Date with the Devil

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Sal is walking home from class, when she meets a mysterious figure in the night.

Submitted: May 20, 2010

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Submitted: May 20, 2010



A date with the devil.
A very commonly used phrase. But of all the people who have said or thought this, none of them understands what it really means.
A cloaked figure in the night.
A kiss of pure bliss.
A selling of the soul.
I was walking home from art class. A 2 hour session on painting people. It was 9 o’ clock by the time I left the building, but I still had 10 blocks to walk until I got home. Going over to the curb of the street, I hailed a taxi, because that’s what we do in Manhattan. The cab was new and recently cleaned. I got into it and got comfortable.
“Where to?”, the cab driver asks in a dead tone. Apparently, he had better things to do than drive me around all night. And he must really want to get rid of me since he starts driving off before I can tell him where to go. So, I lean forward and tell him the address of an apartment about a block from mine. There is no need to let him know where I live. About a minute later, he asks for the money ahead of time. Fine. Whatever. As long as it will get me home faster. I reach into my bag to look for the money. Not that easy to do in a bag full of random art supplies. Pen…paintbrush…watercolor pencil…penny… Well, that wasn’t productive. I scrambled through my pockets. Nothing but lint. Hopefully, he won’t ask again until we get to my stop.
“So, you got it or not?”
Crap! Busted. “Um…I…um…can’t seem to…find it…”
So, you don’t have it?”
“GET OUT!!!” Although he’s still driving, he reaches back, throws open my door, and pushes me out of the car. I roll and roll and roll ant then hit something. Hard. The air rushed out of me all at once. It didn’t really hurt, but I couldn’t really breathe either. After a minute, I regained my breathe, but whatever I had hit had moved. As I got up, I had a strange sense of foreboding. Something wasn’t right. I brush myself off and turn to walk the rest of the way home, when, suddenly, a shadow loomed over me.
“Are you alright?”, said the deepest, manliest, most alluring voice I had ever heard. It made me want to turn and see who could possess such a voice.
So I did.
Obviously, it was a man. A tall man. The shadows where covering most of his face, but I could still tell that he was the handsomest man I had ever seen. Shoulder length black hair. Pale skin. Angled features and onyx black eyes. Tall, Dark, and Handsome; if you go for that kind of thing.
“I’m f-fine.” God! I sound like a blubbering fool.
“Are you sure?” His eyes bore into mine, demanding an answer.
“Actually, I feel a bit faint. I would be nice if we could find somewhere quiet to sit.” Wait. Where did that come from? I didn’t mean to say that! And it’s not even that loud out here.
He smiled a devilish grin; his white teeth illuminated in the moonlight. “Let’s go for a walk.” He grabbed my hand and we started to walk off together.
Stop! My mind was screaming. Don’t go anywhere with this stranger. But I wasn’t listening to that voice. I was listening to his. His voice made me feel faint, and I fell to the pavement from weak knees. He stopped and looked at me, pity on his face. He picked me up and carried me to wherever we were going. The whole time he walked, the only thing I could thing about was how good it felt to be held.
After a few minutes, we reached a club. I knew by the sound. He strode past everyone in the line at the club with only a glance at the door guard. We went up a few stairs and into a rom. A red room. Not the valentine roses kind of red, but the red of new split blood. He laid me on a bed and then left the room.
Whoa! I jumped up and started rushing around the room suddenly filled with panic. What’s going on?! While looking for an exit, I noticed something. There wasn’t a door At. All. How--?
Something moved. I turned to where I saw it and gasped. The wall was rippling! And through the wall came—a men. The same men that brought me here. He saw me on the floor staring at him and he frowned for half a second—I almost didn’t notice, but it was quickly replaced with a grin.
“Darling…” he droned. I covered my ears. His voice made me want to go to him. He started walking toward me, then crouched so we were eye to eye. I squeezed my eyes shut. He reached out and pulled my hands off my eyes. I squeezed my eyes shit, but I knew I couldn’t hold my eyes shut that long. I had to see…
I opened my eyes.
I started into his.
His red, feline eyes. His forked tongue. His…power—that’s the only thing I could call it—crushed me but I managed to get out the words “Who are you?”
He grinned and crooned, “I think you already know.”
That was when the tears started. I was fifteen and going to die. At the hands of the devil. He cocked his head in confusion. “You don’t want this.”
He stroked my cheek. “You want to leave.”
I nodded.
“And you will do anything to live.”
Again, I nodded.
He looked at me for a while. Then nodded, “Okay, but I’ll need something in return.”
“My price is…your soul.” He grabbed my by the shoulders and kissed me. My first kiss. And it was given to me by the devil. After a second or two, I started to feel faint. What was happening? It felt like he was sucking the life out of me. I realized that that was what he was doing. I started to struggle, but he held onto me. After about 10 seconds, I felt the rest of my will, and my soul, get sucked out of me.
I fainted.
When I woke up, I was on the pavement in front of my apartment.
I lived.
I stood and found that my movements felt so much more graceful. And my face felt weird. I hope he didn’t bruise me. Ran into the house, up the stairs, and to me room, but it only took a blink of an eye. That was fast. I went to the mirror, looked in, and screamed.
My face was his face. Red eyes. Pointed fangs. Pale skin. He really did take my soul. And gave me something in return. A nightmare of a life—existence.
I was a child of the devil.
I was a vampyre.

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