Bloody Martyr 2.0

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
2nd installation of The 3 Bloody Martyrs.

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012




She used to walk on the shadow of Christian responsibilities

Now she is taking the path of fire, hell, and black sun deities 


She believes in the existence of the afterlife

But she also believes in the absence of light

She might say that there is an end of time

But she might also say that she owned her right

Blood will spill from her before the sacrificial rites

Blood will flow every night as she continue to fight

. . .

A bloody epitaph of one of the 3 Bloody Martyrs

She is Eli'taff.. And this is her demonic writings

. . .


As you and me crosses different roads

I'll start to walk to the fiery underworld

I hope you may say "Stay!" just that single honest word

I'll promise that I'll be heading my way to heaven's door


Please rotate my sphere 

Please don't leave me here

Please don't struck my heart with a spear

Please take away and shed these falling tears


As you and I separate ways

I started my bloodiest days

Started a devilish bloody occulticism

Bringing back an ancient mysticism


As I offer my blood to him

I know that I disregarded Him

I'll do anything to make you stay

Even if the gods guarded my way


As I utter every single words on the scroll

I offered blood, performing rituals on the floor

Arbua Armamua Barbua Armuarmua

Open the gates of the bloody reservoir


I could give my spirit, my soul to them

As they promise, you'll come back again

I'll continue doing this bloody ritual

Until our feelings became mutual


Please come back here

Please rotate my sphere

Please don't struck my heart with a spear

Please take away and shed these falling tears


Blood rush, flames on a bush

Grasping with a bloody scar

Blood sparkling on the rocks

He is rising from a fiery crust

Devouring the flesh and bone cracks

After that He'll be heading in the dark


As half of my blood and soul was completely offered

I wish that you'll comeback so an Amen can be uttered


Please come back here

I'll do anything my dear

Please rotate again my sphere

Please come back here oh dear

For you, I am a Bloody Martyr

. . .


As she completely lose her beautiful spirit

She can never regain it from the evil deity

Now she is in the fiery world of agony

Who will save her from the feastful deity?


We should always remember that even if we are broken hearted

We are not invincible from the harms of all the things we wanted

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