Journal of Luna Knight (Agent K): Twisted Tale of the Holocaust

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A time traveller goes back to try to stop the Holcaust, by disguising herself as a Jew.

My first failed mission. A day that I will never forget.
It was the year 1942 and I was being sent to a concentration camp in Germany. Which one? I am not sure. There were dozens of them. We were in a train slowly rolling down the country side. Not the good luxurious cars like the ones the Germans ride in, but the animal sheds. And each one was filled with Jews. Sick Jews; Healthy Jews; Living Jews; and Dead Jews. We’ve been riding for 6 days. Hopefully we will un-board soon. Suddenly we lurched to a stop. The metal doors slide open, searing our eyes with a blinding light. Before we have time to let our eyes adjust, the guards start to yank us out, whether dead or alive. The dead they threw, like discarded tissue, into oversized wheelbarrows. Everyone else, they push toward a large group of people. As I walk forward, I see that these people are also Jews, more than this camp could probably hold. When everyone was assembled and (for the most part) quiet, a man in a military suit walked up to a podium in the middle of a platform. His blond hair glinting in the pale sunlight and his cold blue eyes staring us down. Adolf Hitler. The barbarian himself. He stared at us with disgust for a few minutes then said:
“You are worthless. A race that should be eliminated. But the few of you will live. At least for awhile. You cannot escape. Your former homes have been destroyed. This is now your new home. The SS men your new family. You will obey them, or suffer the consequences.”
He gestured to another man, who promptly walked upon the platform. The new man was built like a bull and just as angry looking. Hitler said:
“This is your new commanding officer. He will be your new god. You will respect him and obey him without question.”
Hitler then walked off the podium and away from the reach of the crowd, while surrounded by his guards. The new man went to the podium and barked at us, “I am General Syras! That is all you need to know! Boys to the right! Girls to the left!” He walked off the platform as the SS men moved in to separate us into 2 lines. Seeing as how I was a girl, I went to the left. I ran there, of course, so that the SS men wouldn’t touch me. When I get to the front of the line, one SS man took my bag, checked it, and then gave it back. A second SS man gave me a towel and pointed me to the shower. As I walked off, the second man gave me a leery look and a toothy grin. We’re going to have to work on that.
The shower was a community building. There were about 50 other women in there also. There were scattered benches, drawers to put our few things in, and some cleaning products. Shampoo, soap, and water. Finally, I will be clean. We heard a sound like water moving through pipes. A cheer rose through the women. Something started falling from the ceiling, only it wasn’t water. It was some sort of gas. Apparently, it was poisonous because people were crying out and falling to the ground. Within seconds, everyone in the showers was dead.
Except me.
I am not your average Jew. Actually, I am not a Jew at all. I am Agent K of the UPK (United People of Knights). We are a secret organization of people who work to make the world a better place in any way possible. We have discovered new ways to recycle, like turning paper back into trees or metal back to its original state. How is it possible to do these things? Well, this organization was created in 2017 and has been around for 100 years. Yes, that means that we have time machines. With the use of this technology, we have tried many times to stop the Holocaust, but basically every agent has failed. Well, I won’t. I am the best agent and the founder of the UPK. One way or another, I will end the Holocaust, right here and now.
Covering my face with a gas mask, I prepare for war. My fighting suit turns back to its natural red and black color. When the guards checked me earlier, it was skin tight and camouflaged to my skin color. I reach up into my hair and pull out some random items. Two complete diamond rings which, when put on my finger, turn into two ninja swords. A ruby bracelet, which turns into a shield. A pair of gold earrings. One earring is a laser and the other is flare rocket. My specially made fingernails contain little guns. My iron necklace becomes a breastplate and helmet. Once I was fully armed, I crept down behind one of the benches and waited for the SS men to open the doors. No need to cause unnecessary panic. After about 10 minutes, the doors opened and 20 SS men entered. When they bent down to collect bodies, I turned on my camouflage so that me, and all my extras, would turn invisible. I snuck out of the showers and crept by each cabin. Using my laser earring and a rock, I sent a message to the enslaved Jews. The message said:
When these were in place, I climbed the rooftop of one of the cabins and took a well deserved rest until tomorrow.
When I woke, I could see that the sun had been down for hours. About 10o’ clock. Time to lay the trap. I crawled down and headed toward the gates. They were already closed and locked, but I had to make sure no SS men leave or have reinforcements called in. Then I moved as silent as ever and used the laser earring to break all the locks on the doors. Finally, I went to the main square and stood in the dead center. Using a method known only to the UPK, I whistled for the guard dogs to come to me in a voice only they could hear. Suddenly, the area filled with barking dogs running toward me. In about a minute, the SS men ran into the square and stayed at its edge. I pushed a button on my suit so that they could see me. Shouts of alarm ran through the crowd. Before I could do anything, I set my rocket earring and shot it straight up into the sky. It exploded in a burst of fiery red. I activated my bracelet and rings and prepared for battle. Before the SS men could move to attack me, the cabins burst open and all the Jews burst open with various objects. They took advantage of the shocked SS men and attacked them. A quarter of them went down before they started to fight. The more “important” SS men came for me. I spun and slashed and stabbed, and within a minute, the 10 of them were dead. I cannot be delayed in this battle. I have to kill Hitler. Him being dead is the only way to end this. I took off through the fight to his cabin.
