Lily's Yearning of Green Park

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Lily, a young girl in Brooksville Middle School, loves nature. One day, in her science class, she learns that there is a place called Green Park where the air is fresh, there are plants everywhere, and there is a mini-forest where there are animals. Lily yearns to go, but realizes that she does not have enough money to...
To be continued later...

Submitted: February 06, 2014

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Submitted: February 06, 2014



Chapter One: Lily's Yearning of Green Park

As the sun shone through the window and onto my eyes while I was dreaming, red filled the background of my vision  forcing me to open them a few seconds later, blinking rapidly in response to the bright sun. I anticipated a better, more successful day at school, like always. While I was dressing, I listened to the rustling leaves as the wind blew them across the apartment lawn. Except for that, I could not hear anything.

I was so used to hearing my mom’s squeaky footsteps trembling across the old wooden floor, creaking towards my room to check if I was awake on time. Her wavy brown hair shone in the sun as she walked in the room smiling at me while whispering, “Lily, it’s time to make your breakfast!”

I remembered that she was my best available homework helper and at home teacher, but now she works as a mechanical engineer at the Ecue Car Company, which is not making a lot of profit due to poor quality cars with a poor design, but provides food. The car company is firing and offering job positions due to terrible car sellings. Due to that, she was recently hired and has to work long and hard. She usually gets to work at five a.m., and come home after ten p.m.

Whenever she comes home early, I notice her eyes lids drooping over her beautiful green eyes. She instantly collapse into bed without the energy to even brush her teeth or eat dinner, which she already probably did in her company. Her work tag hangs off her side with a picture of her serious face, so different from the tired expression that is stuck right now, and possibly forever. Underneath it, Lyra Green, my mom’s name is printed in green.

My dad, Figgie Green also works at the Ecue Car Company, but works as a car designer. He has been working in this company for years, and is the best designer whose ideas are not revealed (in my opinion). In order to get all the car designs done, Dad, like Mom, has to work extra hard. Dad does not faint like Mom because he is used to all the work for the years that the company was struggling. His black beard remains messy and his hair hangs loose whenever I meet him.

Suddenly, I realized that I was daydreaming when I had limited time to prepare to go to school. I quickly finished changing out of rags and started to make breakfast. There was not much to eat, so I ate bread recently bought from a nearby shop, eggs from our five chickens, peas, and carrots from our garden. Bread must be eaten quickly because our family cannot afford refrigerator to store all the food. Although it was bland from all those days of the year eating bread to save money, the only way to have enough energy in school is to eat the bread, eggs, and peas.

The bread was ready-to-eat, so I stuffed it in my mouth as I boiled the eggs in order to save time. As the eggs were boiling, I continued to stuff my mouth with bread while washing the carrots, reusing the water whenever it is possible. This did not come naturally, but it was what my mom taught me because we have limited time in our life and to save the limited money.

After finishing breakfast, I had to pack my own lunch. The school lunch was fairly expensive at about two dollars and seventy-five cents per meal. The almost only option for lunch was bread, carrots, and eggs. I put bread, the leftover eggs, and the carrots in my plastic lunch container, then I put the lunch container in my already heavy worn-out backpack from kindergarten, washed the dishes I used, watered the plants, fed the chickens, and set off for school.

I was running late after I was preparing to go to school. The time on the grandfather clock from decades ago reads 6:35. My school is a little less than two miles away from my apartment, so I have to run the way there in order to make it before school starts at 7:00 a.m.

Running with a heavy backpack along with a full stomach, pain swept my upper back and my stomach. I did not have the time to walk, but the yearning to walk continued to increase every moment, every second, and every minute. Our first period teacher, Mrs. Keee will certainly be unhappy about the late arrival, not only that, I will not be able to meet up with my best friend, Jasmine MaStalk.

