Queen of the Scorpius

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“There’s a prophecy told only to those of the twelve sons. If you truly are the last descendant of Scorpius then you will know of this foretelling.”

Submitted: May 09, 2014

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Submitted: May 09, 2014



My name is Marrin, the name my father King Durand gave me. Though I was born with two names, my chosen name that was given to me by the 12 sons of Unvorsum is Serket Hetyt. It means “She who causes the throat to breathe”. I was twelve years old when the wars began to happen. My father told me that I would never see him again but that I would be safe under the protection of his brother King Odin. My father carried me through the fire, through the glass that shattered with each explosion that threatened our survival. My father’s leg, it was injured. I could see the blood drip behind us as my head tilted backwards only to see a group of black knights with a strange symbol on the left shoulder of their armor. I couldn’t make it out but it looked like two fish swimming next to each other. They were gaining on us with every step we took.


“Father..” I asked him.


“Yes Marrin?” He panted gliding down the stairway as if he were trying to hold his balance with what little strength he had left.


“Are we going to die?” The thought of death never scared me much. I imagined of a beautiful place we would go where we could be together forever, where nothing could ever separate us. We would be happy, wouldn’t we?


My father reached the floor grounds of the kingdom taking a secret passage that only he and I knew about, it was our secret place he once told me. Leading us behind the castle gate and out of our enemy’s sight he placed me on the back of a man’s horse, a man I did not know. My father reached out his hand and touched my cheek. His hand was shaking; I could feel the pain he suffered. I held onto his hand with tears shedding down my face.


“I’ll take your pain away father. I’ll take your pain away.” I cried feeling my leg start to peel open with the most excruciating pain I had ever known. I breathed in heavily trying not to think about it. My father pulled his hand away in a fierce jolt staring at me as if he were looking into someone that had no soul.


“Don’t do that. You mustn’t ever do that! Do you understand me!” He shouted holding his hand with his right hand trying not to fear his own child.


“Marrin, promise me you will never use magic again.”


“I…” All I wanted to do was take my father with me, I could’ve saved him if he’d let me.


“Marrin!” My father demanded my allegiance to his dying wish.


“I promise…I promise father.”


He smiled and was relieved to hear me say the words. How my father wished for a world where magic did not exist. Those with magic would be mislead by its true nature. As my father would say “Magic is the reaper of men and wishes for nothing more then to destroy them once and for all at whatever cost”. As my new caretaker galloped through the dark woods from the obliteration of my kingdom, I could see the burning flames in the sky. The red blood painted its sins and cries of my people upon the stars. I would return one day to reclaim my kingdom, I would return one day and take my rightful place as queen of Scorpius.



Queen of the Scorpius


The chains around my wrists clashed against one another as I followed the guards pulling my leash treating me like some sort of dog. It’s been eight years since the attack on Scorpius. I had lived with my uncle who kindly accepted me as one of his own; I was greatly appreciative of him but now was the time for me to regain my land and take back what was mine. I had hoped to come to Libran with a generous proposition, their help reclaiming my kingdom in returns for half of everything I own. Guess you could say it didn’t go so well.


“Sire, this here prisoner claims to be the ruler of Scorpius but as you can see sir she be nothing more then a peasant with deceit lying on her hands.”


I rolled my eyes with this pointless gibberish; if they weren’t going to help me then they were wasting my time in finding someone that would. I raised my head to look upon the man who commanded these half wits until I saw a strange figure staring back at me upon the throne. It was a young boy.


“What will you have of her my liege?” The guard inquired struggling with impatience to put my head in a basket. I had never felt more confused, was he speaking to this young boy? A young boy no older then 10? They had to be joking, there’s no way this is the King of Libran.


“Boy, where’s your father?” I questioned hoping that this was some sort of prank.


“Silence! You do not speak or I’ll have your tongue!” The guard shouted with disgust at my disrespect pulling out a knife from his latch.


“Take her to my chambers.” The boy spoke almost in a whisper but enough to hear.


The guard couldn’t believe his ears.


“But sire, she…!”


