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ever feel lost?

Submitted: January 29, 2013

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Submitted: January 29, 2013




I hung on by a thread.

For years I couldn’t give in.

Wrong side of the tracks,

looking over to where I wished I could be.

Dreaming what I believed was needed to be happy.

Wrong turns everywhere I went

I was lost to this world.


I did what I thought would make me friends,

for years I didn’t have my own identity,

faking my way through life

just wanting to have my soul back.

I found someone I thought would help,

but it was just another act to play,

even though I felt like I was getting better,

I see now years later it was just the fault of a mind trick.

Another hide away to feel alive,

he was my outsider,

my other part of the puzzle.


With this I shed my last tear.

I found who I am supposed to be

and I will keep moving forward.

I am no longer hanging on by a thread.

I am fine with being the outsider of my own story.

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