Love Buzz

Love Buzz

Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



Status: Finished

Genre: Young Adult



All about Jimmy Crete's struggle with being a teenager. Girls, Friends, parties, drugs, and even death.
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All about Jimmy Crete's struggle with being a teenager. Girls, Friends, parties, drugs, and even death.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Love Buzz

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All about Jimmy Crete's struggle with being a teenager. Girls, Friends, parties, drugs, and even death.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 19, 2012

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: October 19, 2012



Chapter 1:Jimmy Crete.

Ah, SHIT! What a great way to start my weekend. HUNGOVER!, Fuck! Worst week ever...First my girlfriend broke up with me, so that has made me more depressed than usual, My little sister has to go to summer school, Witch means...I have to drive her to school every morning (except weekends) But thats 6:30 bright and early, And 3:30 to pick her up. God, I fuckin' hate that school. That means no more partying. To top all of that off, My mom signed me up for an adventure camp, yes, "adventure camp for teens" and she already paid so I have no way of getting out of it. Life sucks at the moment."adventure camp for teens" starts tomorrow...I guess I should get someone that could drive my sister to summer school, and then...I pack. "riiiing, riiiing, riiiing," "Hi, you have reached Steven Collin sorry I couldn't get to the phone, I'm probably doing something more important. So Anyways leave a message and I will return it as soon as possible. Thanks." Hey man, I was wondering if you could do me a HUGE favor and Drive my sister to school for 2 weeks, I'll be forever in you debt. Thanks man. C'ya. I'm not going to give Steven a choice. He IS taking my sister to school. Now? Off to pack...yay...It's about 7:00 in the morning, My mom is at work, and she probably took my sister to summer school. So I'm home alone. I walk into the hallway go to the hall closet, open it and pull out my backpack (it's a hardy travel sack)I have to bring, Snacks, a sleeping bag, obviously clothes, water/Gatorade, all that good stuff. After packing, I chill on the loveseat in my room, and watch some baseball. I hear the door open at about 2:00, I'm not sure who it is, Mom usually gets home around 6:00 or 6:30 I throw on a t-shirt and walk down the hall in my nickers, I peak around the corner "Dad!" Holy shit! I haven't seen him in over 2 weeks! He's been on a business trip, What the hell is he doing here? He wasn't supposed to be home for another week. "Come here son" he sits me down at the dinner table "son, I think its time to have a talk" dad I know how "thats stuff" works "no no no son, not that talk" he said as he laughs to himself. "No Jimmy, I mean It might be time to move to out..." My heart dropped, I didn't even have a job! I have no money, I barley know how to do the laundry, Okay thats a lie...But I mean Taxes? Rent? Bills? I have no clue how to do any of that I'm 17 for christ sake! My jaw dropped...My dad patted me on the back as he stood up and gave me a visa with 36 hundred bucks on it "this will get you a 1 bedroom for about 6 months until you get on your feet." I didn't take the card, I just stared at him with a mad and confused face. He left the card on the table. Got up, And left. Not even an "I love you" or "C'ya Son" just a door slam...I don't know why I was mad. Most kids look forward to moving out. I went back to my room and laid on my bed, The black sheets were piled up in a ball and the end of my bed. I laid down and stared at my ceiling soon, I feel asleep...I woke up at about 12:00 I knew I'd be up all night so I got up, Finally put on some pants (I feel really really stupid for not wearing any when I saw dad) Threw on a flannel and put my favorite black beanie on. My mom didn't bother to say hi, I bet my sister wanted to, but she knows how grumpy I get when you wake me up for no absolute reason. I walked out the front door, making sure not to make any noise. After the door was successfully shut I ran out of are yard. I checked my phone "7 messages" I clicked view, One from Steven (the guy I called earlier) he said "No, I will not drive your sister." The next 3 were from my Mom saying 1:"Can you please take out the trash" 2:"dad's coming over in a little while" shit, Would of been nice to know that 11 house ago. and the last one said 3:"Will be home in a little while, see you soon" and all the rest were from my "friends" saying "hey" and "wut up" all that shit. I'm not much of a texter. I kind of hate phones. I don't know why I snuck out, I'm not seeing anyone imparticular, or going anywhere imparticular. I just needed to think. I I grabbed my moms pack of mental cigarettes on the way out, and a lighter. I walk down the street into the alley and pull out a cig, The lighter burns my thumb as I light my cigarette. I'm not addicted, addiction is a load of shit. I smoke to calm me down, Not because I want to. I think I look cool. But I know it kills you. After I finish one drag, I hear some walking. I'm not the toughest guy around, you could call me skinny and awkward and I'd agree with you. I'm not one to fight back, verbally or physically. I take my last drag as my phone vibrates in my pack pocket, I stand up flick my cigarette, Step on it, and reach for my phone "what the fuck do you think your doing?" I recognized the voice, I turned around very hesitant. I still didn't answer the question, The guy was wearing a black hoodie with the hood covering his eyes, shadowing the rest of his face. His skinny jeans were way to tight and he really needed to zip up his pants, He had a friend with him, with kind of the same body structure. Broad shoulders, probably a 6 pack, and skinny ass legs like all the other guys this century. He had a hood on as well. I know these guys, Oliver? Stevie? The guy (I think) is Oliver Reached in his pocket and pulled out a neon blue lighter, with some kind of design on it he lit his lighter to see my face, The design is clear now, It's a flower, Scar my ex girlfriends old lighter. I almost broke down in tears seeing that. "Jimmy?" yeah? I said back trying so hard to hold back my tears "shit! Crazy party last night right!? Yeah, pretty fun except for the fact, Scarlette broke up with me and I'm fucking hungover as shit! I said as I took the lighter from his hand. Still trying to hold back my tears, I tell them about this party going on next friday.Its supposed to be Fuckin' CRAZY! I say as they both take off there hoods. "where will it be at?" asks Steven, ummm I'm not sure, I call Lance about it. I took out my phone, And clicked on my contacts, scrolled all the way to the L's and clicked Lance. His contact picture popped up. Man that was a crazy party, I said to myself while laughing, I click "new message" and Type "Hey my wangster When's the fuckin' party? tell me the details. when and where?" As I send the message, My phone vibrates. A pic of Scar pops up. "incoming call. Scarlette " I hit accept, and prepare to get yelled at.
Me:Hey girly!

Chapter 2:Peices of everything.
Scarlette:We need to talk.
Me:Okay...About what? Are you okay?

 Scarlette:No, I'm not.I...

 Me:You what? What happened? (I walk away from the group, and start walking home.)

 Scarlette:I broke up with you.

 Me:Don't remind me Scar, I know very well what happened last night. (I slump my shoulders and sit on the bench outside my house)

Scarlette:It was a mistake Jimmy, And I didn't mean it!

 Me:Um, Scar...You broke up with me, shouldn't I be the one Begging for you?

