Haven for madness

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A cruise ship, the ocean, all of which are happy and relaxing things. Although, what if we can get too much of a good thing? Our heroine, Alison Lucille, falls off the ship into a trip into the mind, and perhaps an island with a monster on it. This is my first post so feel free to criticize.

Submitted: November 06, 2012

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The entries of Alison Lucille are recorded in this story.

August 7, 1902
It was a fairly warm day in Soho, London and I was getting ready to board a cruise ship. This ship was known as the Diamond Princess and it would be my first time out to sea. There were some occasions when I would visit the beach for a little relaxation. It was so pleasant. The cool wind blowing through my hair, warm sand between my toes and the soothing sounds of the deep, blue ocean. It is a luxury that not many can get since most people are busy with their shops and feeding their poor families. I continued to fill my suitcases with the necessary clothing and books. It looks as if I am almost finished with my packing. I then place the last dress in my bag and I pick up a book off of the nightstand. It was Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It is quite and interesting novel about some man who goes to this creepy castle to sell a house to a man by the name of Count Dracula. The only catch is that Dracula is a vampire wanting the blood of poor Mister Harker. I lay myself upon my poorly made bed and I pull the covers over me and open up the book to where I last left off. Then I lit the lamp next to my bed. I suppose I will read until I fall asleep.
August 8, 1902
I am now currently writing in this journal from my room on the Diamond Princess. Nothing much happened today that is worth noting. My family and I hurried to the cruise ship and boarded just in time. It was such a marvelous sight as I boarded the ship for the first time. It was very large and had a light shade of pink painted over it. It was such a pleasure to smell the cool, ocean breeze as it went by me, blowing my hair and dress a little bit. As I boarded I thought about all the things I might do while I was there, but I was sadly mistaken for it seemed as if all I could do was listen to the adults talk as I slump in a chair. I guess this gives me an excuse to catch up on my reading, it is not as if there is much else to partake in. Afterwards, I had a fine supper which consisted of a soup and not much else. I was not very hungry. I then came back to my room where I am now currently writing. I guess I will go to sleep now. Oh, I should take a look at the sea tomorrow. I should remind myself to do that.
August 9, 1902
Today has started off to be an okay day so far. I did get a chance to gaze out into the wild blue sea, just like I said I would. It was so marvelous and beautiful, I could hardly contain my tears of joy. Once in awhile I did see a fish jump up and dive back under. I will admit it did startle me, but after awhile I started to stare at the fish as they swim by below me. I wish I could reach down and let that ocean water run through my finger. I am pretty high up though.
It is now late at night and I am taking a nice hot bath as I write down what has happened today. I am feeling so happy that my heart could just pop out of my bosom. I started to then think about Dracula and its creepy origins. I also started to hypothesize if there could be any monsters like that in the world. I know that it is just a story, but it has to be based on some truth, does it not? I let that thought sink into my mind for a bit as I slowly rub soap on my skin. I think I will read and then go to bed after this bath. I am feeling rather sleepy this night.
August 10, 1902
I awoke today to a grand breakfast filled with many foods that would be served at this time. I wanted so badly to gorge myself with food, but a lady must eat properly or else people will think less of her. And so I slowly brought a bite of egg to my mouth to eat and I chewed as I stared through the window at the wild blue yonder. I do not think I will stare at it much today, but I think I shall come by myself later so that I may have the space all to myself for some time. In the meantime, I will continue to read my books since there is not much else to do. I walked over to a chair on the deck and planted myself upon it just as a butterfly land upon a flower ever so gently to gain its nectar.

The following literature is a recount of the supposed events that took place on the night of August 10, 1902. Miss Lucille could not recollect the dates so the following passages are marked with days.

The night of August 10
Once the sun had set and the shining moon had risen, I quietly got up from my bed and exited the room. I slowly tiptoed across the hallway and to the deck. Once on the deck, I ran as fast as I could to the rim so that I may stare out at the sea in the midst of the night. The waters were so calm and serene. Moonbeams danced across the surface of the ocean as if they were tiny ballerinas composed of light. I still wanted very badly to touch the ocean so that I may know what it feels like. I attempted to do so by leaning over the rim and extending my right arm. Sadly, it was still out of reach, but I was not willing to give up yet so I tried to stretch farther. Although, I could not go any farther than I have. Suddenly, I lost my balance, stumbled and fell off the side of the boat. For a mere moment there was only fear and shock going through my head as I splashed into the ocean. After landing, I tried to scream so that someone could help me, but it was no use. Everyone was asleep so I could not be heard. I guess all the shock and screaming must have knocked me out because as quick as a flash I was unconscious and drifting out into the cold blue ocean in the midst of the night.
