Meeting Ian Somerhalder

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Janet Levell meets Ian Somerhalder....her biggest celebrity crush EVER.

Submitted: July 09, 2012

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Submitted: July 09, 2012



I sat on the steps of the resort, wincing. I had tripped over my shoelace earlier in the day and twisted my ankle, so I couldn’t walk much. I heard somebody walking towards me and looked up. He had sunglasses on, but I immediately recognized him…Ian Somerhalder. Actor/hot guy extraordinaire. He went inside to the front desk to get his room key. I got up and followed, wincing slightly. After getting his key, he turned around and saw me.
“Hi there.” He said, smiling. “I’m Ian Somerhalder.”
I gulped and blushed.
“H-Hi…I’m J-Janet Levell.” I stuttered. He noticed my limp.
“What did you do to your ankle?” he asked. I looked down at the ground.
“I, erm…twisted it after having a Bella moment and tripping over my own shoelace.” I said. He nodded.
“What is this place?” he asked.
“Maroon Resort…my grandpa owns it.” I said.
“I see…well, would you mind showing me Room 219?” he asked. I bit my lip and frowned.
“Honestly, I’d love to…if I could walk right.” I said.
“That’s alright, I’ll find it. Take care of that ankle, Janet.” He said, and he went off to find his room. I was totally freaking out on the inside now.
A couple of days later, my ankle was healed, so I did some cartwheels with my sister, Raya. The next thing I knew, I was landing on my ankle the wrong way again, and I broke it. I had it wrapped up, and I went to sit on the beach. When I looked across the sand, I saw Ian again….only this time, shirtless. He looked at me and smiled, making me blush.
“Twist your ankle again, Janet?” he asked. I shook my head.
“No, broke it. I was doing cartwheels with my sister and landed wrong.” I said. He frowned.
“Sorry to hear that.” He said. I shrugged and hugged my knees.
“It’s okay…I just really wanted to go swimming later. But anyways, how goes it with you?” I asked. He smiled again.
“Pretty good.” He said. I smiled more.
“That’s good. How’s things on the set of ‘The Vampire Diaries’?” I asked. He walked over to me and sat down.
“They’re good. A lot of fans are excited for it. They kind of want to know Damon's reaction to Elena being a vampire and where Katherine went off too and whatnot.” He said. I nodded and smiled.
“That’s cool. I think that's the FARTHEST I've read in the books....the furthest I've actually seen in the show is the episode where you took Elena on a road trip in the first season, or something.” I said. He smirked like Damon.
“Oh yeah…’Elena’s phone? Uh-huh, buh-bye now.’” He said, in his Damon voice. I squealed and covered my face with my hands.
“Oh my gosh….but I love love LOVED the part where you made fun of Twilight!” I said, grinning. He chuckled.
“What’s with this Bella girl? Edward’s so whipped!” he quoted, making me blush again, and I smiled.
“That was awesome!!” I said. He chuckled.
“I heard a lot of fans were like ecstatic when I kissed Nina/Elena in season three. It was the kiss fans had been waiting for.” He said. I gasped.
“Oh great, now I have to go find the series on Netflix.” I said.
“Sorry if I spoiled it for you.” He said, but I shook my head, grinning more.
“No, it’s fine….it’s totally fine.” I said. He smiled and looked at me.
“Nina and Paul are fun to be around.” He said. I smiled and looked down slightly.
“I bet they are.” I said. He smiled more and took my hand.
“So are you.” I blushed, and looked down more.
“You think so?” I asked.
“Of course.” He lifted my chin with his finger. “I really do.” I smiled.
He kissed my cheek.
“I mean it, Janet.”
“Thanks, Ian. You are too.” I said, blushing.
“You’re very beautiful…” he said softly.
“Pshaw…” I said, looking down. He grinned and smirked like Damon again. I looked up at him, and blushed way deeper than before.
“What? What’s that smirk for?” I asked warily.
“I don’t know…you tell me.” He said, still smirking. I tilted my head to the side and tried to hold back a giggle.
“I don’t know…” I said, and he leaned in slowly. My eyes widened.
‘Oh shizmuffins…O_O here it comes!’ I thought.
“Hello there.” He whispered in a Damon tone, grinning. I practically melted.
“H-hi…” I said, eyes still wide. He grinned and sat back on the sand.
“I may start talking like Damon around you a lot more.” He said, smiling. I let out the giggle.
“Oh, please do!” I said, and I slapped a hand over my mouth.
“What did you do that for?” he asked. I stammered for a bit.
“I, erm….just…didn’t expect myself to say that…?” I suggested. He smirked again.
“Sure you didn’t.” he said. I raised an eyebrow.
“What? I didn’t! I’m 18, dude…I’m easy to confuse, easy to excite…all that stuff.” I said. He chuckled and kept quoting lines from the show.
“Hot trumps weird….truuuuuust me.” He said. I blushed and fell backwards in the sand.
“What?” he asked, smirking. The next thing I knew, a Selena Gomez song was blasting from the trees nearby, and I sat up immediately.
“I know that song…” I said, eyes widening. Ian turned and kept looking around.
“Dam pas! I swear they know where I am!” he said.
