Delightful Acts of Modesty

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One of the great journal writings from Sir William Henry III, Was found after the tragic fire of F*ckingHam Palace in 1769, England. Rumor has it S.W.Henry III had openly subjected his bowels to observation and mockery. And it was said that this problem caused the F*ckingham Palace fire of 1769.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011



Journal Entry: April 20th - 4:20 p.m

It was a glorious afternoon in our small cottage by the windmills. I sat with sophisticated posture and elegance, as I took a sip of some of the finest Earl Grey in England.

\"Henry, how do you manage to throw some of the most wonderful par-teas?\", Asked my mistress, Lady Catherine.

To which I quickly replied, \"Oh my dear Catherine, you simply cause me to soil myself when you say such considerable things. I would like to reveal the secrets of my ways, however my trousers contain last nights lamb chops and cavier, which has begun to flow down my left pant leg. Do make yourself comfortable while I change into my other wardrobe. Shall I return, I must ask you to refrain from such delightful comments. Otherwise I may be inclined to piss myself next time, and I'm begining to run out of clean apparel.\"

\"Oh Henry, when you display such delightful acts of modesty, it certainly makes my ass quiver.\" Replied Lady Catherine.

____Sir William Henry the III, 1769

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