Little We Know (and) No Good *Workshop Collection*

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These two poems are two different responses to the same prompt: Create a rule for your writing, and follow it.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




The Little We Know


Even as I fall asleep, we

Little know of such a tall, tall

Insomniac man who dreams of the Jedi

Zuggs, with the sky abuzz

And after that fact we cry “aha!”

But we little know of Beelzebub

Effectively scaring the children for life

There, in the next room, that

Hellish figure who the kids does abash.




No Good


The slime covers the walls,

The walls that breathe.

It slides down and

Swirls on the ground,

Draining towards me.

More seeps from the ceiling,

Drifting down the walls

And spiraling around the floor.

No good can come of this.


Standing, I push myself

Against the only clean wall,

Or what I thought was a clean wall.

At first there is resistance.

Then there is nothing,

No wall to hold me up.

Instead, I fall backwards into the pit.

No, nothing good can come of this.


As I fall I think of how I got here.

A sullied knife, a dirty glare.

A situation turned to hate.

The knife attacked,

My strength fell through.

And let me tell you,

Nothing good came of that.


I fall still,

Sinking and sinking into infinity.

I sense the slime still all around me,

Whirling around, surrounding me

On my descent.

Now, what good can come of this?


None, no good can come of this,

I realize when I land.

No pain just yet,

But it’s only been a moment.

Oh, please, let some good come from this.


They lift me up and then

I feel that pain set in.

Deep in my bones, my muscles pulling apart.

No hope of any good coming from this.


So I give in,

I let them win.

Why try for good?

Why fight them?

I cannot hope for good to come.


Only bad will show.

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