Lethargic But Still, To Be

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Definitely my favourite of the poems I actually want people to read.
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Submitted: March 03, 2014

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Submitted: March 03, 2014



I am bored.

Just twenty and already I am decaying in wanting To Be, I never did understand what Hamlet was saying.
I am un-moved and un-wanting of "The Latest", "The Greatest", "The New"
Solemn in faculties within the world that everyday informs me of it's own demise at human hands... with a smile and a surgically fixed nose... and a practiced mask.
One step closer do we come to death everyday not as person, but as people and as world.
Is there a word for all in the world... human, and animal, and living. Alike?
Alike in impending demise and everyday the men in the ivory towers and those with stuffed ballots say
"It is complicated" or they feign ignorance. Who should give up the most to save the world?
"Not I" says everyone and all pass and die. No generation follows; The "Not I" Generation is to be the last.
It is simple yet everyone is selfish and wanting and foolish and ready to die,
but not ready to realize they are dying and the world will do no crying.
"The world is what you make it." I would hear as a babe and think...

"I want everything." but few have everything and everything has nothing when dying comes. Now I know. I want to feel everything I want to feel. I want to see everything I want to see. I want to experience everything I want to experience. I want to know all that I want to know. Yet still, there are those that think, "I want everything" but do not think to let others have a turn for a while and move on and collect everything in mental infinity until infinity reaches thy mentality.

I didn't ask to be born. No one born ever asked to be born. They didn't know what born was until it had happened and as it happened they had no going back from experiencing it, save for the other end of being born, which is being dead and why reach quickly what we'll all reach eventually. Settle your steadfast heart and racing emotions... we'll all get there eventually so suffer through and experience until you can't. Emotions kill and so does living.

I never come to the point. I have no point. I have a purpose but I have forgotten long ago what it was at the moment of my birth so I've been wandering and as I wander I come across a wall and to the wall is afixed a marker and I write and tell the wall the story only it will ever truly know.

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