New Wold (Temp)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

She was taken from her home, and thrown in a living hell. Losing her brother to torture, and then being scared by a young boy. Was there more in store?

(First Chapter)

Names pronounced;
Kaiyu Noin - (Kay-you) (No-in)
Leo Noin - (Lee-oh) (No-in)

Chapter One

"Leo! No, please! He's my brother!" Kaiyu Noin, shouted. Tears welled up in her blood-shot eyes, dropping to the damp cement floor. "My only brother, please!" Dryed cuts ripped open in the corners of her lips as she yelled, pleading for her brother back.  Two men came into view from the neiboring cell, dragging behind Kaiyu's older brother, Leo. He attempted to struggle, but only received another blow. Head hanging limp, he was dragged into the next room where the expeirments were preformed. Experiments.. painful, dreading, expeiriments that made the hairs on the back of Kaiyu's neck, come to life. She knew her brother wasn't going to make it this time. The cuts and bruises he had received last time, were the worst yet. He never ate, never slept. 7 months in this hell the two siblings spent. Kaiyu grabbed hold of the bars keeping her from rescuing her brother. Screaming at the top of her lungs, she watched as the door shut behind the two men. That was it.. her brother was gone. She was alone.

Kaiyu fell to her knees, covered in her own salty tears, digging her nails into her own legs, screaming one last time. "He didn't do anything to you!" Grunts, thuds and shouting were heard from the other room. They were trying to expirement on him now. After a few minutes, it got silent. Kaiyu's heart stopped, her blood growing warm. That was the end. Only moments were depended on before she'd see the lifeless corpes of her brother. No.. he wasn't her brother any longer, he was a monster. They turned her dear brother, into a monster. Sobs echoed from her cell as she attempted to make her way to her gastly cot. Using what little strength she had, Kaiyu stood. With a feeling as if the wind was knocked out of her, Kaiyu fell backwards into her cot as a flash a of pain coursed through her body. With consciousness lost for a moment Kaiyu awoke, and shifted her body in the cot to lay flat on her back. With her eyes focused on the ceiling she began her never ending count of the ceiling tiles, never changing and always 372. She wish to no hope the number would change, that she'd find herself someplace else, but it never was, it was her same prison, day after day.

The creek of the large wooden door met Kaiyu's ears, her eyes shooting towards it. Two gaurds, and another body. They couldn't be bringing her brother back, could they? Just to taunt her? No.. it was someone else. A sense of hate ran through her veins as she remembered being pulled in the same way, dragged on her knees, then tossed into this so called cell. And just as she remembered, the body was tossed into the cell next to her. A sense of joy rushed over her, she had company.. but also, the body was in her deseced brother's, cell. As soon as the gaurds vanished, Kaiyu was at her feet once more, ignoring the obvious pain that surgged through her legs. With two quick taps against the hard stone, she waited for a response. With a faint but frantic tapping coming from the other side of the wall, Kaiyu hit the wall three times forcibly, in an attempt to calm the body. Taking out a broken bar from under the mattress on her cot, Kaiyu, slowly began wedging it between the bricks in the wall. With a quick movement the brick came out and fell to her cot with a faint thud. With a blackened eye staring back at her through the newly formed hole, Kaiyu gave the best smile she could without her split lips tearing open. With that, Kaiyu slipped her arm through the hole, reaching out for the boy. "Are you alright?" She spoke, her words cracking from the lack of moisture in her throat. Her fingertips reached his face, as she attempted to craddle his face in her palm. She watched as the shadowed face nodded slowly, and gave another weak smile. Suddenly, the boy grabbed hold of Kaiyu's arm and pulled it roughly through the hole. Bellows of pain swept through her vocals, screaming as she attempted to pull away from the wall. "Stop! That hurts!" With that plead, the boy let go, sending Kaiyu flying backwards onto the cement flooring. Whines and whimpers came from her as she rubbed at her aching arm, glaring up at the hole in the wall.

"What was that for?!" She shouted, totally forgetting that fact that the guards could probably easily hear every word she spoke. She stumbled to her feet and stood inches from the hole, trying to catch a glimse of the boy. Sobs emmited from his side, his hand now slipping through the hole. His fingers were cut and scabbed as he wiggled them, trying to reach for Kaiyu. Kaiyu attempted to swallow, watching the boy's hand. "You aren't going to hurt me again, are you?" A responding shake of his head was all she saw. Kaiyu then took another step closer, touching the boy's hand with her own. A rush ran through Kaiyu's body, sending the hairs on the back of her neck, erect once more. "Why won't you talk..?" Her head tilted slightly as she then felt the boy's hand form into a fist, a mumble form on his lips. His lips.. she couldn't see his lips.

He continued to mumble before he pulled her hand gently through the hole once more, and brought them to his mouth. Kaiyu looked at his shadowed face, oddly. "What is this?" She felt something flapped at the corner of his mouth. Tape? She took grip of the small corner and began to peel it back. A groan came from the boy as his hand gripped Kaiyu's wrist, stopping her. He took a deep breath, and exhaled. Kaiyu could feel the brush of his warm breath carres the top of her hand. Biting her bleeding lip, she continued to peel away. Grunts lifted from the boy's lips as she made progress. "Almost off.." He took another deep breath and took hold of her wrist again. He tightly shut his eyes, and with a quick motion, he jerked Kaiyu's hand, along with the tape.

Groans of pain swept from the boy as he rubbed at his mouth, toes curling as he waited for the pain to subside. He began to work his jaw, allowing the feeling to come back to his face, the light throb that the tape had left behind. With that, the boy cleared his throat, and glanced right back up at Kaiyu, who's eyes were wide open, her lips pressed tightly together. "Didn't hurt abit.." The boy managed a slim smile, acting as if the pain wasn't even there. "Sorry for the arm thing.. still kind of weak." He shuffled back to the small hole, glancing at Kaiyu, who still stood silent. "Um, Miss? Are you alright?" He let out a cracked, but humble gurgle of a laugh as he remembered those were the same words she spoke to him. As he smilied, slight of a gleam flashed from his lips as they soon pressed together as he eyed Kaiyu. A brow rose on the boy's face. "You alright?" Kaiyu stood, her eyes wide open. Moments later, she began to giggle, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth. The boy scoffed and gave a grimise. "Whats so funny?" He was completely lost as to why Kaiyu would be laughing in the situation they had been placed in. Kaiyu shook her head and ran her sore fingers through her ratted hair, and gave him a large smile. "We're going to have fun, love." The boy twiched and looked towards the bars of his cell. 'Love?''

To be continued..

Submitted: December 06, 2007

© Copyright 2022 EimiYams. All rights reserved.

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