Scarlette:I am aware of that. Like I said It was a mistake.

 Me:Why did you do it in the first place!? (I start to raise my voice)

Scarlette:You were all over Zoey!

Me:I have known Zoey since 1st grade! Her boyfriend broke up with her! She was crying her eyes out! What would you have done!? Scarlette:Well..I...Uhh... (I can tell she's crying)

Me: Shit. I'm sorry hun! I fucked up! I don't deserve you, Why even chase after an asshole like me? Don't waste your breth.

Scarlette:NO! I fucked up! I shouldn't have broken up with you for that! I didn't have my facts straight and I was stupid!

Me: I should't of put you through that. But, Scar, I mean...It's just...

Scarlette:Just what?

Me: I don't want to hurt you again, Maybe we should just stay single for a while...

Scarlette: No I won't do that.

Me: do what Scar?

Scarlette: Stay away from you! Because...I...

Me: (I know whats she's about to say, My heart drops.) I told you not to waste...y-

Scarlette: I love you.

Me: (I hang up) SHIT! FUCK! I through my phone against the cement. It shattered.

Chapter 3:Teenage Rebellion.
I hear the door open. I through my hands to my head, bite my bottom lip, and rip off my beanie. I ran to the side of the house so mom wouldn't see me. I jump are backyard fence, and climb in through my window. I'm ditching camp. I don't give a fuck what mom says. As a matter of fact! I don't give a shit what dad says either! I don't give a shit what anyone says! Why the fuck did I hang up! I'm suck an ass...Do I love her? I get up and walk to my stand up mirror and look at me. For some reason, My eyes are really blue. "I love you, Scar" I say to the mirror. Got damit, I look like such a douche. I don't think I love her, I hate to see her hurt! I throw myself on the floor and sit against my wall pulling at my hair. I'm so fuckin' stressed! I start to cry. It's not a sad cry. It's a mad and frusterated cry! I hold my head on my knees and I start to cry harder. I think about all the stupid things I said on the phone "Hey Girly!"and"I'm sorry hun" I'm just leading her on! Maybe I do love her...I've never been in love! I don't know what it feels like! It feels as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders... I drag myself up onto my bed, and sit against the headbored. I empty my pockets, My wallet, a some shattered peices of my phone, a dime and 2 nickles, and the lighter...I drop everything else on my side table, But I keep the lighter in my hand. I clentched it really hard, and started playing with it. I stole this lighter at a 711 for her. Romantic right? God I'm such an asshole! Guess I'm not going to know where that party is...I set the lighter down. There is so much feeling building up inside of me. I can't hold it in for much longer. I grab my ipod, and "her" lighter. I plug in my earphones and stick the earbuds deep in my ears so I can't hear anything else but music...I hit shuffle, Awesome 'Last Night On Earth' By Green Day, Me and Scarlette's song. I hit next. I listen to music to let go of some rage, Not to build it up. St. Jimmy, much better. 1,2!1,2,3,4!. "My, name is Jimmy and you better not wear it out!

Chapter 4:Hanging on? or Letting go?
I wake up to my annoying as shit alarm clock at 6:00 In the morning! Why the fuck is my alarm on!? Camp...Shit! fuck! god dammit! My earbuds are still in blasting "Fuck School" By The Replacements, I should do a cover of that song and make it "Fuck Camp." No way In hell I'm going. Today is Sunday. I get up off my lazy ass and look in the mirror. "I love you Scarlette, With all my heart." That one was actually believable, I could pull it off. Now I just have to make sure I mean it. I'm calling Zoey on my house phone. (riiing, riiing, riiing.)

Zoey:Hello Jimmy.

Me:whats love?

Zoey:Woah, Woah, Woah!

Me: I need to know! what's love!?

Zoey: Jimmy, Love's is diffrent for every person, unless you want to be sterotipical.

Me:meet me at Manhatten beach in 10 minutes on the pier.

Zoey:Jimm- (beep, beep, beep)

I gell my hair into spikes today, I don't have time to shower, I throw on a diffrent pair of pants and throw a shirt over my shoulder just in case anyone cares I'm shirtless. It's hot as hell in Cali. Most guys go shirtless. Plus I have a pretty nice 6 pack Iv'e been dying to show off. I put on my chucks, and I'm out the door. Manhatten beach Is about a mile away from where I live. About 7 minutes on foot. I see her waiting by the stairs to the pier. I walk up to her, and she gives me a hug "jesus christ! you reak of axe!" I'm not going to lie, Zoey looks beautiful, In her little sun dress and her golden brown hair blowing in the wind...No. I came here to talk about love. Not her being perfect in every way...No! Shit...I love Zoey. I love Zoey? No! I love Scar! I caught her checking out my abbs. I smirk. "why do you need to know what love is?" she asks me ending her sentence with the cutest smile. Come on, Lets talk on the pier, I grab her hand and bring her to the edge, I sit down and hang my feet off, she does the same. "Why do you need to know what love is?" Because...I think I'm in love with Scarlette, but I want to be sure. "Well Pretend I'm Scarlette" I take a few deep breths and grab "Scarlette's" hands I look at Zoey, I mean Scar, Right in the eyes I love you, With all my heart. She smiled. I'm still holding her hands...I'm not sure if I want to let go. "I'm flattered Jimmy, But aren't you...Gay? I let go, I knew she was kidding. She laughed and jumped. ZOEY! I saw a huge splash when she hit the water. As the water was rippling, her head bobbed back up "C'mon Jimmy! Live on the edge! I took off my shoes and socks, and jumped. The adrenalin rush was amazing. I landed with a huge splash and came back up. I wonder how stupid my hair looks...I can't find Zoey, then suddenly, Something pulled my leg, and I went under, I opened my eyes underwater and saw her. She grabbed my hands and gave me an underwater hug, we came up still hugging. She looks at me straight in the eye and I leaned in for a kiss...she leaned too. Then she moved her head to my right whispering "I know you love Scarlette, Don't ruin it." and then she got out. I went underwater and screamed at the top of my lungs. It felt good to let out a little rage.

Chapter 5:Letting go.
Zoey’s right. I love Scarlette, I love Scarlette with all my heart. I get out of the water and walk to the pier stairs to get my shoes, “hey Jimmy” I turned around and sure enough, It was Ryan, Showing off his 8 pack…Lucky bastard. “Hey Ryan.” I say looking him in the eyes. ”how was your swim? Did you fall in?” He said giggling after. “Yes, Ryan I fell off the pier into the water, stayed in for a while, and then casualy got out. Thats exactly what happened” I said that in my most sarcastic tone possible. He takes a big step close to me, to wear I can feel his breth. “don’t smart mouth me, asshole.” “don’t call me an asshole.” I said as I pushed him back “woah woah woah, skinny boy got game?” he said poping his fingers, There was so much rage building up inside. I needed to let go. I walked up to him, clentched my fists a couple of times, gritted my teeth and kneed him so hard in the balls he fell to the ground “thats all you got?” he sayed wheezing. I got on top of him, balled up my fist and punched him square in the nose, Not once but 6 times, Until it bled. I just kept punching, anywhere, and everywhere I could until all my rage was out. I really just needed to let go, let loose. I got up and kicked his side to wear it hurt my own foot. I walked up the stairs to the pier grabbed my shoes and socks and was on my way, like nothing happened. Feeling just fine.

