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Submitted: September 25, 2008

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Submitted: September 25, 2008



Eilis Martin AP English Ms. Bylaska Ruth's Song

Gloria Steinem a passionate write describes to the world the suffering of her mother and herself when she was young in the story, Ruth's Story (Because She Couldn't Tell It), by using culture-familiar phrases and metaphors. As she writes she accepts and even revises familar material. She is consciously making these desicions as a writet and the choices are entirly hers. Gloria Steinem is a pure writer who knows how to captivate the readers attention and hold it till the very end. Then keeps the reader wondering and questioning what had motived her to pour her heart and soul into this work.

There are many common phrases and meataphors one of the best common phrases used in this piece of work is " In many ways, our roles where reversed: I was the mother and she was the child." This phrase has been used many times in unstable families where the child was forced to grow up and become responsible in order to surrive and help those who they love. Gloria used this phrase perfectly in the describtion of what life was truly like for her and her mother, Ruth, who was mentally unstable and could not provide the proper nurtre for Gloria. She dose this consciously making her deiscions based on how she is going to show her mother to the world.

Another pharse used that is common throughout the world, "..... I sometimes imangined that I had been adopted and that my real parents would find me....". A phrase that is commonly used by childern in unstable families that wish for a better life. Gloria though loves her mother somtimes had the urge to be in a better family where she could be the child she wants to be and to have a strong mother to take care of her the way a mother should. At the time of thought she more than likly made the wish not thinking about the good stuff she did have and who her mother could be. By putting it in this work she shows the world the effect her mother had on her young mind. A choice that more than likly wasn't really hers but was accepted as a good effect for the story.

One of the greastest phrases used in history by mothers all around to avoid explaning actions not done is, "If I'd leftyou never would have been born". The most common phrase that is used to make their childern give up with nagging them with details of the past. Gloria used this to show how tight mouthed and closed minded her mother had become. How her mother no longer wanting to deal with the past would throw that phrase to her daughter to stop the questioning. A very important detail needed to keep this story alive and relateable.

In her writing Gloria used phrases that where common in life. Phrases that allowed the audience to connect with everything that is being said. She used her writing passionality to convey not a message but a reflection of who her mother was and how it affected her. Turly relaying her emotions out in the open so people can feel what the characters felt during certain times. Making choices that possibly could have been subconsicously writen in a time of ideal thinking but where concisouly put into this piece of work just so the world can see the world through her eyes.

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