Peaceful Outtake

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wrote about why people ask of me of a religion im trying to make it into a song

Submitted: November 26, 2011

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Submitted: November 26, 2011




Peaceful outtake

Strange it came to me so sudden

A blasphemy drawn to conclusions

To think evil to me means nothin'

Causing the people to take up illusions


Awkward to a sense it felt

A lost in emotions seemed to have fell

In rage caused the irony to melt

And the life only to look like hell


Cast down a lifeless irritation so unknown

an anger of which you couldn’t take

To be left. Hidden all frighten and alone

Courages enough to think you’re a fake


breathe in to a lost of a word

taken credit for which you seek

to the lies you thought were absurd

in humiliation brought by the Greek


a token which you stole of a friend

left in lost by the forbidden book

to which you would meet once a gain

with the peaceful outtake you took

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