Dressed to kill, dressed to die

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Another story about that duellist nammed Bianca, and about a very special club, just for duelling peoples.

Submitted: June 19, 2013

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Submitted: June 19, 2013



The attendance at the club was excellent that night. Bianca sized up the crowd with a quick glance. Probably close to a hundred bodies tightly wrapped in latex and leather. Tonight was duel night, which explained the high attendance. If the managers organized a duel night each week, or even every night, the turnout would be just as great. But they preferred to content themselves with one a month, so as not to risk depleting their customer base too rapidly.

For Bianca, this was not often enough. She enjoyed watching the duels, eyeing the clash of rapier blades, and avidly savoring the resulting fatalities. And more than anything, she longed to participate. Only she had never won a drawing. During each duel night, three duels were organized. The contenders in the first two matches were chosen by drawing names at random, and the third match pitted the winners of the first two against one another. Bianca had always entered the drawing, but was always disappointed.

This evening she had dressed in her black latex catsuit, feeling playful and sexy. She flirted a bit with some of the young men while she waited impatiently for the first drawing.  Occasionally her eyes darted to one of the large mirrors scattered about the club, admiring the lithe sexy curves revealed by her tight latex catsuit.

She had indeed come dressed to kill…

Or to die!

Dita made her entrance. She wore a magnificent dress of red latex and a corset of black leather. Her arms were elegantly covered in long black gloves and a dainty black ballroom masque covered her eyes. Her hand held a small bag that contained the names of the night’s contestants. As this evening’s hostess, she was about to select names for the the first duel. The attention of the crowd focused on Dita as she plunged her hand into the bag. She drew out a paper and read the name.

« David. »

The young man came forward. A dark skinned young man dressed in black leather trousers and a tank top of dark blue latex that revealed hard wiry muscles.

Bianca knew David from before.  She had allowed David to come home with her and make love following a prior night at the club, a night when she had become so carried away with excitement from witnessing the deadly matches that she was desperate for a release for her pent up passion.  David proved himself to be an awesome lover, but she had never seen him since.  

Until now.

Then Dita’s hand dove back into the bag and quickly withdrew.

« Bianca. »

Bianca felt the excitement welling in her upon hearing her name. She came forward while Dita was joined by Alejandra, also in a black catsuit, holding two rapiers. Bianca selected her blade and took her place on one side, waiting for David to do the same.

As this was taking place, Bianca pondered. Would David be capable of killing a woman he had once made passionate love to?

Would she be capable of killing him?

Dita and Alejandra made their exit as the room fell silent.

Bianca took position facing her opponent. "Un guardé!" The young man complied. Bianca began the first exchange, trying out some moves to which David knew the defense. Then he counter-attacked so tentatively, Bianca parried his blows with no trouble.

As the crowd began to warm up, Bianca quickened her pace, becoming more aggressive. She attempted a simple thrust which surprised David but which he nevertheless barely managed to avert, prompting gasps from the crowd. Warmed, David counter-attacked at once, attempting a complex thrust which could have ended the match right then. But Bianca recognized the maneuver and countered with no problem before riposting, forcing David back.

The young man then held firm, trying to regain the lost ground. Bianca launched another simple thrust to stop him. Having to counter the blow of Bianca, David began a new manuever, with a small smile in the corner of lips. Not recognizing the move, Bianca followed David’s actions closely, hoping to find a mistake. Before David could end the attack with a mortal blow, Bianca recognized it. While David lunged to pierce her in the stomach, she dodged slightly to the side while launching a counter thrust.

The young man grimaced when Bianca's blade found his arm and pierced it, forcing him to drop his rapier. Bianca immediately removed her blade and pointed it towards David's throat, which he shielded in his hands.

The audience was silent. Bianca lowered slowly her rapier towards the chest of the young man while his dark penetrating eyes pleaded for her to spare him.

Bianca’s eyes glowed with pure animal excitement. She lunged forward, her blade piercing David's chest. She felt the exultation filling her as she saw the young man draw his hands to his chest. With a flick of her wrist she twisted the blade of her rapier, eliciting a mournful cry from David, and removed the weapon from his body. The young man collapsed slowly to the ground while Bianca saluted the crowd with her weapon.

