Crush (Unrequited Love)

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If you couldn't relate to this, you didn't enjoy your teenage life.

Submitted: March 17, 2013

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Submitted: March 17, 2013



Hey! Don't you know that you were my crush?

Each time I see you, it made me blush.

To get closer to you means everything.

That's why I did a lot of crazy things.

I tried to be someone I am not.

Changed my clothes and attitude to look hot.

Befriended your friends and hanged out with them.

I joined the club you're in although I'm lame.

I was the one who made prank calls every night.

Hearing your voice turns my whole world right.

I even bought a thick book of spell.

Every day, I chanted love spells well.

All my time and effort were spent in vain.

They'd never worked and it caused so much pain.

You have never laid your eyes on me.

I told myself, "Enough of this stupidity!"

I need to wake up from this fantasy.

You won't be mine and that's the reality.

But thanks anyway for the things I've done.

For all of those experiences, I had fun.

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