As I rushed to school, I met Jasmine about half a mile from my school, Brooksville Middle School. Jasmine was also running late, but only a few minutes late, so we decided to rush to class together, minimizing the tiredness and pain of my run. We arrived at room twenty Mrs. Keee’s classroom just when the arrival school bell rung. We did not run on the school campus, but were breathing heavily in the classroom.

“Go straight to the office and get your late notices. I do not want to hear you breathing heavily when you two come back. Thank you,” demanded Mrs. Keee, her voice sharp and clear. The natural appearance caused her voice to sound more serious. Her square, black-framed glasses and her straight-face expression with a pointy witch nose and long straight purply-red mouth caused these simple words to sound as if an emperor were to command a person and force him or her to swear to death. There was no arguing with the teacher, mainly because she would yell thunderously with her cold, gray, evil eyes staring right at the troublemaker with everyone else staring and secretly laughing. Rushing to the office at the quickest walking pace, Jasmine and I held our breath and thought about what to say to the secretary.

"Why don't we tell them that we are not late to school, but the teacher told us to get a late notice because we arrived at the classroom right on time, but we're breathing heavily," Jasmine suggested.

"Also, tell them that we were breathing heavily because we ran to school and stopped when we reached school,” I added.

“Okay,” Jasmine agreed. After about ten seconds, we reached the office. The secretary in the office had rosy red cheeks and small round noses looking instantly merrier than Mrs. Keee.

“Hello, girls, what are your names, and why are you two late?” the secretary asked calmly and merrily.

“Well, we weren’t actually late. We arrived in the classroom just the bell rang, but were breathing heavily, so the teacher assumed that we were running on campus to prevent being late,” Jasmine stated in an informative manner.

“We were running to school, but not on the school campus, but it was a long way so the breathing has not stopped,” I added.

“It seems as if you guys are telling the truth. I’ll give you a tardy slip saying that you left late, but I’ll mark you as on time. You have Mrs. Keee first period, do you?” the secretary said.

“Yes. Thank you,” we replied together.

When we arrived at Mrs. Keee’s class again, everyone had their heads down working on a worksheet that she passed out when we were out.  A worksheet was not on my desk when I entered, forcing me to work my way to Mrs. Keee’s desk of doom for one.

She stared at me straight in the eye for about two minutes without blinking as I slowly figured that I had to grab the worksheet by myself. Even after grabbing the worksheet, her eyes still followed me as I nervously climbed back on my seat.

Suddenly, I imagined a monster devouring me as I felt the coldness of the eyes staring at me. I collapse in my seat, in front of my social studies teacher.

“Get out of here! It is my responsibility to take care of a student and make sure he or she is safe!” Mrs. Keee shouts thundered across the room.

I blinked a few times, realizing that I was just passed out from the creepiness of my teacher. I felt a cold hand pick me up and realized it was detached from Mrs. Keee except for some wires.

Remembering that there was something weird with Mrs. Keee in the first place, I realized Mrs. Keee is indeed a robot. Technology has been so advanced that robots look and feel almost exactly like humans. I was not so shocked, but many other students were terrified and screamed as if some monster suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

Jasmine ran to the office having teachers on campus telling her to walk a few times, but she ignored them. When she arrived, the secretaries were too busy doing work in order to notice her, but she shouted immediately.

“Mrs. Keee is a robot! I saw her arm being detached from her body except for some wires!” Some students from Mrs. Keee’s class appeared behind her, nodding their heads as Jasmine shouted.

“I knew something is wrong with Mrs. Keee, but I did not expect her to be a robot at all. Since there are not many teachers available, we have to keep her for now. There does not seem as if there is much of a threat to us now,” the secretary replied.
The bell for changing periods rang and everyone was rushing to pack up and go straight to their next period. I met Jasmine as I was walking out the door of Mrs. Keee’s class.

The people who walked into my second period class, language arts, seemed joyous and filled with laughter.

