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This is a short story I wrote years ago for my mom. Not your classic kids book, but not a horror book either!

Since this is a short story, I'm going to have shorter posts.

As always, constructive criticism is much appreciated!

Submitted: March 12, 2010

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Submitted: March 12, 2010



"Shut up!" Emily yelled upstairs to her sister as she turned up her iPod.  She rolled her eyes at her friend Beth.
Sara, upstairs, was hungry, but Emily had locked her in her bedroom while their mom was at the store, Christmas shopping. But when Sara tried to ask Emily for food, Emily just ignored her. Sara sat down on her bed with her back against the wall, crying. She had been in her room for at least an hour already, and was bored with all of her toys. Even her favorite doll looked unappealing now.
Sara folded her knees up to her chest, put her arms on her knees, and laid her head down on her arms. She was falling asleep when she heard a noise that made her sit straight up. It sounded like someone climbing the house!
She quickly crawled under her bed, but she forgot to pull her foot all the way under. She grew more and more scared as the noises got louder. She knew that someone was coming in to her room! She wanted to yell for Emily, but didn’t want to let the person hear her. ‘Maybe if he can’t hear or see me, he won’t know I’m here and will leave!’  Sara thought. So, she curled herself into a tighter ball and tried not to make any noise.
The next thing she heard was her window opening. She was really scared now. She just wanted her mom to come home.

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