Chapter 6:Scarlette Laring, I love you.
I gotta tell you, I was feeling badass. I walked home and into my house, feeling on top of the world "Jimmy! I was wondering where you were! ready for camp?" Shit! camp! "Oh, yeah. Yeah mom. I'm ready, My buddy Steven is giving me a ride to the airport." that alright? "sure, But I gotta run, I gotta buisness trip, so I'll be gone for 2 weeks, Dad is taking June to school. Call me when you get there, Have fun, be safe." Okay mom, Love you. I wouldn't call her in the first place, But since i'm not going, and my phone is broken. This will be hard to pull off. I will just put my sim card in my old phone. But now, All I can think about is Scar, How should I say it? I'm calling her right now. On the land line. (riiing, riiing, riiing)


Me:Hey, It's Jimmy...


Me:Scar, I'm really sorry for what I did to you, I was just in shock.

Scarlette:In shock? why? said you loved me...

Scarlette:Because I did. why are you talking to me?

Me:Did?...I wanna make it up to you Scarlette!

Scarlette:You are with Zoey now remember? You love HER.

Me:What in hell are you talking about Scarlette!

Scarlette:Well, Lila told me she saw you with her at the pier and she herd you say that you loved her. It's okay...I understand.

Me:No! I don't love Zoey! I told her to meet me at the pier to tell me what love is so I could make sure I was in love with you! She told me to pretend she was you!

Scarlette:But..What? You wanted to make sure you were in love with me?

Me: I wasn't going to say it and not mean it, You mean to much to me to hurt you. Scarlette Laring, I love you with all my heart.


Me:I do. I really love you...

Scarlette:I ruined everything that reminded me of us...I...Even drank a whole bottle of Vodka. I wanted to die, Jimmy.

Me: I beat Ryan Little's ass. Thats how mad I was. Don't ever say you want to die. I'm dead serious Scar. We can always make new memories, I still have all the pictures.

Scarlette: I love you too Jimmy. You are my forever.

Me: Meet me at the pier, Tonight at 8:00. Love you.

Scarlette: Okay. Love you too. (hang up) I have a date. Shit.

Chapter 7:The Date.
The pier looks amazing, Under the night sky, The manager let me rent it out for the night. The pier is covered in lights. some rainbow. and some twinkiling. That's the only light we have besides the moon and stars. I set up a table in The middle Of the pier, throw a hunter green table cloth over the circular glass table. There are 2 white chairs sitting in front of eachother, none of that beside shit. I pull the comb out of my but pocket and brush my jet black hair to the side, and out of my eyes, Then I throw on my favorite beanie. I look down at my red converse to make sure there tied, they are. I have black skinny jeans on, and a tux t-shirt. Just to make Scarlette laugh. Now I wait...The date starts at 8:00, It's 8:05...8:10...8:15...Please don't do this...I keep checking the clock constantly. I sitting at the end of the pier, Listining to the waves crash against the rocks. It's a pretty sound, It's a beautiful night...It's a perfect night, Besides the fact that theres a huge ball of "nervousness" in my stomach. I feel like jumping again, That adrenaline rush was amazing...I know I have to wait. She will show. I check back at the clock one more time, 8:25...I see some one comming in the corner of my eye. I jump up, It's Scarlette. I can't stop smileing, But I want to look cool. So I bite my the inside of my cheeks so I would stop.

Me:Why hello there madam, 'I say in a bad british accent.' 'She laughs and I start to smile again.'

Scarlette:Hi, sorry I'm late...

Me: Your late? I didn't even notice. 'Now I feel like a total douche.'

Scarlette: Oh. Well I guess thats good then. 'Her face lights up. I smile again.'

Me: Well, sit sit sit. 'I say as I pull out her chair from under the table'

Scarlette: Okay. Thank you. 'I don't relpy just smile, And push in her chair.'

Scarlette: So what have we planned for the evening?

Me: We have a variety of things to do, 'I say still in my bad british accent' First, we eat. Next we talk, Then we can talk some more. And maybe this date will end with us jumping off the pier? Just an idea, I'm open to suggestions. 'I end that with a smile too'

Scarlette: Well, I would LOVE to jump off the pier! It seems like it would be an adrenaline rush...

Me: Trust me, It is. Now shall we eat? 'I say getting up, to go get the food'

Scarlette: Okay.

I get up to go get the food, I wish I didn't wear this shirt, I bet I look like a total fag. I come back to the table with 2 bowls of frozen yogert (are favorite) I give her the bowl with the Mint and chocolate froyo, with nuts sprinkled on top. And for me? Vanilla with almonds on top. I sit back down In my chair, And grab my ipod out of my pocket, and put it on "Last Night On Earth" By Green Day, Just for some backround music.

Scarlette: Frozen Yogurt?

Me: Are favorite. Right?

Scarlette:Of course I love it. Hey Our song. 'she smiles...BIG'

Me: Yep. 'I smile big back.' How are you enjoying your nuts? 'she laughs,

Scarlette: Sorry that sounded wrong in a way, But good? 'she laughs again, I laugh too' Dance with me?

I dont reply, I just get up' I walk over to Scar and hold out my hand. 'please take it' I think to myself. She takes it. That ball of nervousness is gone. I put my hands on her waiste. She puts her hands around my neck. I take a step closer to her, she rests her head on my shoulder. I move my hands up her back, to her shoulder blade, Like a hug. I take a step back. Look at her in the eyes, Her eyes are such a beautiful shade of green. And lay my hand to her cheek, and lean in...I'm so close, Are noses touch, and then..."ch ch ch ch ch ch ch CHERRY BOMB" her phone goes off... I take my hand off her cheek, step back. and face the water. I put my head back, and I take my beanie off, and flip my hair. I turn to Scar again. It's Renee, She Looks scared shitless. I mouth to her "whats wrong" she starts to cry. I go up to her and give her a hug. She's still ON the phone, I don't want to let go of her. I whisper in her ear "don't cry Scarlette, Everything will be fine." This is the best feeling in the world, Not because she crying, But because, I get to comfort her. She's balling on my shoulder. And I can barley makeout what she's saying "I am so sorry" and then she lets go..."I love you Sc-..." she ran off.

