An English Exerpience

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a wicked experience i had in london

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



An English Experience


A dream came to me so foolish but sweet

That you had given this remarkable treat

In where you left without words to say

Hoping tomorrow would be a better day

I just wanted to say to you that other guy's nothin

He talked about ya  as a game or somethin

Right there in that shady London street

Anger in the eyes is were we meet

But I guess I just had let him be

Going on about what a jewel you are to see

You to me are more than just a treat

More like some kind of love that can never be beat

Great  friend of mine he once was

Now a hidden rivalry  because of all things he cause

Don't think of me being any greater

Ignorant I am too but my reasons were a tad bit better

Understand that It ached me throughout that time

Always writing creating some sort of rhyme

to keep my mind at a constant state

For i guess the future now holds our fate[User1]



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