Day 1
I awoke to find that the bright golden sun was shining down upon my face. It was as if the world was telling me: It’s okay. You are going to be all right. As strange as it sounds, it actually almost cheered me up. I turned my head to see if anything was nearby. There was nothing there, not even the cruise ship. In fact, I have no idea how long it has been since I was unconscious. It could have been hours, days, or even months. Truly it was a frightening thought to realize that you are stranded on the ocean with no one there to be with you as you try to fight this evil demon. I drifted through the sea for what seemed like hours until I saw something floating off in the distance. I got myself in the right mindset and swam as fast as I could towards whatever it may be. Perhaps it was another person who is stranded out here just like me. Someone who was foolish enough to try and be with the sea. Someone who finally got their backfired wish. I swam faster and faster and whatever it was came closer into view. I felt all sorts of excitement flow through me and my heart was beating what seemed like one hundred times a minute. Closer and closer it came, oh, it was just within reach now. The excitement began to fade as I realized it was just an old soggy log from a tree. It was not a person, but at least it was something I could hang on to. I swung myself upon the log and held on as tight as I could as I continued to drift upon the briny blue. Eventually, night fell and I decided it would be best to get a bit of rest while I could. I then stared off at the twinkling stars as I drifted off to sleep.
Day 2
I woke up feeling somewhat refreshed after that horrifying experience. I looked off in the distance and I thought I saw a small island coming my way. I should not get my hopes up, it might just be a mirage just like what some people experience after being in the desert for many days just as I have drifted on the ocean for many days. I was not going to try and swim to the island, it would just waste my energy. I may as well just take my time and wait until the sea brings me there. At least I may finally have some food when I reach the island, I hope. Nothing really crossed my mind as I floated there in the ocean. I was pretty much waiting until I reached the island. Many hours passed by and I finally noticed that the island was now coming closer into view. I now knew that this was no mirage. It could not possibly be, it was too vivid and too real. Then I washed up upon the shore of that island trying to stand up, but it was very difficult. I have not had to walk for many days now. To help me have a better time walking about, I tore off a bit of the bottom part of my dress. It was now a bit easier to move and the cool air felt nice against my bare legs. It did not seem like this was a very big island at all. All I could see was the shore that I was standing on and a small forest to my left. I decided then to check out the forest, there might be some berries or fruit there to eat. I marched through the woods for a bit to find the food. Eventually, I did find some coconuts to eat so now I will not starve. I climbed up the tree just as a bear would and I yanked a few coconuts from it. As I was climbing down, I slipped and fell down the rest of the way. Just then, that falling reminded me of how I fell off the Diamond Princess. I got up, gathered the coconuts and sat against a tree while I cracked the coconuts open so I could drink. I looked up at the sky realizing that it was already night so I gathered some leaves and I laid down upon them. I did not take very long to fall asleep. I was already so tired from all the exploring I had done today.
Day 4
This morning was bright and sunny just as it has been for quite some time. I got up to do some stretches before I went off exploring some more. As I walked further and further the forest started to clear up. I noticed that there was another beach on this island. I also saw a strange rock formation a little farther up along the beach. I decided to go check it out and see what it was. Oh, how I wish that I had not done that. I went over to that rock and touched it with my hand. It felt very coarse and cold. It was a bit jagged as well. Just then, a fiery jolt rushed through my body and I fell to the ground, then becoming unconscious just like before.