“Hello everyone, today we will take the test. I know you all hate tests, but I believe that you will do amazing on this one. Your self-esteem is very important for your results,” Ms. Gerran told us. The happiness of the many students soon diminished. Everyone bit their lip nervously when the test was handed out.

It was not the first time Ms. Gerran gave out a surprise test. I recalled that the people in Ms. Gerran’s class were actually smiling while they were taking the test. Many of the questions of grammar were totally messed up that the sentence sounded more funny than weird. An example is cross out some words in the sentence so that the sentence would make sense grammatically. (Sooooooooooo um like I that yeah and flunked in order to get an F- on tis this test this. The answer to this question is I flunked in order to get an F- on this test.)

The test took the whole period, but everyone was smiling while doing the test. I was not smiling, mainly because I had passed out in Mrs. Keee’s class and found out she was a robot. I could not concentrate on the test, even though the questions are hilarious and were a force that almost kept the thoughts away. I kept on glancing at Ms. Gerran from time to time.

While we were doing the test, Ms. Gerran was grading and planning lessons for the future. On my assumption, surprise tests are made to give Ms. Gerran extra time.

After second period, there is a break called brunch about ten minutes long. I usually play with Jasmine on the playground, especially around the monkey bar area, stretching along the way.

“My parents don’t really want me to be your friend. I don’t want to insult you, but they think you are not smart enough and your family is too poor. Friendship is not about being rich or smart, but is just about being friends and having a good time together,” Jasmine said sadly hanging down from a monkey bar.

“I know, but I want you to still be my friend though. You are the best friend ever and I don’t feel bad or jealous of you at all!” I replied.

Brunch passed quickly and so did third and fourth period. Lunch passed fairly quickly because Jasmine and I were both excited about our new science unit with my favorite teacher of all, Mr. Reaseedy. Mr. Reaseedy was described as the world’s greenest teacher for he wore green every single day and talks about the effects of global warming, air pollution, and animal extinction. Almost every single science unit can relate to one of his green topics when he talks about it.

I rushed to room 35, not realizing that I have averaged one hundred feet per less than five seconds. When I reached Mr. Reaseedy’s room, it smelled fresh and wild. Almost everything in his room is eco-friendly in a way, and if not, the item will be colored green.

“Have you ever wondered why the cars sometimes smell terrible or why trees sometimes smell so fresh?” Mr. Reaseedy asked the class. That was one of the worst introduction Mr. Reaseedy ever gave us, but I still showed him great interest.

“If you don’t that is fine; however, sometimes you never wonder about what is in the world. As you all already know, I love being green, and I am so excited about started the new unit about the developing human world and its effects, which includes global warming, pollution,  and animal extinction,” he continued with the class showing no interest at all. Seeing that the class was not engaged he turned the projector on and showed a video about pollution and how it affects the planet. It was clear that this video was made by Mr. Reaseedy. It was his voice in the first place and it was exactly how he would present a presentation; an exaggerated voice for astounding statistics and green backgrounds behind words. Finally the class was engaged, and Mr. Reaseedy showed another video.

This video was not created by Mr. Reaseedy, but it was just as entertaining, informative and contained the best beauty ever. The beauty of the video cannot be underestimated. The technology of the the park in the video and the abundance of life, not only plants, but animals just cannot be compared to any place with people living. Then something struck me. The entry fee of this park, Green Park is very expensive, about one thousand dollars per person and the cost of transportation from here to there will be about five hundred dollars per person.

Thoughts burst through my head as I became more and more excited about going to Green Park. I suddenly thought of  Jasmine and what she told me at brunch about money and grades. If and only if I can get my grade and save enough money for the family, I can go to Green Park!

I excitedly ran with Jasmine home stopping at Jasmine’s house to say good bye! My eyes began to water as I left the house. Tomorrow is the day when everyone in the school will get their report cards. I desperately needed to get those A’s in order to have Jasmine’s parents continue to let her be my friend, and a higher possibility of going to Green Park, my dream land. The more I thought of it, the more my head ached and the harder my heart began to beat.

