Boys are Stupid - What to do When it Comes to 'Crushes'.

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"Does he really like me? Or is that just him being a guy?"
"He likes me, why doesn't he ask me out?!"
Are these the questions you're asking yourself? READ THIS and you'll find out the key ways to start a relationship with the guy you like.

Submitted: January 10, 2009

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Submitted: January 10, 2009



Boys can flirt, and they do, a lot.
The only problem is, they don’t know they are.
If you think you’re special because he’s flirting with you, just observe how he talks with other girls and you’ll get it.
They never know when girls are flirting with them. So they don’t do anything.

For example, when a boy obviously likes you, he won’t admit it to ANYONE.

Why won’t they fess up? Masculinity.
They need to be macho men. Only girls talk about liking boys.
It’s just something that testosterone has an effect on.
Can you imagine a group of boys saying “OK, so I think I like ____.” “OMG REALLY?” “Yeah! She’s really nice and pretty…” It would never happen.

Types of Guys
The Sporty One – loves sports, brags about sports, does a lot of sports, talks about muscles, tries to impress you by knowing a lot about muscles/sports.
The Funny One – hilarious, jokes a lot, sometimes too much. Makes you laugh all the time.
The Shy One –really nice, quiet, occasionally funny, but is really shy.
The Cocky One – just in general a jerk, critiques a lot, talks about himself a lot, mean for amusement
The Girly One – NOT gay, but ‘fishes’ a lot, concerned about looks, acts girly.
The Immature One – ALL GUYS ARE. But the REALLY immature one says dirty jokes, is sort of a perv and makes fun of you if you do something stupid or funny.

Asking Girls Out
So you’re thinking “He likes me, why won’t he ask me out?!”.
Two word answer: They’re stupid.
They don’t think you like him, or they’re afraid of rejection, or they’re afraid of the future.
They need someone to encourage them.

What to Do

YOU need to step it up. It’s not the sixties anymore, you’re not gonna wait to get pinned.
If you’re too afraid to go up to him and say “Do you wanna go out sometime?” then online, or via text, whatever, say “Are you doing anything next weekend? If you aren’t we should hang out.”

He says ‘Yeah’ and gets the idea you like him and you guys have a great time –rarely happens. But if it does, congratulations!
He says ‘Sure’ and then expects all your other friends to be there – that’s OK! Don’t flip, just ask your friends if you can go, and if they can, then stick with him the whole night. If your friends can’t go, ask him if it’s OK if it was just you two, and if he says ‘Yea’, he definitely likes you.
He says ‘You mean, like a date?’ – AH! What do you do? If talking in person, say ‘If you want’ and give him a sexy smile, telling him you like him. If he says ‘OK yeah’ , KNOWING it’s a date, congrats. If he says ‘Um, maybe,’ quickly come back with ‘I mean, we don’t have to” and it’s like a regular conversation from there.

The First Date…
…or hangout, or get together.
Wear something casual, smell good and be yourself.
If with friends, sit next to him, talk with him – but don’t forget your other friends.
If alone, remember to be yourself and control your adrenaline. Don’t be hyper and annoying, he likes you for you!
**BOY TIP: Boys are stupid, they don’t know how to converse. Make conversation by talking about something you guys like, or something about school or ask him questions.
At the end of the night, even with all your friends, take a walk and say “Tonight was really fun. We should do it again” – directly towards him. If he doesn’t get the idea you like him, keep trying or ask him out, officially.
After that, if he still doesn’t ask you to hang out, do it again, only alone.
Once you guys are alone, and he finally realizes “This is perfect!”, you’ve done your job. Congratulations

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