a man

he grabbed on the clouds as he elevated
his blue tunic showing a rank so elevated
all he was to do was to save her from untimely demise
and it wasnt her fault as she didnt aim to entice

but fearlessness in the face annihilation
from one so frail and prone to damnation
now that would charm the heart of any seraph
to stop the writing of any epitaph

her absolute faith in God's ability
provoked in him a certain tranquility
and a knowing that these humans are gods
and they will survive against all odds

what Eprynel didnt know was the depth of her spirituality
therefore he wasnt prepared for the eventuality
for she upon his appearance
spotted him and called on him with assurance

the shock he felt was instant
he had on his invisibilty stance
no human should see him in this circumstance
but her vision and call was direct and constant

he responded, he broke the code
the connection was instant
he no longer thought of a return to his abode
she was beautiful fervent and adamant

as he reached the sixth heaven he pondered his fate
as the air took him up like lifts
he couldnt help but contemplate
he wondered if Micheal will take away his gifts

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