Heart Calamities / Woke Up From Trauma

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Learn to love again after we've been broken

Submitted: May 23, 2013

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Submitted: May 23, 2013



Heart Calamities / Woke Up From Trauma


Heart Calamities


When you sent those 14.3 magnitude quakes

I stood still waiting for the aftershock strains

I know I'll be left in tears and in deep pain

But I told myself not to cry and cause a heavy rain

Now I'm trying to resist the pain that you have given

Coz when you first came, it's not the way I'm livin'

Now I experienced drought up to being frozen

Now I realized how I was solid and now how I am broken

I had endured the hotness and the coldness of the weather

Hid from sandstorm, escaped from wildfire just to feel better

But I don't just run or hide and try to cry later

Coz what I've learned is to be strong in a single prayer

As I stood by the pain, the blows of heartquakes, and the tears of rain

I overcame the dramatic torture, the tear flood, and the aftershock waves

Now who can even think or say I couldn't stand any longer?

Now I could shout "Heart Calamities were the reasons why I became stronger"


Woke Up From Trauma


I thought of past as I was left confused

And that leads me to illicit drug abuse

I know it will harm me but why I can't refuse?

It's like I'm making a bomb that I don't know how to defuse


I've been through a posttraumatic stress

Can't create emotion coz the brain is at rest

I fell deeply in love but I saw the consequence

I lived miserably with drugs, question "what's the difference?"


But now that you healed my wound

I won't go back in that dark room

As you helped me throw my traumatic hood

I would not need another Sigmund Freud


You woke me up from an old trauma

As you helped me write a new romance

Back in the days I'll be listening to jazz 

But nowadays you are my partner when I dance


Now you'll always be my green light

Started when my decision became right

Now you'll always be my valentine

It started when you gave me my second life


You woke me up from coma

You woke me up from trauma

You woke me up with roma

And we will be keeping this romance


I Woke Up From Trauma as I am prepared to love again for a sweeter romance

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