“It’s not the paparazzi, Ian….it’s my little sister.” I said, feeling like I just wanted to crawl under a rock. A couple minutes later Natalie, my sister, fell out of a tree, laughing. I blushed deeply.
“And that would be her.” I said, and I looked at her. “NAT!!! GET OUT OF HERE!!!”
Natalie laughed and climbed back up the tree.
“I don’t think so!” she said. Ian looked at Nat, and held me in a hug.
“Just calm down…” he said. I stammered a lot.
Then Nat played a different love song, this time by Jesse McCartney.
“Really, Nat? Really?!” I muttered.
“You’ll thank me later!” she shouted. I groaned and leaned my head on Ian’s chest.
“Annoyingest little sister ever…” I muttered. Next thing I knew, my other sister Raya popped out.
“I AM THE ANNOYING ONE!!” she said, with an evil face, and she started singing. “Janet’s got a boyfriend, a really hot boyfriend!”
I blushed again.
“Oh Lordie…”
Raya grinned evilly.
“I think I’ll take the other one! Mwahahahaha!!” she said. I glared at both Raya and Nat.
“Away. NOW.” I said.
“We would like to be alone.” Ian said, still holding me.
“Hmm…I think I’ll go find the other one! Mwahahaha!!” Raya said again. I groaned and looked down. Raya grinned again.
“Oh, Janet, it’s okay.” She laughed. “I’m leaving you two alone…”
She quickly ran away, grinning. Ian sighed.
“You were right…they are annoying.” He said.
“Told you so.” I muttered, and he kissed my head.
“Don’t worry.” I blushed.
“They’ll never let me live it down.”
“I know, but we’ll deal with it.”
I nodded, smiling slightly. He smiled back and ran his fingers up and down my arm, making me giggle.
“That tickle?” he asked. I blushed again.
“Just a bit.”
“You are truly beautiful, Janet.” He said. I smiled.
“Thank you, Ian. That means a lot coming from you.” I said, smiling more. “Now, if this ankle wasn’t broken, I could totally chase after my sisters and make them pay for what just happened.”
“We’ll make them pay later, don’t worry.” He said, pushing some hair out of my face. I nodded and smiled.
“You know…I….I’ve never said this before, but…” I stopped, and then mumbled. “Ikindaloveyou…”
He smiled.
“Most fans feel that way.” He said.
“It’s not just the Vampire Diaries I saw you in, either…there was ‘Lost’, too.” I said. He chuckled.
“Oh, that.” He said, smiling.
“You were kind of awesome.” I said, smiling.
“You don’t mean that…”
“No, I really do. Honestly, I mean it from the bottom of my heart.” I said, and he smiled again.
“Thanks.” He said, and I smiled back.
“No problem.” I said. The next thing I knew, my other sister Brit jumped out of a bush.
“OH MY GOD, JANET YOU’RE DATING A CELEBRITY!!” she screamed. I jumped and put some weight on my broken ankle, wincing.
“OW! Britney, get your butt out of here!! Go hang out with Raya or Nat or Shay or something!” I said, blushing deeply. Ian smiled.
“I really like you, Janet…” he said.
“I r-really like you too. Though, you kind of knew that already.” I stammered. He smiled again.
“Yes I did.” He brushed his thumb on my cheek. I blushed and smiled as he leaned in.
“Such a beautiful girl…” he whispered. I internally meeped as my eyes widened.
“T-thanks…” I said. He smiled and leaned in more. I gulped and stared. He kissed me softly and pulled back. My eyes widened their biggest and I gasped.
“Sorry, couldn’t help it.” He said. I stammered.
“Ah…buh….gah….suh….Duh….” I blinked, eyes widening more.
“Janet? You okay?” he asked. I gulped and shook my head.
“Y-yeah…” I said. He smiled.
“So you said you like the ‘Vampire Diaries’, huh? Ever read the books? I’m reading Stefan’s Diaries and it quotes the show, which brought back memories…it felt nice.” He said.
“I’ve actually read the first two books. Been trying to get through the third one, but it goes so slowly in the point of view of Elena’s friend, ohh…what’s her name….MEREDITH!! That’s her!” I said, smiling. He nodded.
“Yeah, I wasn’t a fan of that in the books.”
“Thinking about reading them again, just for reading about Damon, though.” I said, smiling. He chuckled and smirked.
“He seems to be everyone’s favorite. Just because he’s so cocky sometimes.” He said. I shrugged and smirked back.
“Well, there’s THAT…” I said. He smiled and intertwined our fingers, making me giggle.
“This is probably the most giggling I’ve ever done.” I said.
“It’s a cute giggle.” He said. I blushed again.
“Aww…” I said, and he kissed my cheek. I grinned and hugged him, as he hugged me back.
“I get the feeling either my dad is going to ask why I’m so happy, or my sisters will spill the beans. Either way…it’s a scary thought, with how he acts sometimes…” I gulped.
“Hey, don’t worry Janet. I’ll be right by your side.” He said. I took a deep breath and nodded.
He nodded and wrapped his arms around me.
“Don’t worry.” He said. I relaxed some, and he kissed my head, running his fingers through my hair.
“You’re so tense…” he said.
“I blame nerves.” I stated.
I leaned back to look at him.
“Because part of me is still scared of what Dad will say…both he and Mom got mad at Raya for dating Drake Bell because he’s a celebrity…but then again, she IS only thirteen…” I said. He nodded and kissed my head again.

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