I had not realized I have been walking so slow, but when I did, I began to sprint, as fast as my muscles would swing my legs, but I began to realize that I would not be able to keep up this pace for another one and a half miles. This led to the thinking about my P.E. (physical education) period with Mr. Humch, a teacher who believes in hard work and a tiny bit of Confucianism for he exercises with the students.

P.E. with Mr. Humch is a pain with all the hard-working exercises, including running constantly for thirty minutes and playing basketball almost sprinting all the way through, but I believe that striving to succeed and failing is better than succeeding easily. I remembered when I finally managed to beat my personal record in Mr. Humch’s class and how he repeatedly complimented me and pushed me to improve.

After all of that, I pushed myself to run at a reasonable pace, so I can go my fastest for the approximate one point two five miles left. Then I realized that this was not the pace that would last me the distance left. In Mr. Humch’s class, I did not wear a heavy backpack while I ran, so I was running faster than I was going to last, but I kept the pace for a long as possible in order to do better in Mr. Humch’s class. The more I thought about Green Park, doing homework faster, and getting better grades, the faster I felt as I ran home and less tired I was. Unlike usual, I did not have a back pain because of my heavy backpack or my legs hurting because of the pressure on them.

When I reached home, I did not even take the time to rest and immediately started on homework. At last my back ached and my legs were acidic from the overworking of my muscles. I could almost hear Mr. Humch say, “Good work Lily, but keep going on. The more you try, the better you get!”

I had homework from Mrs. Keee, Ms. Gerran, Ms. Chrey. From Mrs. Keee, I had the unfinished worksheet from the period, and another two chapters to read from the textbook. The worksheet was both confusing and lengthy. The first “question” was “Explain Japan’s growth.” That made sense, but was confusing because it could mean how Japan grew as a country, how the population of Japan grew, or how the technology grew in Japan.  I flipped through the textbook to see if the answer was in it. It apparently was, but it only wrote the Japanese population grew as there were more and more food produced.

I just wrote that down because our family does not have a computer for me to research every single detail. That made sense because logically more food means that more people can be supported with the food. The answer to the next few question were not in  the textbook, but were logical. I answered them quickly so I can move on to Ms. Gerran homework.

The homework Ms. Gerran gives out is always fun to do. The funny pictures and sentence CAUSES people to actually spend more time on the homework than necessary. I tried to avoid that by exciting myself with Green Park if I can make enough money and get better grades.

My math teacher, Ms. Chrey is my third favorite teacher, just behind Mr. Reaseedy and Ms. Gerran. Instead of just teaching math that seems boring such as a+b=c and memorizing formulas that don’t seem to make sense, she teaches math logically and tells the students to understand, not to memorize. She once said that once something is understood, there is no formula that is needed to be memorized. Ms. Chrey gives tests and pretests all the time to measure how much a students know and learns, so she can split the students into different groups in different parts of the room. The more advanced groups get more challenging problems and vice versa for the struggling groups. This way, all the students can learn math even if they know more already. Ms. Chrey is strict and uses her limited time wisely, but many students, including me, like her as a math teacher.

I enjoy doing her homework because they questions cause me to think, instead of just mindlessly doing similar easy problems making a ton of careless errors. I try to do them as quickly as possible so I can increase my speed in math. Her homework usually takes between twenty to thirty minutes a day.

Mr. Reaseedy usually does not give out homework because he expects people to remember what they learned in class, and he does want to waste paper to print out homework for all of his students.

After I finished my homework, I made two jars of peanut butter by crushing them repeatedly until I formed a paste. I used to make my arm in pain after a few minutes of crushing, but now I can survive it for about two hours straight of peanut crushing. After crushing the peanuts I put them in jars (from Jasmine) and sold them to the store. I do this regularly alternating with strawberry jelly. Sometimes, when I run out peanut butter or jelly for my lunch sandwich, I would make an extra so that I have one ready to go when I make my sandwich for lunch. It is time-consuming, but the two dollars I make from selling the peanut butter or jelly is worth the work.