Day 5
Once again I had woken up from a horrible nightmare, but I can not remember exactly how it went. All I can recall is that I was in a very dark place and there were two glowing yellow eyes staring straight at me. Perhaps it was some sort of demon. Some say that fiends have yellow eyes, but they are just myths, right? The eyes just stared at me for the longest time and then those eyes began to get closer and as they did I began to see a very large silhouette. It kind of looked like a titan, like from those greek legends. That was the point when I awoke with a very loud scream. Even though I was sleeping I did not feel very rested at all. My muscles were very sore and my head had a great throbbing pain. I sat there for a little bit until most of the pain had gone away, and at that point I proceeded to get up from the cool sand. And as I did I saw a very large face staring right at me. Not just any face, but a large stone face which resembled somewhat the Easter island statues. I could have sworn that the statue was facing the other way before I was knocked into unconsciousness. I must have not recalled that fact correctly, I was very tired after all. At least that is what I thought at the time. Oh, if only I had just ran away and waited for help. But, no, I was a foolish child whose curiosity only got in the way of my judgement. A big creepy statue is sitting on the island of an uninhabited island? Okay, let us just inspect this marvel. That is exactly what I did next. I lifted my right arm so that I can examine the statue a little more. As I moved my hand closer a loud voice echoed all around me.”Child! I would not touch that statue for fear of your own life. Touching it will send you into an eternal sleep filled only with the darkest of nightmares that no man could ever imagine. You were lucky the first time, but do it again and...” The voice was very soothing and clear, as if it were spoken from the lips of some divine angel. I searched around hoping to find the owner of such a voice, but not a person was to be found. Maybe this person was the one who created the statue lying here. “Hello? Is anybody here? I would very much like to speak with you. Perhaps you can tell me what is going on?” I yelled out in search of an answer. The voice then spoke back to me with a soft laugh as if he knew something that I did not,”You really can not see me? I am something that you simply can not miss. In fact, I am right in front of you.” The voice then laughed again and I was horrified by what I saw next. The only thing in front of me was the statue so that must mean... no, that can not be right, but it must be. In that next moment the eyes on the formation glowed yellow just as a demon’s does. I started to back away as the statue continued to laugh, which became more hysterical over time. I then fell onto my bottom, my eyes were wide and you could see the fear inside them. The statue and I were locked into a war of eye contact with not much to say. I waited for a moment to see if he would say anything else. I then proceeded to ask,”Excuse me, but what exactly are you? How could something like you end up here? Please, tell me. I must know.” It sat there silent for a single minute and responded,”My name is Calx, a name that has not flowed through the lips of man for many centuries. I am a golem that was created a very long time ago by a very wise man who had the power to create life. Of course he is deceased now so here I am buried in the sand waiting for some lost soul to pass by.” By this time my fear was beginning to fade and transform into a very odd kind of curiosity. There was so much more that I wished to know. I had not thought that the beasts of the underworld could actually exist, but I suppose now that I was wrong. “Do you suppose that you can tell me more about yourself? I have always wanted to interview a monster and I suppose we will both be her for quite some time.” I asked. Calx then answered with a look of excitement on his face,(Of course his face does not really move since he is a statue, but you know what I mean.) “Of course I will tell you, my child. Now, sit down and relax. You may be here for awhile.”
The Tale of a Mystic Man and a Golem
My creation took place a very long time ago, back in the time of mystics and when the art of magic was often practiced. You see, magic was essential in that time in order to live and to slay the evil beasts who would often interfere. First let us talk about my creator, Numen. He was a very wise, old mystic who has actually seen the land of Pangea. His hut resided near the formation that you mortals of today have dubbed Stonehenge, I do wonder why. We never thought of giving it a name. Anyways, along with the practice of magic he also performed alchemy, and he was quite skilled with what he did. The other mystics were always impressed with his work. The demons who lived underground had also heard of his work and wanted to cause some mischief just for the fun of it. When the moon had risen in the sky it was time for their plan of attack to take place. The imps approached the hut carrying torches in their hands. Upon reaching the hut, the imps raised their torches to the hut to set it on fire. The hut went up in blazes and Numen awoke instantly with great shock. His home was being destroyed, the poor man. He quickly evacuated and chased off the little devils with a furious expression on his face. There was now nothing he could do but travel to other faraway lands in search for an answer to his curse. As he walked away he looked back once more at Stonehenge with a tear in his eye. For forty days and forty moons he walked the earth, not quite sure of what he was supposed to find. Then came the day when Numen reached