Forget me not

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“A dream it is not, a heavenly paradise in glamor waits for your existence.”

Submitted: May 09, 2014

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Submitted: May 09, 2014



It’s raining again…It was raining yesterday too. It seems as though the sky is crying. Everyone who lives here must be sad too. My brother “Tachi” hasn’t been out of his room since last Tuesday. Is it because he’s sad? Does the rain make him feel sad…My brother is older than me by 6 years. He’s 17. I would imagine that being a difficult age to come by. I hope that when I reach Tachi’s age I’ll still see the happiness and joy in everything that I do now. It seems like he’s lost that sense of feeling. I’ve never seen him so tired all the time. Every time he comes home from school he just locks himself in his room without even saying hi to me. It used to really bother me and for awhile I thought maybe he had forgotten me but if you want the honest truth I don’t think he’s tired at all. I think he just comes home, lies in his bed, and stares out the window all day. I ask myself has my brother lost the will to live. Is he going to die soon? For all I know he could already be dead. It has been almost a week since I’ve seen him come out of there. Would he be mad if I knocked? Maybe some breakfast would make him come out. I get so close to his door. My hand’s in the air in the shape of a fist ready to knock, ready to hear him yell at me for waking him. I’d feel more content if I just knew he was okay. But I can’t. I don’t know why but I’m afraid to knock on his door. I’m afraid to hear nothing come from the other side. If my brother is dead would I really want to know? Because of that reason I can’t even pretend to see how my brother’s condition is. I won’t see him. I won’t…not until he decides to open that door for himself. I know he loves me, he just can’t see that I’m right here beside him. I’m always going to be here for him like he was here for me. Is he sad because of dad? My father…he left us after my mom died. She was getting ready to pick us up from school and she was in a hurry. I guess she wasn’t looking at the road or something distracted her and her car drove off the bridge and into the river. They say her skull was cracked and she drowned. I remember that day. My brother gets out early from his school to meet me at mine. We’d be picked up by mom every day after school but she didn’t show one day. I remember asking my brother why mom was taking so long. I remember him and the way his face slowly turned from a happy and caring person who never let the world bring him down not even for a second to someone that looked as if they were suffering in a pain no one had ever known or could help him escape. It wasn’t too long until the cops showed up and told us what had happened. My brother’s face remained the same as it had an hour before the cops came. He didn’t seem as surprised as I was. While I was weeping for the death of my mom, he was staring out the cop’s car window with a blank expression. Was he even sad? I felt like a foolish child for crying. Why should I cry if my brother wasn’t crying? Could I be overreacting? I was 8 years old when this happened. My brother was 14. Ever since that day nothing really surprised us anymore. My father couldn’t stand taking care of us on his own so he left to live with his new girlfriend in Osaka which is three hours and forty minutes away from Tokyo. He still pays for our expenses so it wasn’t all bad. It’s like my brother and I have our own apartment with no parents around. A dream come true right? Except just one thing, what are two kids alone if no one’s there to tell them that they’re just kids? If my mother were here she would’ve hacked my father in half and buried him in some hidden tomb. At least we know one parent loved us. The older I get the more I try to be like her. She always was so wonderful and charming to others. It was like she considered herself a queen and had to take care of everyone at whatever cost even if she didn’t know them. She was a queen in my eyes. I miss her so much. If she were here she’d be able to get my brother out of his room. Maybe that’s why I want to be more like her. My mom and my brother were very close. They understood each other in a way my father never did. My brother must feel like he lost his best friend and has been sulking over her death since. I don’t know what to do or make him see how badly I want to be his best friend. What can I say to make him want to talk to me? Tell me things, secrets he wants no one else to know. It’s like my effort in this household is hopeless. My brother is a walking corpse and I’m the one who has to figure out how to bring him back to life. And this rain is not helping the mood not one bit. If it were sunny maybe I could convince him to go on a walk with me in the park or just get outside so he can feel like he’s somewhat human again. There’s nothing left for me to do. I wish we could go back to how things used to be. Where mom never died and dad never left, where brother…he would always smile. His face has been so glum for so many years I had forgotten what his happy face looked like. Rain when will you stop crying? You’re making me sort of want to cry. I know it would be stupid if I cried but sometimes I just want too so badly. But I know I can’t. I can’t cry because if I cry then that means I’ve given up. I can’t give up on my brother, I believe in him. He’ll come thru and he’ll see how important I am to him. So I can’t give up. Even if I have to wait 1,000 years til he’s out of there I can’t give up!


