My First Inspiration

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This is actually my assignment for one of my subjects. we we're asked to submit a poem about our first inspiration. So, I hope you like it.

My First Inspiration

By eiJeiö


Whenever I stumble to the ground,

Embarrassed from everyone around,

I look up to see your loving hand,

With a smile, you helped me stand.


If ever there’s a graze on my knees,

A scratch with blood and dirt I see.

You cupped my face to kiss my cheeks,

And try to wipe away my pity tears.


At night, when I dream of bogey man,

You comfort me until you see the sun.

The songs you sang -- my lullabies,

Are etched forever inside my mind.


Mom, you are my reason for being here,

For the person whom you now see.

You stood by my side when no one else believes.

There’s nothing in the world you wouldn’t give.


Without your love and care, I’m weak.

My life and world would be incomplete.

You’re always there, right from the start,

My inspiration, I thank with all my heart.

Submitted: February 13, 2010

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