Chapter 8:Running away from pain.
I stand on the pier. Confused. Should I Run after her? I'm frozen. I walk up to the table and sit down on the chair. I put my head down. I could of kissed her. I was so close. I feel a tear slowly fall down my cheek. No! I'm not letting myself cry. I clentched my fist got up and flipped the glass table. The glass shattered, It was an amazing sound. All the glass breaking was loud. I pick up my chair. and threw it off the pier. I did that with her chair too. The music was still playing..."My beating heart belongs to you"...I tared down all the lights and ran. I ran off the pier, and kept running. I ran right past my house. I wanted to stop but I couldn't. I just kept running. I stuck my earbuds in my ears and hit shuffle, Jesus of surburbia. Better. "Running away from pain when you've been victomized Tales from another broken home." That lyric makes me stop. I don't want to run away from pain. Thats just showing how weak I am. I stop. I don't know where I am, and frankley, I don't care. I sit on the cement against a brick wall. I hit my head on the brick wall on purpose. I close my eyes and feel some one kick my foot. "Jimmy? tha' you?" I open my eyes. Lance!? (My wangster) "Yeah man! What the fuck are you doing down here? He's british by the way. "Um, My mom wanted me to pick up some stuff from the grocery store." That was such a shit lie. "At 10:00 at night? Well that's obvioulsy a load of shit, But anyways, There's a mean party down the street, wanna come? "why not? nothing better to do." I get up and follow him a couple of blocks down the street, This part of town is pretty ghetto, Not a lot of cars running through here either. Most of the shops are red brick, Or covered in grafietti. "C'mon man in here." I throw on my beanie and walk up the stairs into the House.

Chapter 9:The Party
The house is discusting. And smells like B.O. and Cranberries. There blasting Time To Pretend By MGMT. This is such a trippy song. The room is covered in neon lights, strobes, and a disco ball, several disco balls. Lance has ditched me, so I'm currently standing in what seems to be a mosh pit. People are jumping all around, totally wasted and high on every drug possible. Parties aren't fun unless your high or wasted. I go to what they call the "buffet table" in the kitchen. The counters are covered in spilled beer, lines of cocain and Snacks. The house is completey dark, besides all the party lights. I grab a beer and pull the tab off, take a big swig, and chug the rest. The drink is spiked with acid. Well, thats what Lance told me. I opened another beer. and snorted a line of coke. "heyyy man, You beat up Ryan!? Thats totally bangin'" said a ranodom person I was kind of disoriented, So I didnt reply and walked out of the kitchen, and up the stairs, why the hell was there Neon mice running up the stairs! Anyway. I finsih my beer and crush it in my hand and throw it off the balcony. I run to the bathroom and stick my face in the toilet, I puke, not a lot, but I puke. I open the bathroom door to find Ryan Little waiting to use the bathroom. I don't have enough strenghth to beat his ass tonight, I'm dizzy as fuck. I see him and run to a bedroom and close and lock the door. I push my back against the door and slide down to the floor, SNAKE! Shit! I jump up and sit on the bed. I hear a door open I thought it was Ryan but it was comming from behind me. I Turn around and see a silohette of a girl. I can't makeout who, beacuse it's pitch black in the room. I hear a lamp knock over and shatter, It reminded me of the glass table, which reminded me of Scarlette, which got me super pissed off. She just fucking walked away! Didn't even bother to tell me, suddenly, The silohette fell on the bed. When she fell our heads colided "ah shit!"I screamed The "silohette" screamed too, the voice sounded familier. The girl was all over me, pretty much feeling me up with clothes on, Her hand fell below the waiste line. Maybe it was Scar. I did the same as her. She was curvy, my hands went down her sides and held her waiste. She grabbed the bottom of my shirt, and pulled it up above my head, Now I was shirtless. I wanted her to be too. I did the same. Once her shirt was off, I got closer to her. I leaned in and began to kiss her neck up to her cheak and then her mouth, before I knew it, My tonge was in her mouth, and her's was in mine. Her lips were soft and warm. I unbuttoned her pants. and then unbuttoned my own. She bit my lip as we were still kissing, and I did the same. She took off my belt. As she was sliding it off, I started kissing her neck again, I bit it as well. I wish I knew who this mystery girl was. I'm so fucking wasted I don't care anymore. I took off her pants and she took off mine. We were both halfway naked, I couldn't see anything. She then, climbed on top of me, and began kissing me once more. I have to tell you, This mystery girl, was being extreamley irrestiable. She kissed me more, and then I got on top of her, and took control. I liked her, I liked her a lot. as I was taking off her panties I here loud stomps comming up the stairs, I rolled off of her onto the floor. She did too, Rolling right on top of me. The door swung open and the light switch was turned on.

Chapter 10:Lots of regrets.
To my suprise, The sexy irrestible girl, was LILA! I threw her off of me, Stood up and put on my pants, and I was out of there faster that you would ever know. I can't stop thinking about her face when the light turned on. It's like she wanted me to stay...No. It's all a misunderstanding! I was drunk! and high! And it was pitch black! I have to talk to her, and tell her not to tell anyone! I could never tell my girlfriend IN WHICH I LOVE, DEARLY! that I almost had sex with her best friend! Shit! I fucked up big time. Ya' know the saying "live life with no regrets" I have LOTS of regets. More that I could ever name. It wasn't good to be walking home at 1:00 in the morning in a gehto part of town drunk, and on acid. I was so dizzy and confused. I ran the rest of the way home. My sister was sleeping her bed, thinking I was in my room, I again, climbed through my backyard window, and into my room. I layed down and turned off the light. The only light that was in my room was my laptop. I grabbed it and looked at the screen, It was on my facebook homepage, 2 messages, I clicked on it, 1 From Lance (telling me where the party was) and 1 from Ryan. saying, don't tell anyone what happened at the beach, or I will find you, and kill you. I closed my laptop, Layed on my bed and put my shirt over my eyes. I soon fell asleep, I awoke at 2:00 in the afternoon, My head was throbing I get up feeling like shit, like I do the day after every party. I found my old phone, and put my sim card in it so now I have a phone.I walk to the kitchen And look in the cabnit for a bowl, None. So I look in the dishwasher, all the bowls were dirty. I am NOT in the mood to clean anything. So I get a pot hanging above my stove, get the box of captain crunch off the top of the fridge, pour it in. Open my shitty white refigerater grab the 2% milk and pour that in as well. And guess what!? all of are spoons are dirty too! so I just grab the closest thing and walk to my room and sit on my leather loveseat and turn it to MTV. I wonder how funny I look, My hair is FUCKED UP, I'm shirtless laying on a leather couch eating captain crunch out of a pot with a ladel. Awesome.

Chapter 11:Truth be told.
After I finished my pot of captain crunch, I set it on my side table, and grabbed my laptop, It was still on my home page. I see Lila's picture on "online friends" Yes! I need to talk to her! I click on her pic and type a message.



Me:I need to talk to you!

Lila:Okay. Shoot.

