Under a Crescent Moon *Workshop Collection*

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The prompt from my creative writing workshop: My professor gave us a picture and told us to write about it, or base a story/poem off of it, or put it in a story or whatever we wanted. The picture isn't actually important, but I will post a link to it at the end of my story in case anyone wants to look at it.

Submitted: November 16, 2011

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Submitted: November 16, 2011




“Faster, my good steed, faster! We must save my lady from that terrible beast! Faster!” Prince Albin called, leaning down lower over the neck of his white horse. His horse, Charger, whinnied in response and quickened his pace to a gallop. They raced time through the forest, ignoring branches and creeks alike. Finally, under a crescent moon, the horse and his rider emerged from the dense trees into a clearing at the base of a mountain, where the dreaded dragon’s cave was.

Many strong and competent knights and princes had tried battling the old dragon, and all had failed. Prince Albin himself had no intention of fighting this particular wyvern, as he was only a young prince. But the most beautiful lady in his father’s entire kingdom had been taken by this awful monster, and he knew saving her would make her fall in love with him, despite him being two years younger. So, despite his fear, Prince Albin rode on, into the cave of the dragon.

Charger stopped short at the entrance to the cave, refusing to go any further. After vainly fighting the horse for several minutes, Prince Albin jumped off, intending to walk into the cave by himself. Instead, he jumped right back onto his horse and retreated away from the cave. The dragon was coming out of his own free will! Or so it appeared; but as the green, two-legged, hideous beast got closer, Prince Albin saw his love next to the dragon! He started to cry out to her, but stopped when he saw the leash in her hand.

“Colette?” Prince Albin asked as this beautiful, gentle, fair lady stepped out of the darkness of the cave. He now saw the leash in her hand, travelling from that delicate fist to the fierce, disgusting beast’s neck.

“Prince Albin!” Colette was surprised to see him there, with lance in hand and full armor on. She gave a bow, keeping the leash in her hand steady. “What are you doing here?” she asked as she straightened her back to her natural posture.

“Why, I came to save you, Lady Colette. A messenger saw you near the cave, and was sure you would be eaten by the terrible dragon, so—“ At his words, the sensitive dragon reared up, ready to defend himself. Prince Albin saw the movement, and, thinking the beast was about to attack Colette, he threw his lance as hard as he could at the dragon.

“No!” Colette cried as the tip of the lance struck the dragon’s snout, making him roar with pain. She ran to the dragon’s side as Prince Albin, surprised, tugged his arm back, pulling the lance, and thus the dragon’s snout with it. The wyvern roared again, and yanked its neck back, away from the prince. Colette, still moving towards the dragon, found herself pushed in to the cave wall by the powerful neck.

Now it was Prince Albin’s turn to yell out “No!” as he saw Colette crumple onto the ground. He leaped off of his horse, forgetting the fight for a moment, and racing to his beloved. As he knelt beside her, he held her hand in his, and cried at the terrible fate she had suffered.

Through his tears, he gazed at her lovely, peaceful face and saw her eyes opening. When Colette noticed him kneeling over her, she smiled and said, “Do not be sad, Prince Albin. I never would have married you. You kill all of my friends.” She looked at the dragon, whimpering in pain behind them. “Good bye, Draco. I will miss you.” With that, and a long sigh from ‘Draco,’ Colette closed her eyes and waited for death to ease her pain.




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