the ocean so had to form some kind of raft to sail away on. He gathered some nearby wood from the trees and proceeded to build his raft. Then he lifted the sail and started his journey out to sea. For a few days he sailed until the inevitable storm picked up. Raging winds blew hard and the rain poured down like a waterfall. A strong gust of wind blew in his direction which split his raft into many pieces. Numen grabbed onto one of the detached logs and held on with all his might as the howling winds blew against him. He floated for a few more days with nothing to eat nor drink. The skies had cleared up by then revealing an elegant rainbow and also something else. An island. This island we are on now to be exact. Of course it was much larger back in those times. Upon landing on the island, he ran around to collect as much stone as he could. This newly discovered island was to be his new home where no one could bother him and he could complete his work in peace without any demons to mess it all up. It took fifty years, but the castle was finally finished and ready to be used. Numen then thought for a mere moment and decided that he should create someone that would be his bodyguard and his one and only friend. And so he erected me with the finest stone he could get and carved me into what I am today. Afterwards, we spent many many years together as the best of friends while he worked on his experiments in secrecy. I tried to ask what they were, but he would not speak a word. At least not yet. It was not until much later that he revealed some of his magnificent magic to me. Here I am, a being created by magic and I am still amazed by the phenomenon. It is truly a weird world. Just like we had been, we spent many years after that together. We were never lonely because we had each other’s friendship. One day, my master became extremely ill and I asked him what was wrong. He told me that his life was about to end and that he would be with his creator soon. He then revealed to me that he had been working on a potion that would give the consumer of it eternal life. Sadly, it was never completed since life is a very hard thing to examine. He told me that I was lucky since I am just a stone man who does not need to worry about his time ticking down. Numen closed his eyes and his heartbeat went from faint to vacant. I wish that I could cry tears just as a mortal can. I would create an entire ocean for him. After he died I saw that many flowers bloomed around the castle. He must have planted them to keep me company, he knew that I always enjoyed looking at flowers. In the next moment I sat down, I did not move, I did not speak, and it remained that way for a very long time. As time passed, the island grew smaller, the castle crumbled, and sand piled on top of me until only my head was visible. There I remained for centuries simply being lonely. At least I could not complain, but I wish there was something that I could complain about. That is how it was for years until not too long ago you appeared from the dark forest. It was such a pleasant feeling to see another human when I have not for centuries. Then you touched me, but that was a foolish idea. I wanted to warn you, but I feared that I would frighten you so I remained silent for the time being.
Continuation of Day 5
The golem finished his tale and I sat there to ponder what I had just heard. Honestly, what has happened to him was simply fascinating. What made me wonder even more was how he had remained sane throughout these years of being alone. It was hard to ponder since the moon was in the sky and I felt rather tired. “ I think I shall get some sleep now. Goodnight, Calx.” I said in a very sleepy voice. Calx responded, “ Yes, goodnight child. I hope that maybe you will have pleasant dreams tonight. I shall see you when you awake.”
The Nightmare
I awoke in a field of flowers. They were actually very beautiful and had a sweet smell just like honey. I realized that this could not possibly be reality, I must be dreaming. I am on the beach with Calx this very moment. I started to walk through that field. How odd, it was daytime, but the sun was not to be seen anywhere. I continued to walk wondering how long this would continue. As I walked farther the sky grew darker. The flowers also started to wilt and develop a black coat over it. This continued on until there was nothing around me except for the darkness. This seemed awfully familiar, but I could not remember why. It was like de ja vu. I stood there until two yellow eyes appeared before me, shining very brightly like the sun. Closer and closer the eyes came until my sight was for a second forged the silhouette of a large beast and then everything turned completely yellow. My nightmare skipped to its next scene which was the island I was on, but it was very large. Off in the distance there was an old ruined castle. It was such a shame, I bet it had once been very grand. It was just rather creepy now. Despite it being eerie, I still wanted to see what was inside. I approached the castle doors and pushed them open. They were heavy and creaked as they opened. Inside, the first thing I saw was a large staircase leading up to the next floor. I walked closer to it and then I saw something coming down the stairs. It was none other than Dracula, a creature of the night. I guess it would make sense, I was just reading that novel. He stood there staring at me with his terrifying glare. He was fairly old looking with long white hair and a mustache. He wore elegant clothing and had a long black cape that reached the floor. Dracula walked nearer with his gaze only focused on me. When he was only a few feet away he thrust himself forward at me. That was the instant when I woke up.