Me:You Can't tell ANYONE about what happened last night, Promise!!??

Lila:Uhh, what about Scar?
Me:Can this please just be are little secret!? What about Oliver?

Lila:Okay okay...Chill. And what about Oliver?

Me:Wouldnt he bad just as mad as Scar?

Lila:YES! He would kill you...Literally.

Me:Thats comforting...

Lila:Ha. So what do we do?

Me:We forget about it. Forget about EVERYTHING that happened last night. Promise?!

Lila:I can't promise you that.

Me:??? What's that supposed to mean Lila?

Lila:It means that I can't forget about it. Me:And why is that? Lila:because...

Me:Lila, Tell me!

Lila:I don't know it would ruin everything.

Me:Everything is already runied.

Lila:How? Scar doesn't even know...or Oliver

Me:I cheated. They will both find out eventually.

Lila:Yeah that's true.

Me:So Just tell me PLEASE!


Me:You what!? Lila:I Like you Jimmy! Okay!

Me: (offline)
I'm such an ass.

Chapter 12:Life=Hell.
I don't really know what to say to Lila, It's pretty awkward talking to her considering we got about 3rd base...I need to clear my mind. Im taking a walk to the pier, just as I'm leaving, My home phone rings


Scarlette:Hey Jimmy...It's Scar.

Me:Oh, Hey hun, Everything alright?

Scarlette:Oh...well uhh I wanted to say that I feel HORRIBLE for what I did, and I feel like such a bitch for it. I'm sorry

Me:I'm sorry too...I mean uhhh, It's cool. I herd about what happened, I would of done the same thing.

Scarlette:Why are you sorry?

Me:Oh, uh. I didn't mean to say that. (fuck, shit, Mother fucker.)

Scarlette:hmmm. Uh...okay then. Are you sure everything is alright? you seem kind of...I don't know

Me:Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. I'm just a little tired, thats all.

Scarlette:Oh okay. Jimmy I need to tell you something...


Scarlette:I went to a party last night...and...

Me:And what hun?

Scarlette:I did extacy,coke, and I drank...A LOT. Because I was mad at myself for what I did to you.

Me:Awee Scar, Don't ever do that again! What you did, I totally understand.

Scarlette:Well were you mad at me?

Me:No, More mad at myself for not following you.

Scarlette:Don't be I felt bad enough I didn't kiss you.

Me:It's fine. The time will come. I promise.

Scarlette:Okay. Jimmy can we make a promise to eachother?

Me:What's the promise? Scarlette:To never lie, Cheat, or Not be there when we need eachother most.

Me:Staring now?


Me:I promise. I wont Lie, Cheat, Or not be there for you. Starting now.

Scarlette:Ditto. I love you Jimmy.

Me:I love you too, Scar (hang up)
I can't do this. I can't hurt her like I am. I need to get away, I need to stop! I'm such a fuckin' ass hole! I strom at the door and to the pier. I remove my shoes and my shirt, and my beanie. I see the chair I through in the water. That get me more pissed. I jump. The amazing adrenaline rush again, I can never get tired of that feeling I hit the water feet first and go under. Then I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head, Then I start to see red water, and I can taste my blood, That metalic, salty taste, The red bubble around me keeps getting bigger and bigger, I suddenly feel arms wrap around me. Then I pass out.

Chapter 13:Suicidal Thoughts.





I wake up in a cold, white, hospital room. On an uncomfortable hospital bed. There is a huge sharp pain in the back of my head. I had an IV in my right arm. My eyes slowly open to see all the visitors. Scarlette, Lila (awkward) Steven, Lance, and Zoey. I had on a headcast. I honestly don't know what happened. I shoot up and pull the IV out of my arm. What the fuck you guys! Is this some kind of joke!?. The nurse walks in. "Are you Jimmy Crete?" Yeah, And what the fuck am I doing, in the hospital? Then Zoey speaks, "Jimmy, you jumped off the pier and hit your head on a rock when you landed in the water, You passed out. I brought you ashore, and the lifeguards and perimetics took it from there." I sit back on my hospital bed And threw my hands to my head. FUCK! The nurse talks again, "Your aloud to leave the hospital today, But your going to need some bed rest, for about...A week or so" Fuck bed rest. I take of my head cast and feel my gash, It stings, bad. "8 stiches" Zoey says as she walks to the side of my bed. Steven and Lance walk to the side of my bed as well. "I was worried sick about you man!" Lance says as he hands me my favorite beanie. "Thanks man." Lila walks up to me and give me a big hug, and starts crying on my shoulder. I can't believe people actually care about me this much. Lila sniffles and walk away...Scarlette walks up to me, And slaps me dead in the face. I don't really know why she did. After she slaped me, she gave a big hug. "don't ever try to kill yourself Jimmy! You told me not to!" I kind of nudged her off of me, and looked at everyone. "You think I'm suicidal!" everyone stared at everyone. No one spoke. I got up, Put on my beanie and stormed out of the room, and left the hospital. Suicidal! Really!? I was so mad! I hear some one call my name, I turn around and see Scar running towards me. She gets close enough, and hugs me once more. I don't hug her back. "I thought you were supposed to be there for me!?" I yelled at her. I felt bad. What!? your blamming this on me!? How was I supposed to know you were going to jump off the fucking pier, Jimmy!" She yells at me back. "You weren't Scar! But to jump to conclusions, And think I tried to commite suicide! That's what hurts! Not standing up for me infront off all my friends! I'm selfish, I know that. But not that selfish." I say as I walk away... "Don't walk away from me Jimmy! Is this how you fix everything? Just walking away from your problems all of the time!? I'm sorry okay. I didn't know what to fucking think! Matter of fact, I faited in that waiting room once i herd what happened. I am confused Jimmy!" I turn back around and talk in a normal voice "It's called running away from pain. I learned it from the best." She starts yelling at me again. "You know what Jimmy, Fuck you. I'm done!" she says as she turns around. "GOOD! because I'm done too! I cheated on you with Lila!" Fuck! I cant believe I just said that, I don't wait for a reponse. I just run home.

