Flight- 187- HeartBreak

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A Poem about a Flight, or is it?

It felt like, check light after check light.
As the co pilot checks to see if everything is alright.
"There's no problem insight, we can almost ensure a smooth flight"

As one, we took off, you gave us the speed and I gave the altitude needed for lift off
We flew before, but with this co pilot the roughest patch seems so soft.
I fell into something that was bigger than me,
And I didn't brace myself for impact, in fact
In falling I opened up my venerability

I let you see the wirings, the finer things
And all the things this cockpit is made of
I showed you the knobs, the switches,
And I even showed you what happen when it glitches

Our first flight went down
But as I can remember our badges didn't drown.
In this business you don't get a second flight after that.
So each day was a fight after that,
You steered left I steered right after that
I couldn't sleep, I stayed up night after night after night after that.

If two pilots, in one plane goes down,
Regardless if anyone drowns,
The two pilots are to blame.
But no, you didn't see it the same.

You sat down and point out my flaws,
And there I go playing the game pointing out yours,
"Well you should have turned left here at the cross"
"Well I couldn't have done that if the altitude was off"
On and on back and forth.
Until we're at the top of our lungs, and the point is lost
But that's in the past now right, so let's get back on course.

Our present flight is well past take off,
We built so much trust I can take a break off,
Put up my feet, lean back in the seat, and think about how much it means to be alive
But then I came off my break, into heart break, and to see our plane in nose dive

"What happened we just had the perfect take off"
"Well you shouldn't have taken your break off"
"Never mind that how did we get on this course?"
"I felt this way was better"

In this business there is no one idea of better,
There is no one letter. This is suppose to be a family together.
Now our family is going under the weather,
Off of individualistic ideas that weren't too clever

Oh I would never never, ever seen this one coming
Splashing into the ocean, the passengers hoping, that no one dies,
Listening to moping, I am just coping, with all the new lies
Uncovered emotions, showed as promotions, to all the severed ties.
All my devotion, now plays in slow motion, as my heart dries....

Submitted: May 04, 2014

© Copyright 2020 EFlaron. All rights reserved.

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