Day 6
Just like yesterday I did not feel refreshed like I should have. And also like yesterday my whole body was sore and my head throbbing. I turned to face Calx not yet getting up and said,”Good morning Calx. I hope you slept well just like I have.” I told him that I slept well even though I did not. I did not want to make him snap or worry for me. It would be an awful start to this fine morning. Calx just looked at me wondering if I said was the truth and he then spoke. “I am glad that you had a pleasant night, but since I am immortal I do not need to sleep at all. That reminds me, if you want something to eat there is a bush with berries on it about two hundred feet from here.” Thank you very much, Calx. I am going to get some of those berries now.” I said. I walked over to where Calx said to go and there they were, the berries. I grabbed a huge handful and took them back to where Calx was. I sat down next to him and began to gorge myself. Not a word was spoken during that period of dining. Well, I guess it would not really be considered dining. I then finished and wiped the berry juice from my mouth and I started to speak, “Tell me, why have you not tried to escape from this island? I am sure you could dig yourself out and the ocean would not pose much of a problem since you are probably very tall.” The golem looked at me with a grave expression on his face and said,”I am afraid I can not do that. I feel that I owe it to my master to protect this island even though he has been dead for centuries. Therefore, I can not leave this island and neither can you. You will befriend me just as my master had.” This came as quite a shock to me. Would he really not let me leave ever? What about my family and friends, were I never to see their faces again? “Pardon my saying this, but I can not stay here forever. I have many people who care about me back at home. Besides, I will die just like your master did all those years ago.” I stated. For a moment Calx was silent and then he grew very angry and a sheer cold wind blew through me causing me to quake with fear. Calx’s eyes glowed yellow just as they had before and the sky went from a light blue to pitch black. My eyes grew wide and I heard the loud booming voice of a furious Calx, “YOU SHALL NEVER LEAVE THIS ISLAND! DOING SO WILL RESULT IN YOUR GRUESOME DEATH AND NOT ONE PERSON SHALL REMEMBER THAT YOU EVER EXISTED! DO YOU STILL CHOOSE TO LEAVE ME BEHIND?” “Please let me leave. I will do whatever you wish as long as you let me live. All I want is the company of the people I know and have grown to love. Who could love a beast?” Calx’s anger did not cease, it only increased. He began to chant some words that I have never heard before in my life. The winds picked up again and they seemed to be in tune with the chanting. Suddenly, above my head was a murder of crows with beady blood red eyes. They all charged at me at once. The crows continuously pecked at me, tearing out strands of my hair and pieces of my clothing. This did not stop, no, it only got worse. The island began to shake violently and the island was crumbling beneath my feet. All of the plant life went up in flames and the remains of the island dove beneath the waves. The winds grew stronger, causing huge waves to crash down on me. What I saw next was a terrible sight. Calx was massive, the size of of twenty buildings. His yellows eyes stared down at me with an evil look in his eyes. He reached his hand down to pick me up while laughing maniacally. He closed his hand around me and brought me up to his height, still laughing. Calx squeezed his fist attempting to break me. He then said, “This is what happens when someone disobeys me. I wish we could have been friends, but that simply can not be so you must DIE.” Calx dunked me beneath the crashing waves, letting me sink as he let go. I did not even attempt to swim back to the surface. I just let myself run out of air. Soon, I was not able to breathe and my whole world went dark as I thought about my foolish mistake of trying to touch the sea. I had gotten my wish and I was finally one with the waves.
The Dawn of an Unknown Day
Just like everyday I woke up to see the sun shining in my face. I was very glad to be alive, at least I thought I was. I looked around and realized that I was in a hospital of my hometown. I did not see my parents, but I was sure they would show up soon. A police officer with a rather large mustache walked into the room looking glad to see that I had woken up. “Hello, I am Officer Skinner of the Soho police force. You must have had quite an experience to end up in a place like this.” Officer Skinner said. I responded, “Yeah, I guess it was a very curious experience.” I looked over at the bedside table and table with a bottle filled with some kind of pinkish liquid and a note beside it. The note read: It is time for one final test, inside that bottle is the something that will give you eternal life, but I could be lying and it may kill you. I will let you decide what you will do with it. That is an equal torture to my own. Live a good life, or not. ~Calx. I was not sure what to do, I guess I will have a whole lifetime to think about it. I looked back at the officer and he started to talk, “Yeah, I guess someone left that there for you. I did not get to see him, I suppose he was in a hurry. Now, do tell me, what exactly did happen to you?”


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