Alexander Amadeus Wolfegang-Spoiler warning!

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This is a description of the main character from the Endura trilogy, Alexander Amadeus Wolfegang.

Submitted: September 27, 2011

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Submitted: September 27, 2011



Name: Alexander Amadeus Wolfegang the Third
Born: October 23 1995, age 16.
Occupation: Necromancer and political ruler of New Heashia
Goals: Universal Domination of Earth, Endura, and Wyverna.
Personality traits: Intelligent, Cocky, Calm, Ambitious, Charismatic, Cold, Calculating, Unlucky, Eccentric, Cowardly, Manipulative, Chivalrous, Deceptive, Loyal, Strong Willed, Opportunistic & Optimistic. This completely describes the true personality of Alex.

Throughout the first book, readers get a grasp of Alex. His kind, giving personality, his unlucky accidents, his polite chivalry, and especially his strong sense of right and wrong. All of this, however, is a facade by the ingenious Alex. The Order of the Black Dragon, the governing body of New Heashia, is actually an organization headed by Alex to conquer all three worlds. Furthermore, his talents aren't as stunted as he would have you believe. He placed a seal on his own magic and disguised his true personality to get ahead, limiting his abilities and hiding his true goals.

Alexander Amadeus Wolfegang was originally the leader of a band of thieves, all of whom became the Order. Upon discovering the Necronomicon and learning the dark secrets within, Alex set his sights higher than common treasure, and began seeking the ultimate power hidden within Wyverna. He, however is a coward, and prefers to stay hidden behind his facade of innocence. Instead he has his minions do his dirty work, be it Sean, Nate and Chris or an army of undead slaves.

Though he is only 16 years old, he has lived decades due to the paradoxical nature of the portals used to go between Endura and Earth. In addition to his years of experience, he has an I.Q of 164, and has a talent at logic problems and complex problem solving. He has a will that will never break, and takes advantage of every situation, be it good or bad. Added to all of this is his charisma, great enough to put the finishing touches on his fake personality, and is heartless enough to do whatever is necessary to accomplish the ultimate goal.

However, his downfall is his ultimate belief in his own skill. He is arrogant, and extremely narcissistic. He has been known to regularly underestimate situations or enemies, believing instead that his incredible wit and planning will carry him through. He is also known to be rash, and though he plans events thoroughly, he often ignores plans and rushes through, leading to a great deal of mistakes and misfortunes. Once he is angered, though, the plan is over and all that remains is damage control. Netherless, he likes to be prepared, and is often able to fix a problem as it arises.

However, he is not completely evil. He is incredibly loyal, and those who follow him are assured of his protection. In addition, though he does participate in and endorse the destruction of life, he does regret any needless bloodshed on the principle that all life is important. As a result of this philosophy, he has a soft spot for animals and children. The only time that innocents that have ever come to harm because of him were victims of a rogue Brakahla that had escaped from Alex as he was studying it. Perhaps the biggest proof of his lighter side is his reason for wishing inter-dimensional conquest, reasons Alex refuses to share with anybody.

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