Ruby Mahogany - Love In A River

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Part of the 'Ruby Mahogany' series. Thanks for reading :)

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012




Ruby is diving into the ocean bed

Beneath the midnight sun

Of the holy midsummer night

Saline circles gripping her sense


Mahogany and Hades collaborate

Luring Ruby into the Styx

Where rivers meet the open sea

Close to peril as she floats


Vultures circle the drowning sun

The sky flashes in delirium

Mahogany’s glare upon the writhing

Ruby’s caught between the corpses


Ruby bound to encroaching dark

Twisting and thrashing as cliffs

Of soaked rock, black shadows

Crash. Her slender body broken


Swept into the mouth of the Styx

Hades lapping her demise

Mahogany chases along the bank

His resolve marred with regret


Powerless despair on midsummer

Kneeling and begging the dirt

Praying to Gods and their saints

Hades gone with a snigger


His fiery claw laughs, mocking

Mahogany’s dampening grasp

And Ruby’s body – saturated

Shattered and scattered into the depths

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