Dita came forward to congratulate her and prompted her to wait on the side, while two assistants removed David's body and quickly cleaned the scene. Then Dita plunged her hand into the bag for the second duel.

« Angélique. »

Bianca felt herself shiver. She liked Angélique, and greatly admired the shapely blonde woman’s luscious beauty.  It would be a pleasure to see her fighting, possibly to face her if she won this duel. The young woman came forward, wearing a tight black cleavage baring dress that barely held in her swelling bosom. Dita’s hand dove into the bag for the final time.

« Izumi. »

Bianca had already seen Izumi in action. The young Asian beauty had already been selected a number of times and had won. Previously she wore a catsuit, but this evening she had opted for a maid's uniform in black latex, accompanied by long gloves and tights, also in black latex. The outfit buttoned snugly about her lithe well toned body, conforming perfectly to her perky breasts and thin tight waist, the skirt of her maid’s vest splayed out over her hips. A confident, relaxed smile shone on her pixieish face, the smile of a woman accustomed to victory. Bianca remembered seeing the young lady display a wonderful mastery of the rapier.

Alejandra returned with two new rapiers which she offered to both fighters. Then she exited the scene with Dita and Bianca.

Angélique and Izumi engaged in the fight more quickly than Bianca and David, plunging at once into complicated manuevers. Angélique knew some very dangerous thrusts and attempted them, but Izumi succeeded in avoiding them, often just barely. Izumi also tried some beautiful thrusts which Angélique succeeded in deflecting. The public delighted in the fight.

Angélique attempted a manuever which Bianca recognized but had not totally mastered. She executed the moves perfectly until towards the end where she made an error. Izumi apparently knew this routine because she perfectly exploited the error with a flick of her wrist before lunging vigorously forward. Her rapier caught Angélique between her barely covered breasts, before jutting out her back. Angélique’s left hand went to her bosom as she dropped her rapier with her right. Izumi smiled haughtily, savoring the vision of the beautiful Angelique helplessly impaled on her deadly blade. She twisted the blade before removing it, and then turned away to greet the public as Angélique fell to the floor, heaving her last sigh.

Dita came forward to congratulate Izumi, while the assistants removed Angélique. Then she motioned for Bianca join her. Dita again presented both young ladies to the audience before withdrawing to let them carry out the third and final duel of the evening. Bianca was very excited.  Izumi was a skilled fencer with a sexy trim atheletic body. The fight promised to be spectacular. They greeted each other, and immediately went on guard.

This time it is Izumi who engaged the fight, beginning at once a thrust which Bianca knew but which was difficult to deflect when it was executed so well. Izumi realized it perfectly and Bianca managed to barely avoid with her lifesaving reflexes a stab through the heart. She counter-attacked immediately, but Izumi deflected the thrust and resumed the initiative. Bianca was worried because her opponent led the fight, but was also excited from facing such a beautiful and talented opponent.  She was also excited at the idea of knowing that this fight would end with a steel blade in the breast of either one or the other.

Both fighters launched thrust after thrust, but Izumi had a slight advantage in that she regularly interrupted Bianca's attacks, enabling her to stay on the offensive.

Although Bianca had often fantasized about feeling the cold blade of a beautiful sexy opponent drilling between her soft outthrust breasts, now that the reality was upon her, she realized that she would much prefer to prevail. She engaged in a complex and very dangerous thrust. Izumi let her proceed and was rewarded for it when Bianca made a mistake in the manuever. Izumi took advantage of it immediately to deflect Bianca's blade before lunging. However, Bianca's blade was not where Izumi expected it. Bianca had made a deliberate fake, not an error at all. The blade of her rapier penetrated into the left breast of Izumi while Bianca lunged forward, smiling. The Asian youth released her rapier while that of Bianca emerged from her back.

The crowd went wild, hysterically cheering and clapping. Dita came forward, accompanied with Alejandra, to congratulate Bianca before Izumi had even fallen. Then Bianca, exultant, twisted the blade before removing it from Izumi who collapsed, one hand on her breast, the other one hanging limply along her body.

While she saluted the crowd with her rapier, the people applauded and cheered.  However, Bianca barely heard them.  She was already thinking about the next duel night, when she hoped with all her heart to be among those lucky enough to have their names drawn.

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