This is a short poem about feelings from a suppressed love...

Sorry..this is my first post so pls bear with my summary...Thnk U!!! :)

Hi everyone!! This is my first poem...A very short one too...It’s just something I did to explore my writing abilities...And it’s not that really anyway...I hope you still like it...tnk u...
Wanted: Your LYve
By eiJeiö
I am lonely though I am loved.
I feel helpless, I just want to cry.
There’s a part of me that I know is missing,
It’s no wonder my heart is breaking.
I am happy, but my world’s not right.
I feel restless, though God knows why.
There’salonging, I try so hard to hide
Every time I do,leave my heart to die.
I am whole yet incomplete.
I’mat a loss and have no one to reach.
I feel like I’m trapped in a dungeon so deep,
Can you free me with your love so real?

Submitted: January 21, 2010

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Hey there!
this earned an 'i like it' from me. I think your emotions clearly come across in this peom, and your readers can definetly empathize with you :D

it's quite conflicting, which i like. Sort of oxymoronic. i especially like the line
'i am whole yet incomplete'. I know exactly what you mean lol, i feel like that sometimes too!

the stanzas aren't exactly in metre; was that done on purpose?

anyways, great job for a first poem- let me know when u put up some more stuff ;D

Thu, January 21st, 2010 2:55pm


Thank U very much. Im really shy when it comes to showing my work to other people. And its great to that u like it. I actually did that on purpose. I was kinda having a crazy time making them in meter. Ill let you know if i have something more. And Ill be looking forward to yours. :)

Sat, January 23rd, 2010 7:57am

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