Grandfather Martin

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this is for college

Submitted: October 05, 2008

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Submitted: October 05, 2008



Elizabeth Martin Admissions Essay 10-5-08

Grandfather or Guardian Angel

From the time I was little there have been many people who have played a major part in my upbringing. Though I would love to admit all of them are esstential to who I am today the person who is most important to me is my grandfather. A man who is quite ordinary with no real special skill who was an average man who lived an average life. Having married my Nanna who is a wonderful sweet woman who bore him three childern the eldest being my father who this day proves a great curiosty to me. However,  It's not who my grandfather is that proves important to me but what he has done for me, how he rescued me from a life undone.

I did not have a very happy childhood at the age of four my parents divorced and full custody was given to my mother who proved to be a horrid creature who cared for no one but herself. Not long after the divorce my mother got into putrid affairs that led to great down fall of her being and that tore my childhood to sheards. With mother's mind else where I was forced to grow mentally and emotionally so I could help my elder mentally disabled brother and younger sister servive the termoil of our lives. Everyday I fought for ways of surrvial of finding food and attempting to keep us cleaned. Then a year later mother's attention fell on us her childern who where struggling for servial. This attention however was not one of good it was attention that she discovered would provide her of joy for it was an idea that would provide her with her wants. Mother had discovered away to keep her in place with her fun of drugs and drink without having to spend a single dime. Mother had begun to pay men to have thier way with her children.

This had gone on for about three years untill a month before my eighth birthday where mother had somehow gained some form of concious and sent us to live with our parental grandparents. By then I had gained a form of mental defense to protect me of the immoral acts. I had over the years devloped multipual personalites that helped me deal with what had been going on during that time of my life. Helping me not see what had become of my being. It was my grandfather though who discovered what was wrong with me. Having noticed the small changes in me from day to day. So one day my grandfather had set me down and talked to me about what had happened over the years for after the divorce my mother had forbidden my grandparents visting rights claiming they would have corrupted us childern. After my grandfather heard of what had happened he notified the police and with my Nanna went to court to do away with my mother. My grandfather had also protected me form the courts refusing to let me testify claiming I was to young and vulnerable to testify against my own mother. It was not a long process and soon my mother was in jail. Shortly after I was placed in tharapy to help me recover. Along with the tharapy my grandfather talked to me and helped me become normal again. He also restored my trust in others to an extent.

My grandfather worked with me even after I moved to Boston, a few weeks before my  twlifth birthday, to live with my father where I could be opened to a better world of tharapy and schools that would help me with my personal needs. Here in Boston I finally shed my past off me and began to prove myself as an intelligent young lady as my grandfather always told me I was. After a few years there I began to return to my grandparents for summer and christmas vaction to relax and dwell in my grandfathers presence. Sitting at his feet I would listen to him tell stories of his life, of dreams, and hopes he had had for himself and for me. He would lavish me with happiness for when i would succed in things but only lightly chasity me for my mistakes.

Now my grandfather is slowly dying but he still stays strong for me and keeps me moving forward he proves to me a great man. He is not really fighting death but is still moving as much as he can move not letting his illness get the worse of him. Every time I talk to him he reminds me to keep my mind on my task on the things that will help me move forward. He encourages me and reminds me that I am an intelligent person who can do anything I put my mind to. He is my muse that envokes passion into my work and my heart. My grandfather is more than just a grandfather, he is my Pappa, my guardian angel who will continue to wacth after me and push me to my dreams even when he is passed on into the next life. I love him and always will for he is my rock.

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