Tai's Story: Fan Writing (Chapter 1)

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This is probably the cheesiest chapter in the book.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012




Laura’s Story: Fan Writing


Chapter 1: Another Morning


“So warm…” Mike murmured. As the remnants of a dream fell from his mind, Mike was greeted with a view of a beautiful stark-blond fox. “Laura…” Mike smiled widely as he shook off the cobwebs of last night. The glittering sunlight danced around the room while Mike began to stir. He winced, fearing the time he was about to see. “Ugh…” Mike glanced at the digital clock he’s kept since he was ten. It greeted him with the ill time of 7’o Clock. “Crap!” Mike exclaimed as he leapt from the bed in an early-morning panic. He tore through his closet only to return with the day’s clothes. They were overdo for a visit to the wash by the looks of them.


He got his first view of his room since the night before. Keep-sakes dotted the room extensively. Only to be super-imposed on posters that littered the walls. Most of them belonged to Laura. Mike looked over his bed and realized he had blown the covers right off the bed, robbing Laura of the warmth that she loved so. “Aww… sorry Laura.” Mike whispered as not to disturb her from her sleep. Mike crept over to the pile of sheets he had kicked off and placed them carefully over the sleeping fox. “Lucky bastard. Heh, leave it to you to work from home.” Mike slipped his shirt over his head as he stumbled out into their living room. The apartment they shared was sizable compared to the one they both grew up in. It turned out to be the same layout by some miraculous chance. It was located a few blocks farther from central park, though. They still made the bi-weekly trip though. For old time’s sake.


Mike waltzed through the kitchen on the hunt for his breakfast. He usually lets Laura take the role of cook, but given all they did last night… “Hah, yeah he needs the rest.” Mike chortled. Rummaging through the cupboards Mike suddenly realized he also let Laura take the role of hunter-gatherer too. Cursing under his breath, Mike jogged over to the key rack by the front door and scanned through the keys. “Ah, screw it.” Mike passed up the keys, slid out the door, locked it, and leapt down the sLaurars four at a time. They lived on the fourth floor so it took a little effort to wind around the sLaurars. “At least bus fare is cheaper than gas. Plus, I could use the exercise.” Mike laughed masochistically as he glanced at his little stomach flab. He was still gawking when he reached the door the lobby. He should have been looking at the person passing through the front doors ahead.


There was a solid *THUD* as both foxes collided in a comedic fashion. “Oh, sorry! Wait… Mike!?” The other fox exclaimed with a wide grin of recognition. Still a little dazed, Mike tried to make out the other fox’s face. He was a fox of dark brown-fur similar to his own. Extremely similar. “Dad!?” Mike yelled, taken aback by his father’s sudden visit. “I was just coming to check up on you two. “ Robert said “I see you’re late again” he remarked with a coy grin. Mike looked a little sodden with guilt. “Ha-ha, just kidding bud.” Robert laughed. He ruffled Mike’s head-fur and brought his son in for a warm hug. Mike accepted it graciously. He had been neglecting needed contact with his father. He still felt shameful about it.


“I…uh…” Mike darted his eyes around. “Yeah, I know.” Robert gave a look only a loving father could give; a look of general concern for his kin. Robert shifted the subject, “Is Laura up yet?” he asked. “No. She’s due up soon though. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind a little wake up call. Especially from you.” Mike chuckled. Robert gave him a nod and sent him on his way. “I’ll see you later tonight. Good luck at finding a new job.” Robert laughed. “Verrry funny” Mike yelled back, laughing as he walked into the lobby and out onto the New York sidewalk. A warm spring breeze blew with Mike as he walked briskly over to his bus stop. A slew of other furs were standing by idly, waiting for yet another bus. “Just my luck.” Mike started blankly at the sheer number of furs crammed up by the bus stop. Mike scanned the early-morning sky line as the morning sun danced upon the roofs of the New York beasts.  “What a day…” Mike noticed the bus rushing up on the stop. “…To spend inside.” Mike groaned as he started towards the decrepit bus. “At least people wash their fur these days” Mike thought to himself.


Mike shuffled mindlessly towards the general location of the bus. It was a pathetic thing, barely keeping up on its own four wheels. It lurched greatly with the new slew of furs. Mike squeezed passed a beautiful vixen and nearly knocked over a sneering raccoon. Mike ended up in a public display of Twister, smashed against the window of the bus. ‘I hate this town…” Mike said under his breath. When the final sardines were packed, the bus driver pulled away from the stop. It seemed just like another lone fish in the ocean of the city streets. It was comparable to how Mike felt right now. Mike sighed breathlessly, causing a blob of condensed moisture to collect around his fur. It was going to be a long day.


The city flew by as the bus picked up speed. Mike nearly lost it when the bus came to a screeching halt. Only the screeching came from the fur he grabbed on for a brace. While he was laughing inside, he still apologized. It wasn’t the first time he’s gotten “intimate” with strangers. His mind went into a stupor. There was a darker side to that joke he didn’t want to think about. It was enough to contrast the sun. He instantly felt introverted, as if he just imploded on himself. Mike tried to coax himself to forget those times. It was years ago, and Mike had coped with it… for a while. Then the nightmares and the anxiety attacks became too much. The only light in the storm was Laura. Laura being there for him certainly broke him out from the prison of night terrors and the horror of the attacks. I’m sure Laura would say the same for Mike. She always referred to Mike as his savior. She called it repayment. Even at the wedding. Even now. They were each others for forever and that single thought electrified Mike’s heart. He felt a new strength, the strength of a life-long friend, companion, and lover. Laura made life…livable.



Of Chapter 2 :3

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