A Fruit of a Perfidious Love

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Love makes you happy, love makes you sad. It makes you fly high, it tatters you into small pieces.

Submitted: March 19, 2013

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Submitted: March 19, 2013




In a chaotic night, he found peace.

Peace in his heart but led war to his mind.

Explanation of hers was accepted,

Yet what she did was not.

He forgave her, yet still he can’t take the pain

of her unfaithfulness.


In his diabolic emotion, he saw cherubic tears.

Under in an influence of concupiscence,

He acted not of his own free volition.

He killed her out of his own right senses.

He was in a fit of great anger.

Afterwards, tears full of regrets fell

from the corner of the eyes of an angelic cadaver.


In a sultry place, he was frozen.

Now that his fiancée had gone,

He can assure she’d never do it again.

Seeing her on the top of his known friend

was indeed a great pain.

He pointed a pistol next to his head.

A monotonous sound was heard. . . 

Then, he breathed his last. 

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