homeless man by laron

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This is a poem i wrote whiles i was shopping and saw a homeless man

Submitted: June 21, 2010

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Submitted: June 21, 2010



I see you there standing all alone Dirty , beating up , and without a home The rain falls , and the sun dims to the day \"do you have spare change \"is all you can say Your to weak to work and to blind to see Youv'e been robbed of your money, respect and your diginity The mud builds up on your inane shoe Your toes poke through its over-used glue with your untaimed hair being weathered away then being packed together lik clay he is living with no income or respect hes left to cry what do you expect I stare and study this stranger he is a scotched CD and i want to be the changer he notices me standing and staring i reach towards my pocket now he starts caring fishing around my pocket and thinking to myself should i keep my money or giv him some wealth in my pocket i took out a crisp 5 he flexed his cheeks and now hes alive his hands shaking but extended out in happiness the dolar gets wet but he is still in bliss he toke the dolar and knelt to the floor prayed to the lord and asked for more i took this as my lesson to be grateful and count my blessings

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