Behold the Man with a Face like A Plucked Chicken

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Submitted: January 23, 2018

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Submitted: January 23, 2018



Behold the Man with a Face like A Plucked Chicken


A is for absence……………of intelligence it seems

B is for bullshit running in streams

Like a river that’s broken its banks in a storm

C is for cunt, from a Petri dish born


D is for dickhead, your daily display

You turn buoyant atmosphere miserably grey


E is for ego larger than earth

F for fake facts, truth to divert


Your lies look to be exception to rule

G is for géibhean – the prison of school

Run by dictator, madman, fool


H is for Hitler with a changed face

I is for idiot, human disgrace

With the school like a camp and free time like a fast

The thick of your brain could survive nuclear blasts


J for the jokes that you have become

K for killjoy like Catholicism


L is for losing his head or this job

Petition to rid of this imprudent snob


M is for mystery of why he is here

N is for nutcase who just strangely appeared


O is for onlookers laughing at you

P is for punch in the face, maybe two?


Q is for quiet- your voice annoys me

And everyone else who you won’t fucking let be

Shut the fuck up and get a degree


R for respect, not that you’d know

But demanding the act will give you no hope


As you can’t make a sentence in full

S is for stuttering, blathering fool


T is for twat and the time when you leave

U is for ulcer, you wretched disease

V for vermin; rat sick with fleas


W for wisdom you never received

And pities for goals that you’ll never achieve

X for your xanthic, fucked, yellow teeth

Y is for your yelling that never recedes


Z for the zombies of patriarchy

You’ll never be liked in our society.

© Copyright 2018 Eileen Cloonan. All rights reserved.