After selling the peanut butter, I immediately began to make dinner, which is similar to breakfast, (bread and eggs) except I have radish and onio instead of carrots. I forced the food in my mouth and tried to believe that they tasted amazing, instead of some bland food that is eaten every single day. It actually works and the food does not taste as bland as I thought it would. The food is almost all homegrown, so I had to water the plants and feed the chickens.

It was approximately seven-thirty right now, so I decided to check my homework to learn instead of just do the work. I made sure my answers for Mrs. Keee’s homework made sense, I checked every single math problem, and I thought of all the rules Ms. Gerran taught us for the grammar worksheet.

Since I knew I was not doing well at school, I reviewed everything from the first trimester. Ms. Chrey always says that school is for learning, not for getting grades. I try to force you to learn, so I make it harder to earn a good grade. I also realized that if I review everything I learned in the first trimester, I would probably not struggle as much in school, especially on the THINGS that require what I learned in the first trimester. After reviewing everything, I decided to write a plan for everyday life.

It was about eight-thirty, the time I would usually prepare for bed, but I decided to write the plan anyway. At school I would do what I usually do, and remember to listen to the teacher at all times. After school, I would rush home, running at a pace where I can go fastest for two miles. When I reach home, I would do homework immediately after a short break of water. Then, I would make the peanut butter or jelly and sell it. I would then immediately make and eat dinner. After dinner, I would check my homework. Once a week, after Friday, I would review all the work I have done to see what I have learned.

While I was preparing for bed, I realized how much my eyes were burning. I looked in the mirror with cracks all over inherited from my grandmother and realized my eyes were almost covered with blood red except for the iris and pupil. I was pretty sure I made my eyes work too hard. In my science class I learned that ciliary muscles in the eye helps it focus on objects at different distances. Recently, schools cause students to do lots of nearwork, so the ciliary muscles have to work really hard. To save energy, the eye changes shape, but far object appear blurry. This is called myopia and can be easily corrected with glasses, however we cannot afford any, so I just have to remember this piece of information.

When I woke up, I realized everything seemed regular again, almost a repeat of yesterday, but I looked outside to check out far objects such as the beautiful trees with red, yellow and brown leaves constantly. I realized how much I have missed out yesterday on nature and its beauty. I remembered that today was November the eighth, the Friday the report cards will be given.

In Mr. Reaseedy’s class, I received my report card. I was sure that I did not get all A’s. In Mrs. Keee’s class, I probably failed all the independent work, such as the questions Mrs. Keee gave the day I was “late.” I believe I would have at most an A- on Ms. Gerran because I was too concentrated on the funny content rather than the work, so I made a ton of careless errors. For Mr. Humch’s class, I was consistent on my speed, but I had not improved enough to earn an A. Math and science are my favorite subjects, so I would probably get at least an A-. My heart pounded as I held my card underneath the table to see the results.

It was just as I expected. For every subject except for math and science, I had a B. For math and science I had an A. I realized that I had to do what I did last night except to slack it off a little for a little break. Luckily, it was Friday, and there was not much homework, so I had time to plan and focus on my weak subjects, but I must remember to not memorize. I decided to go over Mrs. Keee homework and go through it logically, as if it were a math problem, step by step to go over any concepts and possible societal truths. I usually do not think this way, but I have to do this in order to get a good grade and learn. Ms. Chrey always tells us that the main reason we go to school is because we have to learn and not to get A’s. I thought about that for a while, but I still have to get A’s in order to more likely learn and give some pressure in order to learn.

I realized that almost all of Mrs. Keee’s homework required memorization and researching. Therefore, I decided to use the information to logically guess what events it might cause to create a societal truth.