“You heard me Solan, take her to my chambers. That’s an order.” The boy’s glare was more threatening than any man could portray. Who was this child? I was taken upstairs passing the most peculiar devices and scenery I had ever seen. It was like I had entered another dimension where nothing was as it seemed. A wall with golden platting stood before me; the guard Solan wrathfully forced me inside locking the door behind. There was no escape out of here, not even a window to cry for help.


“Hey! Let me out of here!” I slammed my hands on the golden doors demanding my release.


“What do you want of me?” I couldn’t understand, why keep me here and not have me executed. What were this young boy’s intentions?


“Are you her?” A small voice spoke not too far behind, the unexpected guest brought chills to my back. I turned around and saw him. The boy who was believed to be the King of Libran. His hair was dark as night with strokes of gold stretching over his locks like a spider. His eyes were black with a tint of yellow inside. What kind of child possessed such features? Was as if he wasn’t a child at all.


“Am I who?”


“The woman, the woman who’s come to take me away..”


“I don’t understand…?”


“There’s a prophecy told only to those of the twelve sons. If you truly are the last descendant of Scorpius then you will know of this foretelling.”


“My father told me many things, but I was too young to understand them. He would tell me stories about the twelve sons and how they created us. But there’s not much I remember from back then. My kingdom was destroyed by the time I was nearly twelve. Tell me, what did this prophecy say.”


The boy walked closer, he was not more then three inches away.


“Show me your sign.”




“All of us of the twelve sons contain a marking of our origin. Show me yours.”


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


The boy pulled on my shoulders making me kneel onto the ground. Now his height was only a bit higher than mine. What was he doing I wondered. He placed his hands around my face and told me to close my eyes. I feared the worst but did as this strange boy said.


“Ecasto simpwienta… hesus dona scorpius skinaiahai.”


My heart began to beat faster and faster, I wasn’t moving but I felt as though I had been running for miles. What was happening?! My eyes begun to burn with light, I couldn’t hold them shut any longer. A ray of sunlight shot out of my eyelids forming the shape of a scorpion above me. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t breathe fast enough. It was getting dark, and then the faded silence was all I had left to see.




Something silky was beneath my fingers. I rubbed my hand against it and realized I was on top of a sheet. I must’ve been sleeping. I opened my eyes and was surrounded by candles. I noticed I was lying on a beautifully made bed with golden streaks knitted on the white silk. Some white curtains hung down the sides of the bar that held high above my bed. I sat up realizing that I was dressed in a white gown, one that you would assume to be for a bride. Wait a minute… the white curtain in front of me raised high and I saw that I was in the throne room with a crowd of the Libran’s people watching me. My heart was pounding in terror as to why all these people had been watching me sleep. At the end of the enormous room the doors opened and their stood the young boy dressed up in his finest clothing. He had a white wrap around with golden designs glazed as if it was made by the twelve sons themselves. He smiled to my awakening as the crowd of servants bowed to their king’s presence.


I reached up my hand and curled my finger in twice signing for the boy to come over here. He held up his finger in a one moment gesture and told his people to arise.


“People of Libran, I have waited a long time for this day. I wasn’t sure it would ever come. My father told me that patience is rewarded to those who know what’s coming. My patience has indeed been returned to me.” A smirk was given across the room to Marrin, she had no idea what was going on nor did she want to know.


“My people of Libran, I…” The boy paused with a sudden look of a fool in his eyes.


He ran down the aisle straight towards me like a strike of lightning. He jumped on the bed and leaned right against my face.


“What’s your name?”




He pulled back with a smile and back to his people.


“My people of Libran, I give you Marrin! Queen of the Librans!”


The claps were joyfully sounded and the hurrahs were ecstatic to witness their new queen but at that moment my heart had sunk lower beneath every organ I contained. I could barely breathe let alone process what on earth just amalgamated.


The young boy looked behind and smiled with a look of peace in his eyes. All I could do was stare blankly like a wall that wouldn’t budge. Could this actually be happening? Maybe I was still dreaming. I pulled the covers over my head trying to fall back asleep refusing for this absurd madness to take its course.


“Go back to sleep! Go back to sleep! Go back to sleep!” I shook my head covering my ears from the cheers of my doom.





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