A small peck of sunshine from the dark clouds graced the little girl’s forehead making her feel warm and comforted by her words. She smiled at the sudden surprise of the sun and closed her eyes holding her hands to her chest.


I will wait for you older brother. I’ll be waiting for you here on the other side. Please remember me. If you are to remember something good from your life let it be my face to fill you at peace. I love you Tachi. I love you more then any sister could love an older brother. Please come back to me. I need you with me always. Don’t forget me…older brother.


The clouds were now separated far apart and a bright and shiny day was to appear. The little girl grabbed her back pack, put on her loose untied shoes and wore her brother’s red cap he loved since he was a child. As she reached the door she glanced at her brother’s bedroom on her right side.


Would he notice if I was gone?


She took a breath and left the room closing the door behind her.


“Good bye…older brother.”


She ran down the stairs and onto the open grounds of the city Tokyo. As she reached the outside she noticed all the people who started to come out of their houses. Now that the rain had stopped it was like any other day to them. She began to walk down the sidewalk enjoying the breeze that came from the wind.


I don’t have many friends here. When I was little all who I would play with was older brother. I never found a purpose for anyone else. Older brother was at least to me my best friend. I don’t usually feel lonely. Most of the time I can distract myself with small animals to play with or read a book, makes it feel like someone’s with you. When I am alone I like to sit on the bridge my mother died at. I like to think she can sort of see me when I’m there. I tell her what’s been happening with me lately and Tachi. I don’t expect her to talk back. I know it’s silly but it’s the little things we believe in that make us feel happy isn’t it?


My name’s Orihimu…Orihimu Kasaki. I’m 11 years old. I think I’m more mature for my age then I should be. I doubt other kids think the way that I do. I’d probably get more along with people older brother’s age. I haven’t played the kinds of games I used to growing up. They seem…I don’t know. Like they’re holding me back from being the person I’m supposed to be.


Orihimu set her bag on the stone bridge that hung over the flowing river. She swung her legs back and forth in the air while she sat gazing at the sun in the sky.


I wish…that I lived in a different time. Somewhere that people didn’t die and could just spend their entire lives enjoying the other person’s company. Somewhere that maybe Tachi could be happy again. Could such a place ever exist…If there was anything I could give just to see Tachi smile one more time, see him live another life with me again, one without sadness…I’d…I’d…


“I’d do anything!!!”


A strong wind blew in the air forming a dark cloud in front of the sun. Orihimu stared at the peculiar change in weather as she noticed something electric from up a head of the river. It looked to her as if it were a dark cloud wrapped around with electric lightning. She had never seen something so beautiful yet so dangerous if it were to come near her. The dark cloud appeared as though it was swimming threw the water. Orihimu knew she should leave but she couldn’t. The cloud was coming for her and she knew it. It got closer in the river almost exactly underneath her from where she was standing on the bridge. She looked down at the electric cloud that surrounded the entire bridge now. The cloud spread its electricity creating a powerful light. The light was so bright Orihimu had to cover her eyes with her wrist.


“Don’t be afraid Orihimu. I’m here to help you.”


“Who said that?”


Orihimu said as she uncovered her eyes and looked around her.


“I’m in the water.”


Orihimu shuttered in fear as she peeked out past the bridge and at the cloud that still stood with its electric glow around it.