Japan had many mountains inside the island, so it was hard to grow food. The mountains were too steep and jagged for terraces, so they planted crops that required little land and came in large quantities.

It all made sense everything in life has to make sense or else it will not happen. I was excited today (and that makes sense) because I get to see my parents for the weekend. They like to talk to me  about their job and let me help out with new car designs and ideas. Every weekend when they come, I learn something new about mechanics, but this time, I don’t think they will be happy about my grade. Sadly the time is still limited. From all the hard work in the weekdays, they often go to bed at seven at night on both Saturday and Sunday and wake up at noon. I just wonder why the company can not let them work on weekends so that they do not have to sacrifice so much sleep. I calculated the time they spend their time at work.

5:00-9:45->21:45-5:00=16:45 hours per day of work!

16:45*5 (days a week)= 5(17:00-0:15)= 85:00-0:75= 85:00-1:15= 83:45 hours per week!

(83:45)/7= 11 hours+(360+45)/7= 11 hours+(405)/7= 11 hours+57 6/7 minutes of work per day if they work seven days a week

Leave at 8:00 everyday and come back at 8:00

That would mean that I would spend less time with them overall probably because the time I meet them will be less on the weekend, but they will probably do better on the job because of more sufficient sleep. I thought about this for a while and put a note on my parent’s bed, more like a bed sheet on the ground.

Feeling bored, I began to daydream about the wonders of Green Park and what I would feel like to be rich, maybe as rich as Jasmine’s family. I would be able to breathe the fresh, clean air of Green Park and enjoy the eco-friendly technology that would make life much easier. Solar panels are excellent, as well as LED lights. Suddenly I began to dream of sleeping on the Green Park dirt, stargazing, and finally became conscious and realized I actually had something to do.

It was the time to make strawberry jelly. I made sure that there were enough strawberries to mush. The strawberries are not that sour, so there was no need for adding extra sugar. After about one hour of mushing, I put the strawberries in two jars and sold them for about two dollars each. I made my way back slowly and ate dinner as quickly as possible and immediately prepared for bed.

Today, I woke up before the sun rose and quickly changed to see the sun rise. Although I have seen sun rises at least five times this year, I was still fascinated by the swarms of red, orange, purple and blue as a perfect team of colors. Scatters of sunlight made its way through the leaves of the trees and the clouds in the sky. The sky became lighter and transitioned from dark blue to orange to light sky in a few minutes. My parents were suddenly here and were still sleeping peacefully as the sun light went right over their eyes.

Excited, I decided to harvest some cabbage, carrots, peanuts, and strawberries, collect some eggs, and went straight to making breakfast, not only for me, but for my hardworking and highly supportive parents. The meal was just a regular meal, except it contained a bit more food and variety than usual. I just realized that it was the wrong time to actually make the food because my parents wake up at twelve. At least the food is not fully prepared, so I ate my regular breakfast.

After finishing breakfast, I decided to review my report card for another time. Mrs. Keee wrote, “Lily is a highly disrespectful and lazy student and her full potential has not been reached,” although I did not appear to do anything wrong in her class. All the other teacher wrote exactly opposite of what Mrs. Keee wrote, and encouraged me to continue working hard, especially Ms. Chrey and Mr. Reaseedy. It would be at least until the last trimester until I will be able to receive all A’s on my next report card. There is still a long way ahead of me.

Still, I had work to do. The plants in the apartment garden were dehydrated, and so were the chickens. The water from the boiling eggs were used to water the plants and hydrate the chicken. Food always had to be available for the chicken and that was never easy. The leaves on the carrots were used for possible food for the chickens. Crushed egg shells mixed with carrot leaves and other unedible vegetable parts are used as food, and so are some peanuts. Jasmine sometimes comes help me by bringing some of her leftover food she cannot finish.