Chapter 14:Fucking up. (as usual)
I had my house key in my pocket, So there was no need to jump my fence and climb in through the window, But I did anyway. My room was a pig sty. Clothes all over, My pot of captain crunch, Bed messed up. My room was just dirty. I walk up to my loveseat and put the seat cushions back on and set my laptop on the couch. I see my visa on the floor and pick it up and throw it on my sidetable along with the leftover pieces of my phone, my wallet, and Scar's lighter. I grab it. and stick it in my pocket. I finish cleaning up, and make my bed and sit against the headbored Grab my pack of menthals, and light a cigerette I lay down, and blow the smoke straight up, I stick Scarlette's lighter under my pillow, and take another drag. I hear a knock on the door. Fuck, what if it's Scar!? I peak through my window to see Lila waiting on my porch. She knocks again. I get up put the cig in my mouth and pull on some pants I leave them unzipped. I don't put on a shirt, I walk out my room and open the front door..."Hey Lila." I say taking another drag. She pushes me inside and speaks "Don't 'Hey Lila' Me! What the hell." And slams the door behind her. "um, Okay...What's up?" I say just messing with her. I know she's going to get pissed. "Stop acting so casual about this!" told you. "You told Scar, and then she Slapped me!"...I chuckle. "Oh...yeah...I did didn't I? Shit. Sorry." I say still acting mellow. "Why?" She says looking at me very seriously. "It just slipped out! I couldn't lie to her! that's why I jumped!" I said walking down the hall to my room. I left behind a smoke trail from my last drag. She followed. "So what happends now!?" she says as she sits on my loveseat. I sit on my bed and reply "Well, Me and Scar are pretty much done." I say laying down on my pillow, staring at my cieling. I blow more smoke straight up."Fuck. I just ruin everything don't I!? I always have to mess up something!" Say said as she layed down on the couch. "I sit up and look at her and say "Were both at fault here, Not just you." and lay back down. "well... it seems like it but then again, I didn't even know it was you" "Exactly! Plus we were Drunk, and high!" I put out my cig, and grabbed Scar's lighter. "where did you get that?" Lila says, pointing at the lighter, "Oh, Um...From Oliver" "ahhh, Thats where I remember seeing it. So, what do you want to do now?" I put the lighter back under my pillow, and sit up. "The lighter is Scarlette's, I took it from Oliver." "Oh, okay then." I go in my side table drawer, and find a note from June, It reads: Jimmy, I am sleeping over at Sammi's house. I already told dad, So don't worry about it. Sammi's mom is taking me to summer school, See you later. I fold the note back up and stick it back in the drawer and pull out a zip lock bag, and a pipe.

Chapter 15:The Green House.
I take out a bud, and crumble it up, and load the pipe. I get the lighter out of under my pillow once more. I light the pipe and take a hit. I hand it over to Lila. She is sitting criss cross on my bed. She takes the pipe and takes a big drag, and holds it in. Lila hands me the pipe, and blows out a big smoke cloud I take another hit, and she does too. When we each get about 5 hits each we put the pipe away. I take my ipod out and hit shuffle and "I am The Walrus" Came on by The Beatles. I start to sing "I AM THE WALRUS! COO COO KA CHU! KA COO COO KA CHU! Lila looks at me and starts cracking up, She starts to sing as well. "COO COO KA CHU, KA COO COO KA CHU!" I jump up and get my comb out of my back pocket, I pretend it's a micophone and start jumping on my bed "Sitting on a corn flake, waiting for the van to come!" I have to tell you, This is a great way to get your mind off things. I'm actually having a great time. I open my eyes to see Lila dancing on my bed too. I start cracking up and fall on the floor. Not a great song to 'air guitar' to, But i do it anyway, "I am the egg man!" "Woo" "We are the egg men!" "woo" "COO COO KA CHU, KA COO COO KA CHU!" I stop singing, and now I'm just uncontrolably laughing my ass off, I can barley breathe, But It's an amazing feeling. Lila's laughing too. The song changes to I faught the law, By The Clash. It's make me think about how I cheated on Scarlette..."I love this song!" Lila says as she starts to mouth the lyrics. I look at my clock, and see that its 11:00 "hey, Lila? I think we should go to bed, The nurse said I need my bed rest..." "uhh, okay where shall' we sleep" she says while getting off the couch. "well...Um I'm sleeping in my room, You can crash in June's room, She's sleeping over at a friends house." I end that sentence with a smile. "Okay then, sounds good" She get up and walks out of my room, I hear June's door shut. I close my door turn off the lights take off my pants and shut off the light. I grabbed Scarlette's lighter and played with it for a while, I stuck it under my pillow, went under my black sheet, and looked up at the cieling, My room was COVERED in posters, On my cieling too. The one right above my bed Thumbtacked to the cieling was my Nirvana poster and next to that, The Clash, Then Buzzcocks, Then the Ramones, Sex Pistols, and so on. I feel asleep staring at my cieling fan. I'm still kinds tripped out. I wake up to the sound of my door opening. I see Lila walk in and close my door behind her. I sat up and rested myself on my elbows. She walked to the side of my bed, and got under the sheet without saying a word. I lay on my side facing her back. I put my arm around her. She turned around and are eyes met. Her hazel eyes, just stared into mine, Not even blinking. I could hear her heart beat. She was nervous. She scooted her head closer to mine, and smiled. Now I was nervous. I grabbed her hand and held it. She kept smileing, as did I. My hands are sweating, But I don't want to let go. She leaned in..But I leaned back...I didn't know why, I couldn't kiss her again. I gave her a kiss on the cheek, let go of her hand and turned to where my back was facing her. She got up, and left my room, She left my door open. And she slightly slammed June's door. It was awkward now...I didn't know what to do, I'm afraid she will be gone in the morning. I want to be friends with her, Nothing more. But she wants to be more. I herd the front door open and close. She's gone.

Chapter 16:Self Righteous.
(Next morning) I know I'm a total douche. I know I'm an ass. I know I'm a loner. I know I cant hold a relationship if I tried. I know I deserve everything that happening to me. But the one thing I don't know is, Why I cheated On Scarlette. That date, was perfect...But everything happends for a reason, Right? I miss her. I need to call her and straighten things out. (riiing riiing riiing)


Me:Hey...It's Jimmy...

Scarlette:Yeah. I know.

Me:Oh, well...I'm sorry.

Scarlette:I don't know how to respond to that.

Me:Accept it? Please. I'm sorry Scar! I was drunk and high at the party, Plus the room was pitch black! I didn't realize what I did until I got home. And I'm sorry for yelling at you too. I was just mad that you thought I tried to commit suicide...But I understand. And I'm sorry, I love you with all my heart...And wont hurt you. I promise.

Scarlette:Are you at home alone?

Me:Yes. Why?

Scarlette:I'm coming over. See you in a bit

Me:I lov- Scarlette:(hang up) I don't know if she accepted my apology...I looked in the mirrior. FUCK! I look like shit! I jump in the shower real quick. Get out and towel dry my hair. I run to my room Throw on my black pair of boxers under some ripped up skinnies and my "Zoo York" shirt. and my beanie, of couse. I spray on some of my favorite blue axe (phoenix). I look in the mirror, and fix my eyeliner. Since I towel dried my hair, It's all fucked up, so I use my axe styling gell (get some hair action). I spike my hair. I hear a knock at the door. Fuck. I sing as I slide down the hallway in my socks "Ow I feel good!" I open the door to find Scarlette running at me, She puches me inside and grabs the collar of my shirt and pulls me close to her face. She leans in, as do I. We kiss. No interuptions, No people watching. Perfect. She wraps her legs around my waiste which shoves me against a wall. I hold her up and begin to slowly stick my tonge in her mouth. Stumbling to my room, Knocking over books, cd's, ect... We fially get to my bed. I lay her down on her back and begin to take off my shirt, when mine is off I crawl onto the bed as well. I take off her shirt. And get on top of her, she sits up to kiss me some more. I turn on my back so now she is on top of me. She moves her hands down to my waite and unbottons my pants, She did the same to her own. Long story short...We fucked.

