isabela's last letter

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Submitted: October 25, 2011

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Submitted: October 25, 2011




Last letter to Isabela

My only impression of you was being sweet

Someone with beauty innocent and free

Didn’t wish to harm you in any way

I know you knew how many times I tried to say

That I had feelings that no one but you could see

Is just I was ignorant to ever be

The one to be able to understand

The one who would eventually hold your hand

Yes I know we are too young

Love might be too much to speak through our tongue

Crazy you probably may have said

If I told you my songs for you instead

I don’t think my heart could ever break

Trust me I don’t think you could ever call me a fake

Im just here wanting you but you didn’t listen

To the letters I had written

I said I was here but you looked to the side

Holding back the feelings way deep inside

Perhaps the joyful time had to end

Left it up to god’s will to descend

For now I just stay in silence to you

Hope you get this letter through


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