This Silent Reality of Mine

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This poem tells of the experiences and thoughts of a deaf man in Nigeria.

Submitted: August 06, 2012

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Submitted: August 06, 2012




I have always borne the silence

like it was a kind of penance
I have watched the world around me
a pantomime of sympathy and scorn
patronizing and ruling me void
discouraged and ashamed the sire
tried to fix me to his hearts desire
futile church deliverance services
endless herbal poultices
they all sunk me deeper into the void
misery of this kind is bestowed by your observers
just like the little child is taught to hate the vulture
I was groomed to become like the servers
told to be calm and without adventure
I was taught to despise myself
But my very soul knew not to obey
and I rose to limelight much to their dismay
my silence became my siren and my armour
I made way for myself for my blood I was ready to pour
I accepted me just like that,I made peace with myself
the aids made the world noisy 
so I discarded them and embraced my silence
my fate was sealed from the womb so cosy
and i consider it my gift ,this silence
From now I rejoice that I was born deaf.

© Copyright 2018 Edward Obi. All rights reserved.

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