There was a knocking sound somewhere, and it seemed as if it was the door. I looked through the window and saw Jasmine with some food for the chicken and extra jars she bought. There was much more than just to thank Jasmine for being such a great friend. There was no way for me to possibly pay back, and no one would be as nice as Jasmine to bring extra items. She even brought some chicken meat for me and the chickens to eat. Shocked at all these items, I began to think of the ways I could pay Jasmine back.

Jasmine always liked playing with my chickens, so I let her play with the chickens for as long as she wanted to. Chicken meat and chickens do not go together, but we still fed the chickens chicken meat for enough protein.

“Hey! You can take one of the chickens home if you want for a day. I trust you in taking care of the chickens, but I have to ask my parents first,” I said. Jasmine looked at me with shock and excitement.

“I have always wanted a pet, but I’ve never had a chance for one,” Jasmine said.

“Okay, thanks!” I replied.

I sat watching the garden pondering on the reasons how I can honor Jasmine or pay back what Jasmine deserves from all of her help. I thought of Green Park and the fresh smell of the leaves and felt the breeze of the wind. The technology was very advanced and the stench of burning cigarettes while enjoying my day. It will be paradise, but not for long. It seems as if happiness will not exist without sadness.

My parents finally woke up and ate the breakfast I made for them.

“Lily, I have good news!” my father excitedly exclaimed.

“The company is doing better after the release of the new car, the Ecue Green. Your father worked on the design to make it affordable, fashionable, and energy efficient. I made sure it was going to work and was the most efficient with my knowledge of science. The company hired ad making companies for ads. Many people thought of buying this car. I drove this car home instead of riding a bike to test it out,” my mom added.

“Does that mean you can come home earlier or leave later, or does that mean you get more money?” I asked curiously.

“It really depends. Right now it will probably stay the same, but if people decide to buy our cars, it will work out,” my dad considered.

“My plan was to have you work on the weekends, so you can get more rest instead of having to wake up so early and come back so late. The disadvantage of tha is that we will have less time to meet on the weekends, but you sleep through a lot of it,” I recalled my calculations I was doing last night. I took the small sheet of paper in which I was doing my calculations for the amount of time my parents work.

“Good luck for your family then!” Jasmine suddenly exclaimed. Startling from the fact that Jasmine was playing with the chickens loudly and I forgot about her from the conversation of our company, I felt rather stupid.

“Jasmine, do you think it is time for you to leave? You have been here for a while, and I think your parents will not be happy with you,” I was concerned about my friend’s parents, who always seemed to be dissatisfied on the tiniest mistakes.

“I think you are right. My parents just said to run and come back immediately to get a bit of exercise. Bye! Remember to get good grades!” Jasmine immediately left the house and began sprinting to her house quickly, but she cannot possibly keep that pace for one and a half miles.

I felt dread the moment Jasmine says the word “grade.” There is no way I can possibly present those B’s to my parents. I was able to get good grades, but last trimester, I have not been working as hard as I am supposed to and have the ability to.

“I know I could’ve worked harder, but I did not really think about grades that much because I wanted to not be hungry and earn some money with the peanut butter. Now I learned that I can do both at the same time. I apologize for the sadness I have caused,” I explained to them. My parent’s happiness immediately faded off their face.

“Lily, you have gotten all A’s before. You understand that we have high expectations of you and know that you also have high expectations of yourself. We are very disappointed to hear that you have not been working hard. You are in seventh grade. We do not accept your apology. Show me your report card now!” my mom immediately ordered. I just turned around to the table behind me and gave my parents the report card. I knew a spanky was coming, but I did not care because the pain is not as bad as the pain we had in P.E. with Mr. Humch. My mom and dad were staring at the paper and at the letter B.

Brooksville Middle School Report Card

Student: Lily Green

Grade: 7

Group: G

Tardy: 1

Absent: 0

Mrs. KeeeBLily is a highly disrespectful and lazy student and her full potential

has not been reached.

Ms. GerranBLily is a hardworking students, but needs a little more

concentration while she is doing her work.

