Doomed to wander in agony

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Enjoy this alternative view to the classic Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. It starts with the awakening of the Frankenstein monster, and follows him as he shares his dismal view on the world and on the inhumanity of, ironically humans. He is upset that he was created without choice and becomes vengeful towards Victor Frankenstein and longs to show him the selfishness and inconsideration of his creating and then abandoning him. He gets his revenge by murdering Victor and after careful contemplation decides that it is not at all fair to what he has and still must endure everyday. So he studies his alchemy notes and brings him back to life in the same way that he was created initially. It concludes with Victor re-awakening in a similar situation as his monster upon rebirth. It is primarily his monster's journey through self awareness and trying to cope with his emotions, and various other human commodities such as anger, jealousy, judgement, and lonesomeness still left over from the human pieces he is constructed of. There are numerous references to the original story, so those of you more than comfortably familiar with the story should be amused by their use.

Submitted: February 06, 2012

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Submitted: February 06, 2012




Am I just a creation of your rabid impulses, or am I something more, pre-designed for war?

I was born Frankenstein’s curse.

I see no humanity left, and what’s left in its wake its worse.

All waking hours spent hunted, desolate, full of dismal morale.

I am persecuted by my surroundings.

No choice was given I gave no consent; I just opened these eyes to see the horrid truth humanity hides.

I was born into wretched exile.

Given new breath through borrowed lungs.

All I see I see through another’s eyes.

Damned to isolation, my existence is forfeit, my soul is naught.

I have no faith in man he has sewn his own fate.

I live with Frankenstein’s curse.

You left me alone with this ghost in a shell, and what a wretched human disfigurement.

Servant to these worthless emotions, remains of my former edifice?

Slave to my abominable ways, my human urges, I can’t repress the urge.

A reoccurring forsaken catharsis…

A spurned burden, a gleeful fulfillment, I have to see this through.

Yearning to rectify my rebirth…

Must I elucidate through ephemeral slaughter?

My only desire is reaping my revenge,

I can think of nothing else it assails my thoughts.

You need to witness the atrocity you’ve designed,

And cursed with a forfeit life.

I have no choice; I will burn once I am complete.

I will have fought through this tedious life for nothing if I don’t watch you die.

I want your blood on these borrowed hands.

And when at long last I am clutching you, drag you up numerous flights of stairs.

Approach the ledge in placid calmness, wrap the noose around your neck.

Drop your desperately flailing body, plunging downward embrace gravity as your mouth lets loose one last discerning scream.

I will anticipate the sound of your snapping spine.

I don’t feel resolved I lust for isometric disgust, in retrospect you have no right to sleep in peace.

You got off easy I don’t feel my vigilante justice has prevailed.

I still suffer night and day, I’m all alone.

Late at night when it becomes the day I cut you down.

Fluid begins to drip from your eyes as the blood bursts through your clotting veins.

I see the coagulation in your cold dead skin.

You cannot rectify your demise.

I sit here examining this crude composite of what you’d call a man.

 I am a monster, But of similar flesh we are comprised.

Apparently what makes a man is so involuntarily volatile.

You gave me a doomed life, I prematurely stifled yours.

Deciding what to do with this knowledge you have cursed me with.

It only seems fit to lay you on this slab where I was born on, in macabre conditions.

A questionably gristly procedure which do not apply the laws of man, I am disregarded as an individual.

I am blatantly mesmerized as I section you to pieces.

With my scalpel I’ll remove all your undesired imperfections.

Haphazardly open up your fucking chest.

A metal rod conducting reanimation to your brain, you are now alive.

Wake up one again, inspect the dimly lit room, your eyes scour the chamber.

You conclude that you are bound and gagged.

Let loose a trivial last muffled shriek as you hang your head in deference, you can respect my pain now.

You cannot see that I am standing above you, your brain no longer resides within you,

The cranial cavity picked clean.

You’re my subject in my futile attempts to right the wrongs of man.

I will give you new life, and teach you to live indifferent to your kind.

I will extract what I need to elongate your pain.

It is only equal to what you forced on me.

You get what you deserved, retribution in its most appropriate form.



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