Chapter 17:Virginity Hit.
(same day) I woke up holding her, we were both in are 'Under armor'. When I woke up I smiled. She was still sleeping, I slowly got up and went to the bathroom. I closed my door really softly to make sure I did't wake her up. I walk to my bathroom two doors down from my room, Look in the mirrior, and smile. I did't care that I looked like shit, I was in a great mood. I Take off my boxers, and turn on the shower, and jump in. I hear the doop open, just as I close the shower curtain."good morning" she says, I can tell she's smileing. "Top of the morninn' to ya'" I say in a shit irish accent. I start laughing. I grab the shampoo, and put some in my hand, to get all of the gell out. I did the same with conditioner. "Hey, Scar! Can you throw me my towel, please." I say as I turn off the water "I don't know, It's gunna have to cost ya'" I giggle. "How much?". "hmmm. What do you think?"..."umm, I don't know, thats why I asked... I'm kind of confused now..." She laughs. "I'm just fucking with you. Here" She opens the shower curtain and hands me my towel. "thank you" I grab the towel from her, towel dry my hair, and wrap it around my waiste, and get out of the shower. I see Scarlette still brushing her teeth, and then I notice she is wearing my black and white flannel. She then Smiles at me with a big fake smile, Showing me all of her toothpaste foam all over her mouth.I grab my black and red toothbrush, And put some tooth paste on it and run it under the water. And begin to brush. I did the same to her. I turned to Scarlette and smiled, showing all the toothpaste foam. I finish brushing my teeth, and spit in the sink. I brush my hair to cover my forehead, and walk down the hall to my room. I walk in and see Scar, in a really funny postion on the bed. I laugh, and walk to my dresser. I open the top drawer, and find a pair of dark blue boxers, then I look in the drawer beside that one and grab a pair of skinny jeans, and then a T-shirt out off the same drawer, It was a grey v-neck.. I leave the room to go change. After i finish I walk back in the room, and find my beanie, Under my beanie was her ligher, I stick it in my pocket, And so in the first drawer of my side table, and grab my pipe (I'll use a match this time) "Is my flannel comfy?" I say strikeing the match. "Yes. Soft" And then she laughs, I lite my pipe and take a drag, I kiss her with are lips being air tight, And shotgun the smoke into her mouth. I lean back. She holds in the smoke, and lets it out. "Virginity hit" I say and then giggle. We smoke the rest of my pot.

Chapter 18:Courageous and Confused.
I don't know if were together, I don't know if she's mad. . .and I don't know what to do about Lila. She probably hates me know. All in all; my mind is totally blurred. Ya know that feeling, where so much has happend that you can't even chomprehend it? Like so much has happend but it's too much for your tiny brain to handle? Well, thats what I feel like. Scarlette had to leave to go to her summer job. Man, I gotta get me one of those. I could really use the extra cash. Speaking of, I spotted the visa my dad gave me, It had 36 hundred bucks on it. I could really use a new wardrobe...I wonder how much pot 3,600 dollars could get me. Or maybe I could buy something really nice for Lila, I MEAN SCARLETTE! Fuck man, I gotta stop doing that. I know what I'm going to do with the money! I slip on my Vans and grab my Enjoi skateboard. I slip the visa in my wallet while walking out the door gripping my skateboard in one hand. I jump on my skateboard and ride down the street to the main road. I'm not going to lie, I felt fucking awesome, I couldn't stop smileing. All I could think about is Scarlette's beautiful body touching mine. Mmm, that woman is fine. I could hear the wind blowing. Whistling in my ears. I stop at the pawn shop and walk in. This place was called 'Paul's Pawn Shop' Written on the front of the store is spray paint. Paul used to go to my school, he was a senior when I was just a tiny little eighth grader. But don't get me wrong; He wasn't one of those stuck up kids that think there 'King Shit' He just wanted to graduate. But he ended up getting expelled for pulling a prank during school. One BADASS prank, well, this is what I herd. I herd that before the teacher came in he pretened he was dead! He layed on the floor and put fake blood on his head and leaned the corner of his desk onto his head to make it look like it cracked his skull or some shit. Well, this chick Nancy told the principal, and ya...that was the end of that. Well I walked in and the welcome bell rang as I swong the door open. "Oh, Hey man!' said Paul while lighting a 'J' "What do you need?" Paul was a pretty odd looking guy. He was almost 6'5 and had shaggy dirty blonde hair. his shirt was brown and read 'You don't know, until you know. Ya know?' And the rest of his body I couldn't see because he was behind the counter. "Well Paul" I said leaning down onto the counter. "I need a ring. Not a big ring. Not a wedding ring. A promise ring." He looked at me and shook his head, He slid open a glass cabnit and took out a little silver tray and layed it on the counter. "Any of these look good to ya?" I fiddle around with a couple of them and then I see 'it' I was a white gold band, with a black diamond and a little ruby next to it. I pick it up, and look at it a little closer. It was beautiful, Just like Scar..."Aye Paul, How much is this one?" He walked over and said "Damn man, You really love her huh? This will probably for ummm, I don't know 4,000? "C'mon Man!" Give me a discount!" "Well Jimmy, How much you got?" "I only got 36 hundred." "Shit dude, alright. give me 36000." I gave paul my visa. he rang it up, and through my card away. He put it in a little box, and then put a lid on it. He slid the little black box to me and said "You're welcome!" "Thanks man! I said while running out the store. The welcome bell rang again. I stuck the box in my pocket and skated home. When I got home I sat at the table and took the ring out of my pocket...I gazed at it for a while. It was a beautiful ring, just like scar. I got up and walked to my moms desk and grabbed a piece of lined paper and a red sharpie. I go and sit back at the table and start writing on the piece of paper. In the middle of the first word I heard car breaks and then a door slam., at first I thought it was next door but then I herd the carport door open and then slam shut, then walked in my mom...she didn't notice me at first she just walked to her desk and put down her huge stack of paper. She was all dressed up like she just came back from a meeting with a purple pencil skirt and a black ruffled blouse on with her hair pulled back into a bun. She quickly turned around and screamed when she saw me "Jimmy Levi Crete!" she said in her sternest voice. "yes mom..." I replied...she's mad because I'm supposed to be in church camp, remember? "what the hell are you doing home?!" the veins in her neck were popping out making the ones in her forehead bulge out too. "mom! Calm down!" I said standing up and stuffing the paper into the tiny black box. "jimmy!" she screamed, "I have worked my ass off to pay for that summer camp you're SUPPOSED to be at, but where are you?! At home! Fiddling with a box! I bet you never even went to camp, I bet you stayed home and did EXACTLY what I told you not didn't you! I'm so glad my very own son doesn't give a shit when I try to help him!" "mom! I just didn't want to go" I said as my voice got quieter. "Jimmy Levi! You need to leave my house right now!" she yelled while stomping her foot. "but mom!" "go!" she screamed and pointed to the door. I ran to my room and grabbed my backpack and emptied everything inside and grabbed every piece of clothing in sight and stuffed it in there, I grabbed my charger and even Scars lighter. I through it in there and walked back to the living room to find her sitting on the couch crying I grab the box and put it in my jacket pocket, put my backpack over one shoulder, grab my board and yell "don't expect me to come back unless I'm getting the rest of my shit" and I slammed the door behind me.

