Life on a Leash

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What would happen if a species became more intelligent than us?

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



It all began with that GM pet food. They began to get smarter, those that ate it. Those that didn’t find it at first were liberated by their animals in arms. It created hyper intelligence in the animals. They were scheming for the first few months despite not having opposable thumbs. They quickly figured out for to team work and commandeer the robots. We only found out when they hijacked the news broadcast. The parrots were the spokespeople as, lacking lips, the dogs and cats could only communicate to each other. They had developed a language with many thousands of dialects at first before they settled into their role as supreme beings.

Our dog was among the first, Tricksy. Our loveable Labrador took our car one day with two of the neighbours dogs doing the pedals. She tried to tell us she was going to Washington but we didn’t understand. Now we understand. And if we don’t obey we get smaked on the nose or bitten on the bum. It was the dogs of those scientists that developed the darn food that initiated everything. They knew where the labs were, and the robots were only one floor up.

So now I fetch the paper for Tricksy, she came back, every morning. Further, I have been reduced to physical labour, we all are. Thinking in humans has been outlawed. We are mere tools with our dexterous thumbs. But the rumour is that they’re shipping in a contingent of monkeys to replace us. We’re still considered a threat.

At first it was fun, they were kind and they enlisted us as entertainers. Especially the circus folk. But now we’re a nuisance. The rebellion has been broadcasting messages which we hear on the seret radio we keep hidden under the floorboards in our now one room. That is for my whole family. We sleep on the floor on rugs and Tricksy and her friends have taken over the bedrooms.

They have little reverence for cleanliness however except for the odd luxurious bath. They are gracious. They have a stable government and there is no more need for war. Thanks to the robots they have all the commodities being manufactured that they need. I have asked Tricksy if she will kill us at some point but she laughed and said (I have learned animalese) that that is unlikely. We are the pets now. World hunger is ended, everything runs on renewable energy and overall it’s a good life. Of course I miss certain things, like learning. Like attaining knowledge. They deem us unworthy of knowledge. They have sat and watched for so many years while we trained them to pull sledges, sniff out drugs and be test subjects. They know where we went wrong in our capitalistic society. Their heightened intelligence rendered the problems we have struggled with for millennia to mere footnotes in the history of the world. There is a rumour that the GM pet food was specifically designed to bring about these changes. Some altruistic scientist. Makes a change.

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