When I got there, I met an old “friend”. The SS men that gave me the towel, and the leery look, was standing before Hitler’s door. He smiled at me and said, “I knew you were different. You’re too pretty to be a Jew. Now. . . instead of you trying to slice me to pieces with that pretty little sword, why don’t we play it even? Just put away your swords and we’ll settle this the old fashion way”.
I smiled back. “Sure” I deactivated my swords, shield, and armor. We stood there. Facing our opponent. Then, he lunged. His fist came up to hit me in the face, but I deflected it and knocked him in the gut. He swung at me again but I dodged it and broke his nose. He bent over, retching on the ground. Before I could tell what he was doing, he had grabbed a knife out of his boot and stabbed me in the foot. My feet protection was good for protecting against regular medals, but his blade was made of silver. His knife went right through my suit and into my foot. “Aaaaahhhh!!!” He seemed satisfied with my scream and used the moment to stand back up. As I pulled out the knife, he hit me in the head. I fell over onto my back. He picked up his knife and held it over my heart. As he did, he said, “I like them with fire. Unfortunately, Hitler likes them dead.” He lowered the dagger. I rolled to the side as he just barely hit me. Ignoring my aching foot, I jumped up and punched him in the chest. He was shocked and I used that opportunity to push him against the wall. I growled into his face, “How do you like me now?” I kicked him between the legs, and then used the butt of his knife to hit him in the head. He fell to the ground in a heap. Finally. That took longer than expected, even with his good fighting skills and cheating.
Now that that fight was over I can re-gear. Stepping over him, I went to Hitler’s door. I looked at my watch. 11:56. Four more minutes until the time machine will appear and suck me back into my own time. Hopefully, killing Hitler will take less time than killing that other guy. I think the time for sneakiness has ended. I kick down the door and get into battle position, but, to my surprise, the room was empty. Completely empty. No tables, no chairs, no bed, and no Hitler. Oh my god. Why didn’t I think of this before! He wouldn’t have stayed to today; he would have left as soon as he finished his little speech yesterday. No. No. No!! This can’t be happening. I walk back to the main square. The fighting is over and the Jews have won. They’re people crying and hugging and laughing. Scattered bodies of SS men lay everywhere. Suddenly, a rip of green light appeared in the center of the field. The time machine. All the people step as far away from it as possible. Except for me. As I look at, a great sadness overwhelmed me. I slowly walked toward it. When I was within a foot of it, I stopped and looked at the Jews. I gave them a weak smile and smile, “Remember this night. The night where you-the Jews, who were thought so weak and pathetic-earned your freedom. Spread the word. You don’t have to surrender to these injustices. Always remember—“. Before I could finish the sentence, a tendril of green light wrapped around my center and pulled me into the green void.
I tumble and twist and turn through the fire. The fire burned but not in an uncomfortable way. The fire moved in and around me. Then it changed. Suddenly, I didn’t feel the fire; I was the fire-the fire was me. I was everywhere and nowhere. The past, present, and future. My whole being torn apart to join the eternal flame.
Unexpectedly, there was a rip of pure white light. I moved faster and faster toward it. I flew through the light as the fire pushed my body back together and I fell onto a white glass floor.
I was home.
I lay there on the floor for a while, trying to regain my composure. Then, when I was back to myself, I leapt up and brushed myself off. With my armor still on, I went and put on a lab coat. I went to that titanium door set in the far wall and walked out into the corridor. About 50 people were standing there. All of my Knights. They all wore expectant looks on their faces. I look at them and shook my head. They gasped in shock, for they knew this meant that I failed a mission; something that has never happened before.
I walked past them and into my office. I pulled out a journal and started writing of what happened, that way everyone will know what happened today (and then). This is what I wrote:
“Today was when I failed a mission for the first time. I feel horrible! But maybe it’s for the best. If the Holocaust didn’t happen, then there would still be a lot of racial discrimination and genocides. If the Holocaust didn’t happen, then there would be no United people of Knights.
It was the year 1942 and I was being sent to a concentration camp in Germany. Which one? I am not. . . “
This is how my story began, but this is definitely not how it ends.

Submitted: May 12, 2010

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Sun, May 30th, 2010 11:17am


Ooookay... guess it could be. But this is only one chapter in many. The others won't be so...sad.

Sun, June 6th, 2010 4:37am


hm, the idea was very good. it needed more details.
concentration camps were mostly located in poland. aushwits was a great example.
hitler was not blonde-headed or blue eyed, though many of his officers were
and he was rarely at the camps.
the jews would not have gotten their things back.
i over-analyze.
this was quite good, but details and more factual information would have made it great.
good job:)

Tue, March 1st, 2011 2:13pm


Thanks. More like a fiction that I just wrote in a spur of the moment. But thanks!!! I knew there was some stuff off, but I didn't know what.

Thu, March 3rd, 2011 9:27am

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