Shadows Of A Man

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Free writing.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



Before a mirror he stands, two reflections staring back hand in hand.
Which one is the real man?

Inside his aging skin a monster dwells, he can’t control it.
Never will.
He used to make me cower in fear, but now I ignore him and his cruel eyes.

He used to be a loving man, but years dragged by and changed all that and now it is merely a past.
I wish at times we could go back to those days, but in this rotting future we all remain chained by
lies and claims.

I fear for his sanity, I fear for those he really loves.
I know he does not love me.
I am a thorn in his side.
I am a curse he helped to bear.
I am a child nothing  more, nothing less.

He used to make me beg for mercy, but now I simply stand and take what punishment he gives me.
I feel no pain where it concerns him.
In fact I feel nothing but coldness, I feel nothing at all.

I don’t allow his hate to get to me anymore, I brush it off like dirt.
I ignore his threats, I don’t let him knock me down.

He’s slowly turning into the man he’d swore he’d never be.

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