Found Hope

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To hope you must find that tiny sliver of light that can bring you out of the darkness.

Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012



As I run three fingers across my heart, I can feel that it is still beating, the recent act of disrespect has yet to break it.

I live in a world that has many different meaning to what I do,

some people say it is wrong, others know what the truth is.

So I wear my heart every where I go, so every one can see it, which in the end is what got me to this place to begin with.

I never felt like I belonged growing up, I always felt different, so when the day came I excepted gracefully.

From that day on I wore that angel heart proudly.

I finally had people to turn to, felt safer, like I would never be left alone.

My heart beat stronger, I could feel the cracks from all the years of being alone finally start to heal.

Then the day came when everything got ripped from my hands, with out any help I was found alone once again.

I was not strong enough to see it then, I was not brave enough to fight back,

I could feel my heart beats weaken, knowing any moment my heart could break,

I was once again in the dark, losing my self at every turn,

until I found, standing in front of me what I needed, the beautiful sign of hope that I could still beat this state.

I took my three fingers and ran them across my heart and to my surprise my heart was beating even stronger.

The cracks still holding true, I once again found happiness in this world that has so much hate.

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