The 3 Bloody Martyrs

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Final installment of The 3 Bloody Martyrs (3/3).

Submitted: December 04, 2012

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Submitted: December 04, 2012




I am Eliv parfe(first martyr), She is Eli’taff(second martyr)

I AM EliV PaRfe, She is ELI’tAFf

IAMEVPR li afe, SELI’AF he is tf

VAMPIRE liafe, ALFIE’S heistf




Decoded by the third bloody martyr

. . . - A Martyr Life

As I am a myth-crypto-analyst

I’ve deciphered a bloody script

Stated that a wish could be real

If I’ll sacrifice my blood for him


I wanted my very love to come back

Even if it will cost me my own blood

A blood will continue to be offered in the dark

As the black majestic creature continued to suck


A dark bloody ritual is crucial

But I can’t love anything artificial

It is just that my love is so natural

That I wanted our love to be mutual


Oh blood flowing.. Oh blood rushing..

Oh blood spilling.. Oh blood clothing..

I just offered my blood for this writing

As I’m a Bloody Martyr, I’ll do anything


As I offered my blood, my body, and soul

He uttered prayers that was too dark to hold

It opened a gate to a bloody reservoir

A reservoir for the victims of this bloody hoax


Blood bath, flames and cups

Sipping a chalice of bloods and fats

Tormenting every soul with cusps

Screaming for every pain without lapse

A sensual pleasure, the most counter-part

Closing the mind view for the eternal dark


I know it’s too late

To become wide awake

When I opened the gate

It’s the torture who waits


But I still love you from here with all the pains and torments

That I am still a Bloody Martyr and I'm ready for the judgment


Oh blood flowing.. Oh blood rushing..

Oh blood sipping.. Oh blood sucking..

Oh blood spilling.. Oh blood clothing..

Now I’m one of the martyrs

I completed The 3 Bloody Martyrs

. . .


Love couldn’t gave us the hood of invulnerability

That sometimes it’s a slavery of a false possibility

A possibility that leads us towards the ways of the deities

A possibility that we almost disregarded our own true Deity

© Copyright 2017 Eifla Oed. All rights reserved.

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