Childs Innocents

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Where would we be with out them

Submitted: April 24, 2012

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Submitted: April 24, 2012



There is no end to what a child can do.

With an imagination untainted by what the world holds true.

A discovery in the making, with a hopeful plea from the parents all around,

that the world as we see it may not be nearly as bad as what we believe.

Manifesting a true friend so they may not be alone, to aid them in a journey that we can not help with,

for they see what the dark brings forth, a land of creatures far beyond our adult minds,

long lost when our imagination became tainted by the world we grew to see unfold before us.

As we sleep it comes back to haunt us, yet when we awake its like it never happened.

Our children are our saviors, they will be the ones to fight back all this hate that has been growing stronger,

this world will be left to them, so you may ask; May it be for them to what it is for us?

There is no end to what a child can do, so please hold back your hatred

and let them see for their self what the world may hold

and do not take from them what might have once been taken from you.

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