Mr. HumchBYou work really hard, but I am giving you a B so you can work

harder! You can do it!

Ms. ChreyALily is such a well-behaved students and a very logical one. She has

a lot of potential for being a great mathemagician. Keep it up!

Mr. ReaseedyALily is an very caring person and cares about what her world and

everyone else’s world will become. She is very hardworking and has the potential to be an environmental scientist. Her talent can be seen in many of the group lab projects we have done. Great work!


“Okay Lily, I decide to be nice today and not give you a spanky because I want to see how motivated you actually are. I really want to hit you, but your mom is not a home to help you, so it will make sense that your grades will drop. If this happens next time, you know what will happen,” my dad explained in detail.


Months passed and I continued to try to work as hard as possible. Sometimes I would be lazy take a long time to do homework, not wanting to prepare a meal, or not wanting to run in Mr. Humch’s class, but it all backfired and caused me to be hungry, get some chastisement or feel incredibly uncomfortable due to the lack of sleep. I have also constantly my parents to tell the company to let them work in the weekend, but the company obstinately refused. That way, I would be able to meet with my parents every single day, and they would be able to check on me. On a regular basis, I still do not meet any of my parents on the weekdays, and the pleasure to meet them everyday for a short amount of time would be greatly appreciated.

This morning is going to go well because I said it will. I almost jumped out of my bed and changed in only half a minute. I ran to the dining area and quickly began stuffing bread in my mouth while trying to wash carrots and peas and boil eggs at the same time. After finishing breakfast, I began making lunch with bread, jelly, and peanut butter. I finally realized that instead using butter and jelly, I can just use raw strawberries and peanuts. I forced myself to do five push-ups for making such a silly mistake.

Finally, it was time to walk to school quickly. I yearned to go faster than a car and meet Jasmine right away, but it was not possibly. Finally, I found Jasmine walking happily.

“Happy birthday Lily!” Jasmine exclaimed. I completely forgot it was my birthday. With all the homework and chores I had to complete there seemed to be absolutely no time for me to even think about that. It was a miracle for Jasmine to even remember that. It was March 6th because yesterday was March 5th. Now I wondered how I forgot it was my birthday. Each year, I would be very excited on the day of my birthday, and shout it out so I felt like the whole world knew it was my birthday.

“Thank you! I completely forgot that it was my birthday. I think that you are probably the only one who remembered it. When we get to school, we will probably know who remembers today is my birthday!” I said excitedly. My heart was beating faster, I felt much more energetic, and excited. A sense of hyperness seem to rush through me, but not from sugary treat and it felt like it would last for the whole day.

School felt as if it was only one hour, and ended abruptly. When Jasmine came home, she told me to wait for her to give me a present. Thoughts rushed through my brain for what the present was going to be. I would usually get only one present for my birthday and I was always excited to get something new and unused. I was jumping up and down although I was carrying a heavy backpack.

“I hope you like this present,” Jasmine said smiling widely.

“Of course I will like it! I can’t wait to open this!” I smiled and felt like snatching the present. I wondered what was inside it. I ran quickly and anticipated the time I arrived home. I even thought of opening the present before I even came home, but that would be a mess.

The trip home felt longer than an hour, but according to my grandfather clock, it was about thirty minutes. I quickly opened the present, for I cannot concentrated on my homework if I did not. I had received ten pencils, five notebooks, ten jars, a pencil sharpener, five erasers, and a  backpack, all new and unused. I almost ran out of pencils ,erasers, and paper from all the studying I have been doing recently. I have lost my pencil sharpening and have been using a knife to sharpen pencils at home.  I finally can use a new, bigger backpack instead of my half broken tiny backpack.

My parents finally received permission from the company to work on the weekends, but not until the following Monday. Today, they came early because it was my birthday.

“Happy birthday Lily! Now you are a teenager. We expect more from you and wish you luck on your report card tomorrow," my mom said smiling.


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