The Killer Wolf

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

after the death of his friends, one man goes to kill the cureture that murdered many, but what will happen to him?

It was something I never would expect too here on the news, two people found dead in their forest home, and they were not that far away from my house. They were a newly maried couple, Nicole and Ben conners, and I was friends with both of them. The news report said that they were found with long claw like gashes on their bodeis and deep chunks of flesh were missing from their necks, as if they were bitten. Their were holes were there hearts should be, but there hearts were nowere to be found. The blood staind the wood floor of their two story log cabin, their were claw markings in the floor that was too big to match any of the animals that enhabited the forest, and the door was clawed apart into scraps. But nothing was stollen, not even the golden statue that was right next to wear the Conners were, pure gold that was worth a small fourtune. But soon they found a single word etched on the wall in deep red,


Not one person knew what this could mean, could it be that ether Nicole or Ben wrote it saying what atacked them? but when they checked their hands, the hands were the only parts of them not soaked in blood, their was only a few drops of blood on each hand. Their was no person around that hated them, everyone loved them and they loved everyone, and their was no way that a person could make anything this horible come to reality no matter how deranged they could be. This baffled the police to no end. They soon found out this is not the first occurents of a gorry murder that surpasses any human, they also found the bloody WOLF etched on a surface close to the victums. I had to do something, I had to find this thing even if it kills me, my friends death will not die in vain.

As night aproched, I grabed my gun, my knife, and my lanturn and set off to find this thing. as I went deeper and deeper into the woods I find nothing out of the ordinary. After hours of searching I became deathly tired and began to think what a stupid idea this was to chase a monster that could rip me in half like paper, but I keep going. soon, the trees coverd the sky and my lanturn was dieing, but I couldent go back, I was fixed on finding this beast that killed my friends.

Ive always had this fix on hunting and revenge, I never let anything get past me, I always tried to get my revenge, and most of the time I get it. I just wish I could have said good bye to them, especially to Ben. The night before we got in an argument and I told him to die, I never thought it would actualy happen. We were only arguing over him using my tractor without telling me and hiting a tree with it, if only I could take back those words, take back that day and fix everything. And Nicole, I knew her since I moved to this town when I was 6, and I always had a crush on her but I never had a chance. I wished that she maried me intead of Ben. What if that happened and she maried me? Would she still be alive? Would ben be alive too? I wish I could know, id give anything.

I must have walked 15 miles by now, I cant walk another step. Then i couldn't help myself from falling on to the ground in exuastion. their was a tree right were I had fallen, and there was a little opening to a dip in the ground under the tree that I could fit in. I dragged myself to the tree and after what felt like an hour I fit myself inside the tree and slept there for the night.

On that night, I had the weirdest dream, and I usualy have really bizar dreams but this toped all of them. Like in most of my dreams im in a wolf-human form and I usualy wander around and chase after random things but it always has a comical side to it. I was in my usual wolf-human form and I was in the woods, and I find a deer, a well sized deer that looked like it could out run almost anything. I wanted to test this theory, out of curiosity and hunger. So I start to chase the deer, and it was just like I thought, it ran extreamly fast, but not fast enough. After about 10 minets of chasing the deer I leep at it and tackle it to the ground like a foot ball player. It was a feast fit for anyone that was like me. Then I ran around the forest and started to slash at the trees, making clean marks on the wood with my claws, but something wasnt right, one tree I struck was bleeding a deep red liquid, so i went back toward it and it started to scream, a defning screem that ecoed through the forest like a bell. I bite into the tree to see if it would stop screeming, but it did not and more of the liquid came out and poured like a foucet. The taste is slightly diferent from the deer, ive only had this kind a few times but loved every drop. Soon I couldn't help myself and I kept attacking the tree and soon it stoped screeming, and it fell over, its two roots came up rooted. If only I knew what this was, if only every tree were like this. After I was finished I went too a close by tree and marked it "wolf" with the liquid, as a sign to myself to remind me of this great feast and were I could find it, and to mark it as my own. I started to search all around the woods for more of those trees, but with no luck. The sun began to rise showing the leafs that I could not see before. I was still hungry but it will have to wait for another night. I find a dark cave and lay down to sleep.

I wake up to the sound of birds, then I realized something, I was no longer under the tree, I was in the same cave in my dream! "how did i get here?" I asked my self again and again. "how did i g-". I looked down at my hands, they were coverd in red, they were covered in blood! my shirt was soaked with blood! all I could taste was blood! I look around, their were claw marks in exactly the same spots as in my dreams, I have to follow them. and after about an hour i see it, the dead and decaying body of a 40 year old woman, i never seen her face before but guilt drounds me. "I can belive it, I killed her! I killed my two best friends! I killed all of those people! what should I do? What can I do?" then I realized what had to be done. First I took out my knife and carved on my chest "I AM THE BEAST, I AM WOLF". The pain was more than i thought, but it fit my crime. And with that finished, I went to finish the job. With my gun I point at the target, pulled the triger, and killed the beast in one shot. And may I, Richard T. Wolfren, be looked as the killer of the beast, not the killer of the people.

Submitted: October 13, 2010

© Copyright 2021 EJ Davies. All rights reserved.

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EJ Davies

in the first sentance, the too was supposed to be a to

Wed, October 13th, 2010 7:56pm


very good nice job, i cait wait to read more of your writing!!

Thu, October 14th, 2010 12:17pm


Thank you :)

Thu, October 14th, 2010 5:20am


it was good but ur spelling could improve and i mean ur i can spell it your but yeah i really liked it

Sat, October 16th, 2010 6:20pm

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