Chapter 19: Now the truth comes out.
I walk out the door and skate a little bit down the street, it was a beautiful day. I stop when I see a little patch of grass and sit down and take out my phone, I call Scarlette the first time she didn't answer then I get a call from her Me: Hey Scar! Scarlette: you called? Me: don't mind that. Can I come over? I'm in some deep shit, and I really need a place to stay... Scarlette: uh. Sure, but we need to talk Me: great! I have to tell you something too! Scarlette: yeah...well see ya soon. Bye. Then she hangs up. I'm almost to her house, about a block away, when I get to her house she's not there I sit on her porch on her swinging bench and clasp the box in my hand, then I see her pull up, she look beautiful. She gets out of the car and starts walking toward me "hey baby" I say and give her a hug around her waist. She replies "hey Jimmy" I follow her into her house and walk into the living room. Sat sits on the couch and I take off my jacket and lay it next to her. "I'm going to use the bathroom alright?" "okay" she says as I make my way down the hall and take my first left into the bathroom. I don't need to piss, I just look at myself in the mirror. I take off my beanie and flip my hair and put my beanie back on, I splash some water on my face and dry It off with one of the purple towels hanging up. I look at myself and rehearse what I was going to say 'here Scar, I want you to remember I will always love you' fuck no. Too cheesy. 'scar, I say again, I'm sorry. For everything." maybe it could work. I flush the toilet to make it seem like I took a piss and then walk out. I walk down the dark hallway into the living room where I see Scar quickly sit back down on the couch. I sit next to her we both say in unison "I need to tell you something" "you first" I say looking at her and smiling. She takes a deep and long sigh and finally says "okay...well" I see her shaking like she's nervous. I try and grab her hand but she pulls away. "I had sex with Oliver!" my whole body went numb. I stood up and took off my beanie and ran my fingers through my hair. I grabbed the bridge of my nose and look at her again, she burrys her face into her hands and starts to ball. I grab my jacket and start walking away completely stunned. she looks back and yells "don't leave! Aren't you going to talk to me about this?!" I look back and say "I'm sick and tired of talking! Fuck you scar" I say flipping her off "I'm done! And that a promise!" I say slamming the door. I run off her porch and across her yard, I run a few blocks away and on my fifth block I stop, heaving for air. I sit and put my hand on my knees and throw up. It's orange and chunky...I take out my phone. I don't wanna hangout with anymore girls...I call my best friend , Lance. (ring, ring, ring,)

Lance: Oi

Me: aye bro, can I stay over for a few days?

Lance: yeah man! I finally have my own crib! Come on over.

Me: where is it ?

Lance: where are you?

Me: (I look around) I'm at 54th and orange county.

Lance: shit, you're about 5 min away. I'll pick you up. Hang tight

I hang up. I sit and wait. Man, fuck Scar. You can't fight fire with fire. 2 wrongs don't make a right. I look at the ring I and chuckle to myself...what the fuck was I thinking?! 2 people can be destined to be in love, but not destined to be together. I see lances car. Its an old beat up grey mustang. He pulls up blasting Mac Miller. I hop in and throw my back pack in the back seat, we knuckle bump. I see he has a joint in his mouth " can I take a drag?" I say pointing at the jay. He hands it to me blowing out a huge cloud of smoke. I take a hit and hold it in, I hand it back to him. I blow it out in rings one by one. We soon reach his house. " it's a 2 bedroom, 1 bath" he says unlocking the door and kicking it open. "excuse the mess." "don't worry about it" I say setting my bag on the floor, I see a girl laying on the couch in his living room. I step over food wrappers and cans and bottles and sit in a leather chair. I point at the girl and lance says "Holly, her names Holly" he picks a condom up off the floor and throws it at her. She wakes up In shock and picks the condom back up and throws it back at lance, he ducks and it goes right over his head and hits the refrigerator behind him. "lucky duck" she says and sits up. She has blond hair just over her shoulders and piercing blue eyes, she wearing a white wife beater and black shorts with fishnets under. She stands up and crushes a can and takes a big stretch, her shirt goes over her belly button and I see tattoo of the nirvana smiley face on her hip. "so your a fan?" I say. She looks at me confused and says "what?!" "your tat" I say getting up and lifting her shirt up just a little. "Nirvana" I almost whisper looking her in the eye. Holly was hot. She was a small girl, and very skinny. But hot. "I love them" she says biting her lip. I raise my eyebrows and sit back down, I look around and notice Lance isn't in the room. She walks closer to me stepping on wrappers of various things and puts her hands on my shoulders, her waist is at eye level, "and you are?" she says running her fingers through the back of my hair. " I look at her beautiful blue eyes and say "kinda hard" I say and then giggle putting my hand over my mouth and looking down at my dick. " I mean, I have barley said 5 words to you, and you already know my turn on spot." I say winking and grabbing her waist. She crawls on top of me and grabs my dick through my pants. "I meant your name baby" I lick my lips and say "jimmy" she runs her hands up my chest and to my neck again. She looks at me and bites her lip "you're cute" she says. " I blush and don't reply. I run my hands up her side and grab her tits. She leans her head back and I pull her closer. Our lips meet, and soon our tounges slowly slid into eachothers mouth. I get instantly hard.

Chapter 20: Longer than a one nightstand.
Making out with Holly was...amazing. She was on top of me when Lance walked back in, she quiclkly got off of me and stood up and reajusted her shirt. I grabbed a pillow from the couch and quickly covered my croutch because of my raging boner. I was kind of embarresed but I could tell Lance already knew. He looked at me and giggled. My face turned tomatoe red. Holly even laughed, but she only wanted to act cool in front of lance. from what it looked like, I thought Lance was getting a cup or something out of the wooden cuppord, but instead he pulled out a tuppowear about the size of a tissue box and opened it. "Whats in there?" I ask getting up and throwing the cushion back on the couch. My boner is long gone. He then pulls out a l

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