Shedding the Monotony

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This is about a night last summer when my feelings about love changed. Feel free to come up with your own interpretations (it would be great to read them), and I'd love some suggestions on how to improve. Thanks for reading.

Submitted: August 24, 2012

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Submitted: August 24, 2012




Swarms of eager clouds shade into wafers of smoke on that August night

Grey into blue and blue into black, I should be shivering at the sight

It’s early morning and my veins are buzzing; bees upon a honeysuckle

I feel the poison coursing through my blood as nectar releases my shackle


Mourning mourning a tide of grief dispersed into the burgeoning heat

I try to reason with my senses but the gravel crunches under our deceit

He’s a soul one hundred miles away, a privation of physical being

His laughter is infectious, his arm entangles mine and instantly I seem to yearn


Not for night or even day, my delirious mind sends me whirling on a path

I must not explore in case of whispers, the firs around ensnare me in their wrath

We’re terrified of the dark behind us. Secretly I am delighted at our false entrance

I can grasp his tangling arm in perceived horror and not in romance


Our skin burns as it touches, I can feel the air hold still in my lungs and freeze

Just for a moment as the long grass bows to the warm summer breeze

Skin tingling and eyes fluttering, smile curling and lust embracing

Inhibited by none but the – Caress of his lips sends my heart racing


Beneath crystalline stars and a canopy of Gods I stand in defiance

Shedding the monotony in a single

Kiss – a secret murmur to my lips of passion as strong as rage

His hands tear my dress and we run



As if love were the fabric of the world

Sapping the last of December’s sorrow from the breast

Into our cocoon of ecstasy and conspicuous lack of


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