“Who are you?”

“You want to be free from this life of misery. You wish to live in a world of peace and happiness. Isn’t that what you wished for Orihimu?”


“How do you know my name? How did you know what I wished for?”


Orihimu could not believe what she was hearing as she leaned up to the pole that held her from the bridge to the river.


“I can make your wish come true Orihimu. I can make the world in which you desire. I can make your brother Tachi love you again. I can even bring back your mother in whom you lost at such a young age.”


“My mother…”


Orihimu could feel the tears just from the thought of seeing her mother again.


“Isn’t that what you want? To see your mother again.”


“Yes… I miss her so much..”


She said as she wiped a tear from her eye.


“But how? How can you bring my mother back?”


“I am one with magical wonders that can do many things in which you speak. Come with me Orihimu and you can see everything you ever wanted to see. A world with bliss and cheer that has no death and knows of no fear. Do you not long for such a world?”


“I…I…but Tachi…he’s…”


“Tachi’s already here my dear. He’s waiting for you in the other world. Can’t you hear him calling for you?”


“Orihimu…Where are you? Orihimu…I can’t find you..”


“Tachi!! It’s him it’s really him!!!”


Orihimu reached closer into the river begging to hear her brother speak for her once more.


“But how did he?”


“Tachi wants the same thing that you do. He wants to be in a world where it’s just the two of you. Are you going to leave your brother alone again Orihimu? Doesn’t he deserve to be in a place where his mother is alive? Tachi’s happy Orihimu…don’t take that away from him.”

“Tachi’s happy?”


“You’ve longed to see your brother at ease. Won’t you let yourself feel the same satisfaction as he?”


“I…I couldn’t ask for a better world…Tachi is happy…my mother’s happy…”




“In a world with no sorrow and no pain, could this be real? Am I in a dream?”


“A dream it is not, a heavenly paradise in glamor waits for your existence.”


“My wish has come true!! I don’t know what to say?!!”


“Say you’ll come with me and live in my world with no regrets and no restraints. Nothing holding you back!”


“I will!!! I will live in your world!!! Please take me with you!!!”


“Your wish is mine to grant Orihimu.”


Orihimu watched as the dark cloud formed into a beautiful feathery like twine that soaked into colors of pink and purple making it all the more glorious than it was before. Orihimu smiled wide with joy at this miracle in front of her very eyes. She could not comprehend how blessed she was to be offered such a remarkable gift.


Tachi…I’ll finally get to see you happy again. That smile I wanted to see from you so much is now going to be in my presence every morning and every night and everyday were together. I don’t know how this could have happened to me…how I could’ve been so lucky as to be the one the gods fancied out of generosity. It’s a miracle! A wonderful miracle that I’ve been praised with! Oh Tachi! Oh mother!! I can’t wait to see you both!! I’m coming!!


Orihimu stepped off the iron pole and into the spectacular waters beneath her. The threads of light closed in on her wrapping her as if she was a fly caught in a web. Orihimu smiled with joy as she watched as the light brought her closer to something she couldn’t quite make out. She reached out her arms awaiting what stood at the end of the tunnel. And finally there she was in a world she could only imagine from her dreams. Even her dreams couldn’t be this phenomenal. A pat on her shoulder came from behind as she turned around to see who was there. It was him. His dark black hair uncovered his forehead wear his blue wave-like eyes were seen. He wore a white t-shirt and blue shorts with some sandals on his feet. She’d never seen him wear anything so bright and cheery before. She could not believe it was him. His face had been hidden by his locks of hair for so long she’d forgotten his eyes were blue.




Orihimu cried as her brother wiped her tear away.


“Welcome home Orihimu.”


Tachi smiled. A smile Orihimu never thought she’d see again. He never looked happier.


“Oh Tachi!!!”


Orihimu shouted as she jumped on her brother with her arms wrapped around him.



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